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Public Transport in Cyprus

Buses in Cyprus

The bus is the most budgetary. But not convenient way to travel around the island. There are many private bus companies in Cyprus. Each region of the island served by separate companies. Many of which have purchased new air-conditioned buses. To meet European standards. However, there are buses without air conditioning. Buses come in a variety of designs and sizes. And usually carry a company logo. On modern buses. The destination indicated on a screen above the windshield. On minibuses – on a sign on the windshield. Bus stops in cities in Cyprus usually marked. You will see a canopy and waiting areas.

Please note that the daytime bus routes in Cyprus stop running early at around 18:00. On weekends, transport in many small towns does not work at all. Night buses can found only in major cities of Cyprus. Larnaca, Nicosia, Paphos. In large cities, buses run on a schedule. Around every 30 minutes, and in the summer, daytime routes do not end at 18:00. But closer to midnight. Important! Sometimes buses in Cyprus may be late or not arrive at all. Just relax and wait – you are on vacation.

Bus ticket prices in Cyprus

A bus ticket can purchase either from the driver. Or at ticket kiosks in the major cities of the island. Tickets for a week or a month can only buy at ticket booths. The table below shows the prices for travel in Cyprus current for 2020.

Types of bus tickets in Cyprus

Ticket nameDescriptionPrice in Euro
Ticket for 1 day tripValid for 1 trip within the city and suburbs from 04:00 to 21:001,5 Euro
Ticket for 1 night rideValid for 1 trip within the city and suburbs from 21:00 to 04:00.2,5 Euro
Pass for 1 dayValid for 1 day travel within the city and suburbs.5 Euro
1 week passValid for 7 days travel from 04:00 to 21:00 within the city and suburbs.20 Euro
1 month passValid for 1 month travel within the city and suburbs.40 Euro
Intercity ticket for 1 dayValid for 1 day travel on all intercity and city routes.15 Euro

The quoted fare includes VAT and baggage. On night routes from 21:00 to 04:00. The Ticket is valid for 1 month. But the Ticket for 1 day and the Ticket for 1 week are not valid. Travel for children under 6 years old is free. For students there is a 50% discount on all types of tickets.

How to get a bus route in Cyprus?

Recommend that you use the Cyprus By Bus website. To get directions to the main cities of Cyprus. On the site you can get a route from one point to another by bus. As well as see the bus schedule in Cyprus. This site is the most convenient. It contains general information on all routes in Cyprus. The island has its own bus companies in different regions. And this site summarizes information on all of them. When you enter the starting point and destination. You will show the travel time for the specified route. The number of transfers and the route show.

Main bus stops and bus stations

Below I will give the addresses of major bus stops and bus stations in major cities in Cyprus.

City nameMajor bus stations
LarnacaLarnaca Urban Bus Station (Gonia Karaoli & Dimitriou)
LimassolLimassol Urban Bus Station (Demotiki Agora), A. Themistocleou, Leontiou, Lambrou Porfira
NicosiaSolomos Square, Markario, The General Hospital, Arediou, Tempria, Kryoneri
PathosKato Paphos, Karavella, Polis
Paralimni-Ayia NapaParalimni, Ayia Napa and Famagusta Hospital

The cost of tickets for intercity buses

RouteTicket price for 1 tripPass for 1 day1 week pass
Larnaca – Paphos7 Euro13 Euro63 Euro
Larnaca – Famagusta4 Euro7 Euro33 Euro
Limassol – Larnaca4 Euro7 Euro33 Euro
Limassol – Paphos4 Euro7 Euro33 Euro
Limassol – Famagusta5 Euro9 Euro44 Euro
Nicosia – Larnaca4 Euro7 Euro33 Euro
Nicosia – Limassol5 Euro9 Euro44 Euro
Nicosia – Paphos7 Euro13 Euro63 Euro
Nicosia – Famagusta5 Euro9 Euro44 Euro
Paphos – Paralimni7 Euro13 Euro63 Euro

Taxi in Cyprus

Compared to other European countries. Taxis in Cyprus are moderate and even cheap. There are some rules for using a taxi in Cyprus. You can read about below.

  1. There are private and public taxis in Cyprus. Private taxis are ready to make concessions. And drop prices, state taxis do not agree to this.
  2. Before boarding a taxi. You need to make sure that the taxi driver has turned on the meter. Or negotiate the cost of the trip with him before it starts.
  3. The cost of boarding a taxi in the city is a little more than 3 Euros. During the day 4 Euros at night.
  4. Most often taxi cars in Cyprus are air-conditioned Mercedes cars.
  5. There is an increased night taxi fare in Cyprus. (from 20:30 to 06:00), which implies a 15% increase in price.
  6. There is a surcharge for a simple taxi car. As well as a surcharge for a taxi ride on holidays.
  7. Baggage weighing over 12 kg charged separate.
  8. In Cyprus taxis. It is permissible to transport pets in cages for an additional fee.
  9. Many taxi drivers in Cyprus speak English. And there are those who know different langues.
  10. In Cyprus, the so-called “taxi service” is widespread. It takes up to 8-10 passengers and run between the main resorts of the island. Sitting in such a taxi, you can save a lot on the trip. Because its cost divided among all travelers.
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In order not to run into all sorts of unpleasant surcharges. You can order a taxi transfer from a company on the Internet. If you need to get to the airport in Cyprus or to another resort city.

Car rental in Cyprus

Car rental in Cyprus is suitable for those tourists who want to see. The most beautiful beaches and interesting corners of Crete themselves. And other sights of the island. It makes sense to take a car if you want to explore the island. But do not want to attend excursions. And understand the work of public transport.

I recommend booking a car in advance during the season. Because the island is small. And there are a lot of people willing to rent a car. Also note that Cyprus is a left-hand drive like England or Southeast Asia. A car rented in the Republic of Cyprus must not enter northern Cyprus. Think in advance whether you can drive a car in such conditions. Or it would be more expedient to take a car with a driver for 1-2 days. And drive around the most interesting places on the island.

Public Transport in Cyprus
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