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Public Transport in Goa

Buses to Goa

Buses are the cheapest transport in Goa. The Buses run across the state. That only operates according to one known schedule. On average, buses run at regular intervals until 19:00 or 19:30. To stop the bus outside the stop, you just have to wave your hand. Travel across the state costs on average $0.23 – 0.30. Tickets bought from the conductor. The buses do not have numbers. And their route indicated on a plate on the windshield.

However, I want to warn you that it is not pleasant to ride in buses. Most of them not equipped with air conditioning. And in the heat there is often no breath. At stops, buses do not stop completely. They only slow down. And you have to jump onto a moving bus.

The state’s main bus hub is the Mapusa bus terminal. Where buses from other states in India arrive. And where many buses across Goa cross. From the bus station in Mapa. It is convenient to get to the steepest beaches of Goa by bus. And to the capital of Goa – Panaji.

Trains between North, South, and Central Goa

There are several large railway stations in the state of Goa:

  • 1-Railway station Thivim in North Goa;
  • 2-Railway station Margao (Madgaon) in South Goa;
  • 3-Railway station Vasco Da Gama in Central Goa near Dabolim airport;
  • 4-Railway station Panaji in Central Goa.

The distance between the Thivim railway station in North Goa. And Madgaon in South Goa is 63 km. The train covers this distance in 1 – 1.5 hours. The ticket price is $2.6 – 3.1. Train routes appropriate laid out on the Clear trip website. You can also purchase train tickets. Trains are quite comfortable to travel. Only there are many people on them.

Rickshaws in Goa

Another taxi option is motorcycle and cycle rickshaws. It will give you a ride within your town for an inexpensive ride. As you might guess, this is not the most comfortable type of transport. So rickshaws used when moving short distances within the same city.

Motobikes in Goa

Renting a motorbike in Goa costs mere pennies: up to $100 per month. A motorbike is only given to people with a driving license. Do not leave your passport as a deposit when renting a motorbike. And ride in a helmet. Otherwise, you will run into a fine. Motorbikes are not always safe here. Locals drive along the roads like crazy. But this does not prevent motorbikes from being a quite folk. Means of transport among tourists.

Taxi in Goa

Taxi is the most comfortable means of transport in Goa for tourists. I would definitely recommend a taxi to travel around Goa. At night and in the evening for your own safety. Especially if you are traveling with a female company. India ranks first in the world in cases of rape of tourists. There is a rape every 20 minutes!

A popular taxi rental service for 1-2 days. If you want to travel around the state, because it will be much cheaper. Than taking a taxi from every stop. To the next destination on your route. There are no counters in local taxis. So the cost of the trip must negotiated. With the taxi driver before the trip. Don’t forget to bargain!

Car rental in Goa

Renting a car is a great space to explore all corners of Goa on your own. Therefore, if you are not afraid of adventure. You can rent a car and drive around the whole of Goa. It is safer and more profitable to rent cars from world companies. By comparing prices on the Rental Cars website.

Public Transport in Goa
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