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Public transport in Minsk

Minsk Metro

The metro in Minsk is small and consists of only two lines. If you took the metro in Moscow or St. Petersburg. Then you will have no problem figuring it out.

Tram in Minsk

Due to the ongoing construction of the metro. There are only 5 tram lines operating in Minsk.

  • 3 DS Ozero – DS Serebryanka
  • 5 DS Lake – DS Zeleny Lug
  • 6 DS Serebryanka – DS Zeleny Lug
  • 9 DS Serebryanka – Tractor Plant
  • 11 DS Zeleny Lug – Independence Avenue

The tram in Minsk has a long history. The electric tram appeared in the city in 1929. What kind of rolling stocks not operated on tram lines. Tatra T6B5, KTM 71-608K, RVZ-6M2, and others. On the routes, you will most find trams AKSM-60102 and AKSM-843. Produced by the Belarusian company Belkommunmash. The passenger traffic is 150-200 thousand people a day. The length of the route network is 24 km. Trams are open from 5:30 to 24:15, tram intervals are 8-20 minutes. Opening hours and travel intervals are different for each tram route. Some trams start running only from 6 am. On Saturdays, Sundays, and public holidays. The intervals for trams increased.

Buses in Minsk

The bus is the most popular form of transport in Minsk. Today the approximate number of routes: 120, the length of routes is 2000 km. On the official website of Minsk public transport, Minsk trans. You can find out the schedule of all bus routes. And find out which bus or trolleybus goes where. Buses operate every day from about 5 am to midnight. Bus service intervals are around 10 minutes on a weekday, on weekends. Buses run at 15-30 minute intervals. The bus fleet consists of MAZ buses of various years of production.

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 Trolleybuses of Minsk

The Minsk trolleybus has been operating since 1952. Minsk trolleybus network is the second in the world in terms of length. And number of rolling stock cars. Today there are 65 trolleybus routes in Minsk. The main rolling stock consists of trolleybuses AKSM and MAZ. The number of trolleybuses on the routes is 1000 units! Like other types of transport, trolleybuses run around the city from. About 5 am to midnight with an interval of 10-30 minutes.

Minsk Train

The suburbs of Minsk are connected to the city by high-speed trains. Passengers have access to 3 routes. (each line reaches the main railway station in Minsk). Line 1 Minsk-Passenger – Belarus Zhdanovichi. 2-Line 2 Minsk-Passenger – Rudensk Kolyadichi; Line 3 Minsk-Passenger – st. Smolevichi. The routes operated by modern trains of the Swiss company Stadler FLIRT. Trains run every day. From about 6:00 to 21:00. Train intervals of 20-30 minutes. Depending on the day of the week and time of day.

Public transport in Minsk
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