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Public Transport in Milan

Public transport in Milan represented. By an extensive network of. Buses, trams, metro, suburban railways, and taxis. Milan is the most important transport hub in Italy. And also the largest air hub. In this article I will give a complete overview of urban transport. And how to use it.

Ticket prices

Before describing the main modes of transport in Milan. I will provide a table with the main tickets that can buy in the city. Milan has a developed network of urban and suburban transport. However, I will consider only the tariffs of the urban transport network. (urbane) within the tariff zones Mi1 – Mi3. Because the main attractions that will interest tourists are located in the center of Milan.

Milan’s public transport fares have risen significantly and the city has become divided into tariff zones.

Ticket nameTime of actionPrice in local currencyPrice in rubles
Biglietto Urbano 1-Ride Ticket90 minutes€ 2140 rbl
Carnet 10 viaggi 10-ride ticket (cannot be used by more than 1 passenger at a time)90 minutes€ 181252 rbl
Biglietto giornaliero 1 day ticket24 hours€ 7487 rbl
Biglietto bigiornaliero 3 days ticket3 days€ 12835 rbl
Weekly pass7 days€ 171183 rbl
1 month pass1 month€ 503480 rbl

These ticket types can use on metro, city trains. Including Passante Ferroviario railway, buses, and trams. This is a ticket for one trip for 90 minutes for all types of transport.

Before entering the transport. The ticket must be attached to the reader. Or validated and not thrown away throughout the journey. You must have the ticket. Composters installed in trams, buses, and metro entrances. Sometimes you need tickets when you exit the metro. Attention! The ticket must be composted every time you change to another type of ground transport.

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Where to buy tickets

After you have decided which ticket you need, we go to the ticket sales point. These public transport tickets sold at ticket offices. And special machines at metro stations, tobacco and newsstands.

The current fare in Milan can found on the Milan public transport website There you can also plot the route you interested in Milan. From point A to point B, and the system will show you which transport you should use.

Metro in Milan

The metro in Milan runs daily from 06:00 to 00:30. And on weekends and holidays, the opening hours vary. The interval between trains during rush hour from 2 to 3 minutes. During the rest of the day – 5-10 minutes.

Milan Metro (Metropolitana di Milano). The longest metro in all of Italy. The metro consists of 4 lines with a total length of 94.5 km and 103 stations: red – M1, green – M2, yellow – M3, purple – M5. More than 1 million people transported by the Milan metro every day. The first metro line launched in 1964. The lines intersect at the largest stations – Cadorna FN, Duomo, Centrale FS. And others. For your convenience, I attach a map of the metro and city trains of Milan 2020.

The M1 line passes through areas with the main attractions for tourists. The Duomo Cathedral, La Scala Opera House, Sforza Castle. Metro is the most convenient transport in the city. As you can quick see the most interesting places in the city on it.

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Milan trams

The city tram network is well developed and includes 17 city lines. The tram network is over 115 km long and is the largest in Italy. Most trams in Milan are orange, but there are modern low-floor comfortable trams. Trams run from 06:00 to 00:00. The schedule can be viewed at stops. The tram is a good alternative to sightseeing in the city.

Buses in Milan

Milan has 82 bus routes that run through the city center and suburbs. Bus timetables are usually posted at every bus stop. It should be borne in mind that the schedule is drawn up for weekdays (feriale) and weekends (festivo) days separately. If you see the inscription “Sciopero” on the board, it means that you will not wait for the bus very, very soon. The reason in this case is the strike.

Most of the bus routes in Italian cities run until 22:00. Only the most popular routes can be an exception. Bus, metro, and tram route maps can be borrowed free of charge from ATM ticket sales points at the following major metro stations: Duomo M1-M3, Centrale M2-M3, Cadorna M1-M2, Garibaldi M2.

Night buses in Milan (Rete notturna)

On Fridays and Saturdays, Milan has 15 night bus lines from 02:00 to 06:00. The routes of these buses are shown in the figure below. Night bus tickets can be bought from special ticket machines at stops. A distinctive feature of night buses is the addition of the letter N in front of the number.

How to get to Milan Fiera Exhibition Center?

To visit the Rho exhibition center in Milan , which is located at the Rho Fiera railway station on the M1 line, you need to buy a separate ticket. Your ticket for public transport in Milan will not be valid. Below I will describe the main types of tickets that can be purchased to get to the exhibition center from Milan.

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Ticket nameTime of actionPrice in local currencyPrice in rubles
2 way ticket Milan – Rho Fiera Exhibition Center105 minutes€ 5.00271 rbl
1-way ticket Milan – Rho Fiera Exhibition Center or vice versa105 minutes€ 5.00271 rbl
1 day ticket from Milan to Rho Fiera exhibition center, available only during exhibitions1 day€ 7.00380 rbl

Attention! These tickets can only be used on underground line 1, including metro, city trains, and Passante Ferroviario railway.

Taxi in Milan

There are several nuances to consider when using a taxi in Milan:

  • Most taxis can only be ordered in Italian and English.
  • When calculating. The amount called by the taxi driver must match the amount on the meter. You will also give a check and change.
  • In a taxi, it is better to sit in places. Designated for a taxi stand with the corresponding TAXI sign.
  • Taxis in Italy are white.
  • A night taxi (from 21:00 to 06:00). More expensive than a day taxi.
  • The cost of 1 km increases after traveling 10 km.

Taxis charge €3.2 during the day and €6.2 at night. A piece of luggage, if it fits in the trunk without any problems. You do not pay. At a speed of less than 20 km / h, payment is taken per minute. Around €0.35 per minute. Taxis can order by phone. (the cost of delivery will be added to the cost). Or taken from the parking lot, of which there are a large number in the city. I advise you to have a small change with you. As often the driver may not have change.

Public Transport in Milan
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