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Public Transport in Rome

Ticket prices in Rome

The table below shows the prices for travel on urban public transport in Rome, current for 2020.

Ticket nameTime of actionPrice in EUR
One-way ticket BIT (you can make transfers)100 minutes€ 1.5
10 10-BIT tickets100 minutes€ 15
Day pass 24H24 hours€ 7
2-Day Pass 48H48 hours€ 12.50
3 days pass 72H72 hours€ 18.00
Pass CISWeek 1€ 24
Mensile Personale Signature Pass1 month€ 35.00
Unnamed Mensile Impersonale Pass1 month€ 53.00
Annuale Roma Pass1 year€ 250.00

Where to buy tickets

After you have decided which ticket you need. You need to go to the ticket sales point. Public transport tickets selling at ticket offices. And special machines at metro stations, tobacco and newsstands. Tickets are valid for all public transport, i.e. by metro, buses and trams. If you have a SIM card of a local operator. Then tickets can buy via SMS.

The easiest way for me is to buy tickets from the machine. It is simple to use it. You choose the desired language. The required type of ticket, the number of tickets. You throw money, and the machine throws tickets and change into a special tray.

Where to validate the ticket

In order for the ticket to be valid, it must validated. And you must have the ticket along the entire journey. Composters installed in trams, buses and metro entrances. This includes composting travel passes for several days.

Without punching your ticket, the turnstile will not let you through the metro. There are no turnstiles on trams and buses in Rome, but the ticket must punched. It is important to know. If you bought a pass for several days. Then you need to punch it for the first time. And always, when you enter any type of transport, punch it again.

Penalty for travel without a ticket

For travel without a ticket. There is a fine of 100-500 Euros, which will need to be paid to the controllers. So it’s better to pay for the fare, even if you don’t have money with you!

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Official site for public transport in Rome

The company that is responsible for all public transport in Rome. Called ATAC. Official site The site organizes a search for the optimal route from point A to point B. In addition, there you can find out all the current prices for travel. Download the necessary public transport maps. And find out the schedule of buses, trams and metro.

Metro in Rome

The Metro in Rome runs daily from 5.30 am to 11.30 pm, with Friday and Saturday hours from 5.30 am to 1.30 pm. The interval between trains is from 3 to 10 minutes, depending on the time of day. Metro stations can be easy identified by a sign. With a white M on a red background. Many stations have multiple entrances and exits.

The Roman Metro (Metropolitana di Roma). An underground transport system in Rome, which opened in 1955. The metro consists of three lines – line A (orange), line B (blue), line C (green). Currently, work continues on the extension of line C (green). And extension of line B. Lines A and B cross the city and have one interchange station “Termini”. All stations have a board that shows the arrival time of the next train.

The total length of the tracks is only 38 km. And it is quite easy to understand the metro. One of the problems with the Rome metro is congestion. Rush hours are in the morning, in the evening, in the afternoon. Sometimes it is difficult to get into the carriage. And if you are with a suitcase, then it is impossible to do so. There are also a lot of pickpockets on the subway. So keep all valuables in your inner pockets.

Map of Metro in Rome

On the Rome metro map you can see all three lines. All stations, including interchange stations. You can download the map to your phone. To make it easier to navigate the subway. And return to the hotel without any problems, if, of course. It located next to the subway.

The next Rome metro map is more detailed. On it, in addition to metro lines, suburban trains. And tram routes indicated. For example, from this diagram it is clear. That by train you can get from Rome to the beach town of Ostia.

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Tram in Rome

Now the tram system in Rome includes only 6 routes. Although the city used to be the largest tram system in Italy. In the city it is more convenient to use the bus system. But in some areas you can ride on trams. For example, trams run near such sights of Rome. As Piazza Venezia, Villa Borghese, Termini Station. Below you can see the current scheme of tram routes.

Trams in Rome are not the most convenient. Some routes are relative modern City way 2 trains. Some are old and stuffy with a small capacity ATAC Series 7000. Trams packed with people and it is hard to ride in them. No one announces the stops, they do not light up on the board either. So if you poor guided in the city. You can easy go to the wrong place, especially in the dark. Tram stops have route numbers and opening times. There is no timetable. And it is difficult to guess when the next tram will arrive.

Buses in Rome

Although the bus network in Rome is large enough. It is not always convenient to use it. Because there are a lot of traffic jams in the city. To avoid confusion in the bus routes. Take a bus route map from the ATAC Information Office. (the ATAC Information Office located in Cinguecento Square. In front of Termini Station).

Bus timetables usually posted at every bus stop. It should be borne in mind that the schedule drawn up for weekdays. (feriale) and weekends (festivo) days separately. If you see the inscription “Sciopero” on the board. It means that you will not wait for the bus. The reason in this case is the strike.

Most of the bus services in Italian cities run until 22:00. Only the most popular routes can be an exception. But there are night buses (autobus notturni). That run about once an hour. Their routes outlined in black in the schedule.

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Night buses in Rome (Autobus Notturni)

There are around 20 night bus lines in Rome from 00:30 to 5:30 am. The main points of departure for these buses are the main train station Termini. (Piazza dei Cinquecento) and Piazza Venezia. Night bus tickets can buy from the driver. A distinctive feature of night buses. The image of an owl on the body.

Taxi in Rome

Taxis are part of the transport system in Rome. A taxi can travel on special dedicated lanes for buses. But when using taxi services, just take into account a few nuances:

  • Most taxis can only order in Italian and English.
  • When calculating, the amount called by the taxi driver. Must match the amount on the meter. You will also give a check and change.
  • It is better to sit in a taxi in places designated. For a taxi stand with a TAXI sign.
  • Taxis in Italy are white.
  • There are no standard taxi cars in Rome. You can come across all kinds of cars. An old smelly Alfa Romeo. A new Toyota, or a big beautiful Mercedes.
  • Not all taxi drivers can turn on the meter. And the fare can get high, especially when taxi drivers know. That there is a strike. Or when public transport has stopped working.

Following Taxi Fares.

Taxis charge €3 during the day, €4.5 on weekends and €6.50 at night (from 10 pm to 7 am). For each piece of baggage you have to pay €1. 1 km inside the ring road costs €1.10, outside it – €1.60, the driver must warn about the change in tariff.

At a speed of less than 20 km / h, payment taken per minute – around €0.5 per minute. Taxis can order by phone (the cost of filing €3.5 will be added to the cost). Taken from the parking lot, of which there are a large number in the city. Or simply stopped. If you know in advance where you will need to go in Rome. For example, to the airport. Or other city you can order a reliable taxi transfer in advance. With support. The cost of the trip will be fixed. You will not pay any additional fees. And you will know for sure that you will comfort reach your destination.

Public Transport in Rome
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