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Public Transport in Venice

Venice stands entirely on the water. And cut by canals across its entire surface. It is not surprising. That the only mode of public transport in it is river trams. Or simply vaporetto. In addition to vaporetto, in Venice you can find water taxis and. Of course, the well-known gondolas. Now I’ll tell you more about each of these ways to get around Venice. And the cost of vaporettos, water taxis and gondolas.

Vaporetto in Venice

The vaporetto river tram is a common but rather slow mode of transport in Venice. Its services can used if you want to slowly explore the city from the water. If you need to quick get from point A to point B, then walking will be faster.

The vaporettos operated by ACTV. The name of which appears on the side of the water bus. Vaporetto stops scattered throughout Venice. Just look for the white and yellow bus stop that says ACTV. The ticket can purchase at the box office (vaporetto fermate). Tickets are quite expensive. 7Euro for 60 minutes of travel with possible transfers. Be sure. To stamp the ticket before boarding in a special validator.

Changing to another water tram within these 60 minutes. Only possible if the tram travels in the same direction. As the tram you firstly boarded. Those. You cannot return to the same point from where you started. You can get off at any stop along the vaporetto route.

If you plan to travel a lot by vaporetto. You can purchase a ticket for 1 or several days at the following prices:

  • 1-day ticket: 20Euro
  • Ticket for 2 days: 30Euro
  • Tickets for 3 days: 40Euro
  • Ticket for 7 days: 60Euro
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Vaporetto routes

The vaporetto has many routes in Venice and to the nearby islands. Murano, Burano, Lido. The most popular among tourists is route number 1 along the Grand Canal. Passing along which you will see the Rialto Bridge, St. Mark’s Square, the famous five-star Danieli hotel. It the heroine of Angelina Jolie lived in the film “Tourist”.

Routes 12 and 14 follow. To the Venetian islands of Murano, Burano, Torcello. All the routes for the vaporetto in Venice shown on the map below.

Night vaporetto routes in in Venice

Most water tram routes run from 5 am to midnight. However, please note that if you travel by vaporetto at night. There is a high chance that the captain will stop at not all stops. But only at those where people are waiting. In addition, the captain can end the route not where it should be, but earlier.

From 12 am to 5 am there are night routes. Marked on the itinerary with the letter N. Most of these routes go through the Grand Canal. Or through the Giudecca Canal to the San Zaccaria stop. Night routes run at 1 hour intervals.

Water taxis (taxi acquei or motoscafi) in Venice

Water taxis travel much faster than vaporettos. But their fares are much higher. Water taxis will take you to your destination in Venice. Without the hustle and bustle of tourists on board. Please note, however. That the captain can pick up to 10-14 passengers in a water taxi. That will ride along the way with you.

So what are the prices for a water taxi in Venice?

  • To Marco Polo airport from Venice 100 – 110Euro.
  • From Venezia Santa Lucia railway station to St. Mark’s Square – 65Euro.
  • Boarding a water taxi – 13Euro. For each minute of the trip, a fee of 1.8 Euro charged.
  • For trips between 22:00 and 07:00, an additional 10 Euros will charge. On Sundays and holidays, you will pay an additional 5.9 Euros.
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As you can see, the water taxi rates are not low. And if your budget limited. It would be better to use budget vaporetto.

Where to find a water taxi in Venice?

Official water taxis have a yellow sticker. On the side window showing the taxi registration number. Taxi ranks located at the following locations:

  • Rialto Bridge
  • San Marco Square
  • Venezia Santa Lucia Railway Station
  • Piazzale Roma
  • Seaport (Stazzione Maritima)
  • Islands around Venice


The most romantic way to explore the city. But also the most expensive. The gondola has been the most common mode of transport in Venice. Since the 12th century. And only at the end of the 20th century high-speed water taxis joined it.

Official prices for a gondola ride in Venice:

  • 80 Euro for 40 minutes of the trip, plus 40Euro if the trip extended by 20 minutes;
  • After 19:00 – 100 Euros for 40 minutes of the trip. Plus 50 Euros if the trip extended by 20 minutes.

You can pre-book a gondola tour with a local guide. He will tell you all the most interesting stories. About Venetian narrow canals.

Port in Venice

The Venetian port (Porto di Venezia). Serves the region of northeastern Italy. From Venice, cruise ships leave for the coasts of Croatia, Greece and Montenegro. The most popular cruise lines. Departing from the port of Venice are Costa, MSC and Aida.

How to get to Venice from Mestre by public transport?

Mestre, located on the mainland, is connected to Venice by a bridge. You can travel from Mestre to Venice in the following ways:

  • By buses No. 12, 12V, 12L or 24 from the S. Giuliano stop. The cost of a bus ticket is 6Euro. Bus tickets can buy at bus kiosks called tobacconist.
  • By train from Venezia Mestre train station to Venezia S. Lucia station. Travel time is 10-12 minutes. The ticket price is 2.20 Euro.
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Taxi in Venice

If you want to get from Venice or Mestre to other cities in Italy. Padua, Bibione, Rimini. Then you can order a taxi transfer from a company on the Internet. When ordering a taxi, you will find a fixed price. And a guarantee of good service. And if you have a whole group of people. The trip will be quite cheap for you. And there will be no need to adjust to the public transport schedule. And you can also enjoy the beautiful views of Italy. From the car window.

Public Transport in Venice
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