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Public transport in Jeddah

Jeddah or Jeddah is a major port city in western Saudi Arabia (KSA) on the Red Sea. It is the second largest city in the country and the main commercial center. The city stretches along the coast, along which the Corniche embankment passes. The main road Medina Road runs from the Old Town of Al Balad.

City buses in Jeddah

Bus trips in Jeddah, as in other cities of Muslim countries, are not in demand and popularity. There are 6 bus routes in the city from 05:30 to 23:30. During peak hours, buses are packed with guest workers from Asia and Africa with bales and in dirty clothes. There are no exact bus schedules and fixed fare prices, so we would not recommend relying on this type of public transport.

Routes provided by the Saudi Ministry of Transport with several road transportation facilities that help to move inside and outside the city, including:
The mass transit company Saptko
, a bus network that connects more than 385 cities, villages and migrations across the Kingdom, large and equipped buses used by Jeddah residents to travel, especially on trips to the outskirts of the city or other cities and neighboring Gulf and Arab countries.
The company launches daily scheduled flights of up to 800 flights on normal days and (1,000) flights in the seasons ranging from flights between the kingdom’s cities to international flights.

Service offers vip service for high-quality bus trips with special specifications serving meals, cold and hot drinks, newspapers, mobile charging points and on-bus personal computers.
In-city transport, via a network of lines covering the kingdom’s major cities from 5am to 11.30pm.

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Tickets Prices
range from bus fares by proximity or distance to the region, by age and status. Children under two years of age are free of charge, children between the ages of 2 and 12 and the disabled move at half the value.
Buses allow passengers approximately 80 kilos of chastity free of charge
and tickets can be purchased by ticket sellers at the sales offices, the main station, or by placing the fare in the designated box inside the bus.

Bus Routes In Jeddah

goingBreakpointsAccess point
Bin Laden MosqueRiyad Bank – King Saud Mosque – Ministry of Finance – Jerusalem Station – Specialist HospitalSaudi Airlines
Saudi AirlinesBupa Arabia – Ghandour – Emirate – Gulf Plaza Exhibition – Absolute FurnishingsBin Laden Mosque
Route 7
goingBreakpointsAccess point
Bin Laden MosqueInjaz Bank – Directorate General of Water – Al-Mutlah Hotel – Conditions – Crown OwnershipVegetable ring
Security Forces ClinicsDahham Petroleum Services – Danube Complex – General Retirement Corporation – Civil Defense Department – Pyramid StationBin Laden Mosque
Route 8
goingBreakpointsAccess point
Bin Laden MosqueAbdullah Commercial Center – Directorate General of Water – Al-Rehab Complex – Al-Abeer Medical Center – Al-Azhar HotelPeriodic examination
Periodic examinationAl-Beek – Al Rajhi Bank (Al-Bawadi Branch) – Al-Nahdi Pharmacy – Civil Defense Department – Al-Haram StationBin Laden Mosque
Route 9
goingBreakpointsAccess point
Bin Laden MosqueAbdullah Commercial Center – Directorate General of Water – Al-Jawhara Center – Panda – Tilly MoneyPeriodic examination
Periodic examinationAl-Issai Spare Parts Exhibition – Pasta Street Walkway – Jeddah Al Ahli Hospital – Civil Defense Department – Pyramid StationBin Laden Mosque
goingBreakpointsAccess point
Bin Laden MosqueFirst Bank – Shakrin Clinic – Arabian Gulf Factories – Al Raya Supermarket – Kilo14 StationBefore the bridge across from the hospital.
National Guard HospitalRiyadh Ceramics – Al Rajhi Industry Company – Ministry of Agriculture and Water – Administrative Scientific Institute – Al Nahdi PharmacyBin Laden Mosque
Route 10
goingBreakpointsAccess point
Bin Laden MosqueAl Rajhi Bank (Gold Street) – Faculty of Communications – King Abdulaziz Hospital – Al Baraka Confectionery Factory – Sahara Refrigeration CompanyGulf Company
Gulf CompanySahara Refrigeration Company – Rocket Square – Al Hayat Hospital – Saudi TV Building – Ministry of Culture and InformationBin Laden Mosque
Route 11

Intercity buses

National bus carrier Saptco offers inexpensive and reliable transportation to different parts of the country from Jeddah. By bus from Jeddah you can get to the main shrines of the country – Medina and Mecca, to the resort on the Red Sea Jizan, to the city of Al Khobar in the Persian Gulf, Al Jubail, to the port on the Red Sea Yanbu, etc. Among the international flights are routes to the UAE, Bahrain, Jordan and Egypt. Buses depart from the bus station from Hail Street opposite the Saudi Post Office. Tickets will cost less if you buy them immediately back and forth. You can buy them online or in a machine at a bus station.

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Ticket prices from Jeddah to some major cities back and forth:
– from Jeddah to Riyadh ranging from approximately
SR 135-160 – from Jeddah to Dammam ranging from approximately
SAR 180-225 – from Jeddah to Medina ranging from approximately
SAR 55-65 Note: Prices are not fixed and may vary depending on the seasons and offers offered by the company.


Taxi in KSA is quite cheap – a 10-minute trip in Jeddah will cost you 10-20 SAR ($ 3-6). In a local taxi, it is more profitable to bargain than to go on the meter.

There are two types of taxis: green with white Taxi and white or “Limousine”. Taxi cars by law must be no older than 5 years, so all cars are new and in good condition. Most often, taxis are represented by the following brands: Toyota Camry, Hyundai Elantra and Hyundai Sonata. It is believed that taxis without the Inscription Taxi are illegal.

If you have access to the Internet and you are afraid of being deceived by local taxi drivers, order a taxi in the Uber, Careem or EasyTaxi app. Taxis called through these services are clean, air-conditioned with friendly taxi drivers.

Rent a car in Jeddah

The car is the most popular mode of transport in the Arab countries. This is facilitated by low gasoline prices. For trips to the desert and around the country, it is best to rent a 4WD car. Roads in the country are in excellent condition. An International Driving Permit will be required for the rental.

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The rental price starts from 130 SAR ($ 35) per day for a small car and from 600 SAR ($ 160) per day for 4WD with full insurance. The longer the rental period, the more profitable the price will be.

During a road trip through the KSA, the following rules should be followed:

  • Right-hand traffic.
  • The speed limit in cities is from 60 to 80 km / h.
  • The speed limit on roads is from 120 to 140 km / h.
  • Driving without a driver’s license (for example, if you forgot them in your hotel) is punishable by a large fine and at night in prison.
Public transport in Jeddah
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