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Public Transport in Naples

Naples Public Transport Tickets

Tickets for public transport in Naples can Buy. At any kiosk that says Tabacchi. Metro tickets selling at vending machines at every station. The easiest ticket you can use. Moving around the city center is a 90-minute ticket for €1.1. Free public transport in Naples is only available. For children under 6 years old.

Below I will tell you about the main types of public transport tickets in Naples.

Ticket nameDescriptionPrice in Euro
1.5-hour ticket (Biglietto Orario)The ticket is valid 1.5 hours after validation€ 1.6
1 day ticket (Biglietto Giornaliero)The ticket is valid until 00:00 on the day it was validated€ 4.5
1 Week Pass (Biglietto Settimanale)The pass is valid until 00:00 on the last day of the week on which it was validated€ 16.0
1 month pass (Abbonamento Mensile)The pass is valid until 00:00 on the last day of validity of the pass€ 42
1-Year Pass (Annuale Ordinario)The pass is valid for 12 months€ 294

An excellent option for tourists would be to purchase the Unico Artcard. A three-day pass. (including travel from the airport). With free admission to 3 attractions. Including the National Museum of Naples. The ticket must validated on first use and will expire at 00:00. On the third day after validation. The Unico Artcar d pass costs from €12.

Public transport tickets called TIC tickets and are valid on all ANM buses. On the four funicular lines, on the regional EAV buses. On metro lines 1,2 and 6 and on the Circumvesuviana, Circumflegrei. And Cumana suburban trains within Naples.

Please note that tickets for 1.5 hours validated in vending machines. On buses or at train / metro stations before boarding. On tickets for 1 day, 1 week and 1 month. You must indicate your name and date of birth. As well as have an identity document with you. These tickets validated only upon first use. If for some reason the punch is faulty. Write the date and time of your trip on the back of your ticket in a special place. Otherwise, you run the risk of running into a fine.

Naples Metro

The Naples metro has three lines. 1, 2 and 6, as well as 4 funicular lines. Chiaia, Montesanto, Centrale and Mergellina. Most often, tourists do not take the metro in Naples. Since it main connects the center with the outskirts of the city. And for this reason only local residents use it. The entrance to the metro can found by the red letter “M”. Metro working hours: from 06:00 to 23:00. The metro ticket must validated. Before boarding the metro on the platform.

The red line of Metro Line 1 (Metro Linea 1). It connects the Central Station with the historic center. And passes through the port of Naples. (metro station Universita), is most suitable for tourists. To move around Naples. This metro line takes you to the National Museum (metro Museo). An integrated map of the metro. Funiculars and commuter trains in Naples can view below.

Funicular in Naples

4 funicular lines take you up the hill to the Vomero area. You can visit the Castle of Sant’Elmo. The Monastery of Certosa di San Martino. The Centrale funicular has one of the longest runs in the world and departs. From Via Toledo at the Galleria Umberto shopping center.

Buses and trams in Naples

To begin with, in Naples it would be best to live in the center. For example, in the Central Station area and avoid the outskirts. I can recommend good hotels in the heart of Naples. The 4-star Ramada Naples chain hotel. The 4-star Starhotels Terminus.

The advantage of living in the center of Naples. That you do not have to use the local buses. Tourists are fond of bred. For example, it can happen as follows: tickets for city routes not sold on the bus. But you will still be asked for a ticket upon entering the bus. And, if for some reason you do not have it. They will immediately demand a fine of 41 Euros from you. And threaten with the police. Add to this the fact that the traffic in Naples is quite busy and the buses are often crowded. Not to mention, they often don’t have air conditioning.

Buses route 

There is no central bus station in Naples. City buses start their routes mainly in Piazza Garibaldi. Via Pisanelli next to Piazza Municipio. And Piazza Vittoria. The time until the next bus displayed on electronic boards located. At bus stops and in the metro. Bus tickets validated in special machines. Located directly on the bus. The bus entered through the front or back door, and the exit through the central doors. To stop the bus at a stop on demand, press the red button.

The E1 bus route is The most suitable for traveling in the historic center of Naples. This bus departs from Piazza Gesù Nuovo and runs through the city center.

From Naples, you can go by bus to other cities in Italy: Rome, Milan, Bari and more. Bus tickets can be bought on the Infobus website.

As for trams, there are 3 tram routes in Naples: no. 1, no. 2 and no. 4. One of the routes. That will interest travelers is along the coast of Castel Nuovo. to the Central Station (Garibaldi Square).

Trains from Naples to other cities in Italy

Naples is one of the largest transport hubs in southern Italy. From Naples, you can go directly by train to. Rome, Bari, Salerno, Pompeii and other cities. The high-speed train journey. From Naples to Rome will take just over 1 hour. And the journey to Salerno will take about 40 minutes.

The cost of a train ticket in Italy much depends on the class of the train. High-speed or regional. For example. The cost of a ticket for the high-speed train Frecciarossa on the Naples – Salerno route is €15.

Ferries to the islands of Capri and Ischia

Ferries leave for Capri and Ischia from the port of Naples. There are two ferry boarding points differentiate by the speed of the ships. Slow ferries leave from Calata Porta di Massa. While Molo Beverello offers fast hydrofoils and cruise ships. However, don’t worry, these two places are not so far apart. Within 1 km and there is a shuttle bus between them.

Please note that if you are traveling in Italy. With a car rented in another country. Then you can take the car with you. To the islands only between November and April. The rest of the time. The entry of non-local vehicles on the island prohibited.

Ferry tickets can purchase. At the ticket office before departure or online. You can choose between a speedboat hydrofoil and a slower boat. Keep in mind that faster boats are rocking a lot in bad weather. And you can easy get rocked. Therefore, if you have a weak vestibular apparatus. I recommend taking a pill before traveling.

Children under 12 years old can apply for a reduced ferry ride. Each piece of luggage (suitcase) charged €2.

More About Ferries

  • Ferries to Capri leave every half hour. The travel time from Naples to the island of Capri. Depending on the vessel. It will be from 45 minutes to 1 hour 20 minutes, the cost of a one-way ticket is from €12.8 to €20. The first ferry leaves Naples at 06:00, the last at 21:05.
  • Ferries to Ischia leave every half hour. Travel time from Naples to Ischia island will be from 1 hour to 1.5 hours, the cost of a one-way ticket is from €11.3 to €18.6. The first ferry leaves Naples at 06:15, the last at 21:30.
  • Ferries to the Italian city of Positano leave 3 times a day. (at 08:35, 14:40 and 15:35) and pass through the island of Capri. The ticket price is €29 one way.
  • Ferries to the Italian city of Sorrento leave 5 times a day (at 09:00, 11:00, 13:00, 15:05, 17:15). Travel time is only 40 minutes, ticket price is €12.3 one way.

Taxi in Naples

Things to consider when traveling by taxi in Naples:

  • Official taxis in Naples are white, with the city’s emblem and license plate on the front and rear doors of the taxi, and taxis are equipped with meters. Beware of illegal taxi drivers who charge unreasonable sums for short distance rides.
  • When boarding a taxi, € 3 must be indicated on the meter. The minimum taxi fare is € 4.5. On Sundays and public holidays, the minimum charge increases to € 5.5.
  • For luggage at the feet of the passenger, an additional € 0.5 is paid, for a journey from the airport, an additional € 4 is paid.
  • If you think the taxi driver is cheating you with the price, start rewriting his name and ID. car number. Seeing this, the driver in most cases comes to his senses and drops the price.
  • In addition to a local taxi, you can order a taxi transfer over the Internet.

Public Transport in Naples
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