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Public Transport in Budapest

Public transport in Budapest includes the metro. Tram, bus. And trolleybus. All transport operates from 4:30 am to 11:00 pm. At the entrances to the metro station. Boards with a diagram of the city transport network installed. There are rules of travel in English and German. At all bus and tram stops. You will find route timetables, and at major stops, you will find a traffic map.

Budapest Metro

The Budapest Metro is one of the oldest metros in the world. And the first metro in continental Europe. The oldest metro in Europe known to be the metro in London.

The Budapest Metro consists of three lines. The old one and two new ones. It intersects at one interchange station Deák Ferenc tér (“Ferenc Deak Square”). The total length of the lines is 30.9 km, the total number of stations is 42. On average. The metro carries 1,200,000 people per working day.

Line M1 (yellow) is the first metro line in Budapest. The line opened in 1896. This is a shallow line with funny little trains of three small carriages. The length of the line is 4.2 km, the number of stations is 11.

Line M2 (red) is the second line. Opened in the early 70s of the XX century. It indicated in Red. This line used by modern air-conditioned Alstom trains. The length of the line is 10.3 km, the number of stations is 11.

The M3 line (blue) built-in 1976 and the longest line in Budapest. The length of the line is 16.4 km, the number of stations is 20. Dull lumbering trains of the Mytishchi Machine-Building Plant run on this line.

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Budapest Buses

There is a developed bus network in Budapest. There are a lot of old buses without air conditioning in the city. It pollutes the atmosphere much. This felt in the heat. There are also new Mercedes. It is comfortable to move around.

Trams in Budapest

Trams in Budapest have been in operation since 1866. It represents one of the largest tram networks in the world with a length of 196 km.

There are 31 tram routes in the city. Route 6 operates around the clock, the rest operate from 5 to 23 hours.

The standard track width for Europe is 1435 mm, in Russia the track width is 1520 mm.

There are 6 types of trams in the city. There are old trams, where it is hot and noisy, and there are modern trams.

Funicular in Budapest

The funicular in Budapest is the most convenient way. To get to the Buda Castle (Buda Castle). The path length is 95 meters. The height difference is 48 meters.

Funicular working hours : 7.30-22.00, trip interval 5-10 minutes.

Fare: Adult one-way ticket HUF 1000. Round trip HUF 1700.

Taxi in Budapest

Taxi in Budapest is a space to move around the city comfortably. On September 1, 2013, Hungary adopted a law that set up fixed prices. For travel 280 HUF / Km (0.95 EUR / Km), for landing 450 HUF (1.50 EUR). But, all the same, local taxi drivers are not the most honest people. And can take you without a meter turned on or a long route. If you need a taxi transfer at a certain time to a certain point. For example, from a hotel to Budapest airport. You can order a taxi transfer from a reliable company online.

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Rent a Car

Rental prices. Suzuki Swift – 100 euros per week. Seat Leon Estate on the machine – 200 euros per week. Cars are the most expensive on holidays and during the summer months. The rental price per day reduced when booking more days.

Public Transport in Budapest prices

icket nameTime of actionPrice in local currencyPrice in USD
One-way ticket60 minutes during the day or 120 minutes at nightHUF 3501.13 USD
One-way ticket bought in the driver’s cabin60 minutes during the day or 120 minutes at nightHUF 4501.45 USD
Transfer ticket90 minutes during the day or 120 minutes at nightHUF 5301.72 USD
Short metro ticketUp to 3 metro stationsHUF 3000.98 USD
Book of 10 single ticketseach ticket is valid as a one-way ticketHUF 3,0009.8 USD
Day pass24 hoursHUF 1 6505.4 USD
Travel pass for 3 days72 hoursHUF 4 15013.4 USD
Weekly pass7 daysHUF 4,95016 USD
Travel card for a group of up to 5 people24 hoursHUF 3 30010.6 USD
Budapest card for a day24 hoursHUF 3 90012.6 USD
Budapest card for 3 days72 hoursHUF 7,90025.5 USD
Pass for a month1 monthHUF 1050033.9 USD
Public Transport in Budapest
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