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Public transport in Warsaw

Today public transport in Warsaw represented by 2 metro lines, buses and trams, and suburban trains can also be included in public transport.

The abbreviated transport system in Warsaw called ZTM (Zarząd Transportu Miejskiego). If you see this inscription somewhere, then it refers to public transport in Warsaw. Public transport operates around the clock. At night, of course, the traffic less intensive and the metro closed, but there are special buses marked N.

Warsaw public transport in brief

  • Single tickets for all types of transport: bus, tram, metro and suburban trains.
  • You can buy tickets at newsstands and in vending machines that are located at the entrance to each metro station, as well as at public transport stops and in the transport itself. Wherever you see the ZTM inscription.
  • Usually, ticket machines accept all types of payment: bank cards, coins and money and give change, but only in coins. In the slot machine menu, you can select a different language, for this, just click on the “Flag” checkbox and select the desired language.
  • You need to punch a ticket after getting on a bus or tram, but in the metro, you need to punch a ticket directly at the entrance to the metro, to the turnstile. The machine will swallow and spit out the ticket by printing the end date and time of its validity.
  • Warsaw divided into 2 public transport zones 1 and 2 (Strefa 1 and Strefa 2). All types of ZTM tickets can use in zone 1. In zone 2, only tickets intended for zone 2 or common to two zones. The remains in the first zone not marked, but in the second zone, they designated Strefa 2.

Warsaw public transport ticket

In Warsaw acts defirentsirovanya system of fare payment and ticket types so are many, but mainly in the course of 2-3 types of tickets. All tickets are valid for any transport. Below is about each of them.

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Where to buy tickets for transport in Warsaw?

Public transport tickets in Warsaw can buy at newsagents and ticket vending machines. Vending machines are located at bus and tram stops, directly in transport (buses and trams), at the entrance to the metro, ZTM.

All ticket vending machines different languages, just click on the “Flag” checkbox and select the desired language. Tickets in the machine selling both for cash, including coins, and with plastic cards.

It is necessary to punch tickets after entering public transport in special machines. The vending machine will “swallow” your ticket and issue it back with a printed date and time of validity. When entering the metro, the ticket must punch in front of the entrance itself, to the turnstile.

Types of tickets for public transport in Warsaw

All tickets are divided into two types: full “Normalny” and reduced 50% “Ulgowy “. If you do not live or study in Poland, you will not be able to use the discount ticket.

One-time tickets for public transport in Warsaw:

  • Bilet 20-minutowy or 20-minute ticket. This is the cheapest travel ticket. Costs PLN 3.4. It gives the opportunity to travel by any type of transport in the 1st and 2nd zones for 20 minutes with the ability to make a change.
  • Bilet jednorazowy przesiadkowy or 75 minute ticket. The more expensive one for 4.4PLN makes it possible to make transfers within 75 minutes, but within the first zone.
  • Bilet jednorazowy przesiadkowy or 90-minute tickets for 2nd zones. , You must buy a ticket if you want to go with a subsequent transfer to a bus / trolleybus / tram to the second zone. The ticket price is 7PLN. The second area for tourists is usually not interesting only if your hotel / hostel / apartment is located there.

Warsaw public transport card:

  • Bilet dobowy or 24-hour ticket in the 1st zone. It makes it possible from the date of composing to travel 24 hours on all modes of transport within the first zone. The cost is 15 PLN.
  • Bilet dobowy or 24-hour zone 2 ticket. Similar to the previous ticket, but now you can travel all over Warsaw for 24 hours without restrictions. The cost is 26 PLN.
  • Bilet weekendowy or weekend ticket. Acts on 2 zones. Allows you to travel without restrictions from 19:00 on Friday to 8:00 on Monday. The cost is 24 PLN.
  • Bilet weekendowy grupowy or group weekend ticket (up to 5 people). Acts on 2 zones. Allows you to travel without restrictions from 19:00 on Friday to 8:00 on Monday. The cost is 40 PLN.
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The latest information on the fare can find on the Warsaw public transport website.

If you know that you need less than 20 minutes to travel, then you can save money and buy the cheapest 20 minute ticket for 3.4 PLN (about 0.8 EUR), if you do not know exactly how long to go or are going to travel with transfers, then the optimal option is a ticket for 4.4 PLN (about 1 EUR), which is valid for 75 minutes and allows you to make transfers. If you are going to travel around the city a lot, but not more than a day, it is better to buy a daily ticket for 15 PLN ( Bilet dobowy) .

 Metro in Warsaw

  • Meters in Warsaw consist of two branches M1 (blue on the map) and M2 (red on the map) and has 27 stations.
  • M1 is the longest metro line of 21 stations, from end to end it takes a little less than 40 minutes.
  • M2 is a short metro line of 7 stations. The wind is located from west to east and crosses the M1 at the station “Świętokrzyska”.
  • The Warsaw metro map can view on the official website of Warsaw transport.
  • All metro stations are located in the first zone, so you can get by with a ticket for the first zone.

Suburban trains in Warsaw

Suburban trains in Warsaw integrated into the public transport network and therefore have the same tickets as bus / metro / tram tickets. Each carriage equipped with a composter that accepts these tickets.

There two types of commuter trains in Warsaw: trains marked S and  KM  (Kolei Mazowieckich). If S is directly related to urban transport, then  KM  is a private transport company in Poland, but within Warsaw it performs the function of public transport.

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Tram in Warsaw

If you eat during the day and do not want to get stuck in traffic jams, then it better to choose the metro, where there no traffic jams as such, or a tram, because, for trams in Warsaw, a separate fenced line allocated on the road and they travel around the city due to this at high speed and can compete in this with the metro in some cities. So getting on a tram in Warsaw is better not to yawn because you can very easily pass your stop.

Warsaw city transport map

At almost every stop in Warsaw, there is a Warsaw city transport map showing all bus routes by tram and metro.

To plan a route around Warsaw, it is better to use the interactive map. Enter the start, destination on the map, or the names of stops, as well as the time and date, and you will offer the entire optimal route by public transport in Warsaw.

Public transport in Warsaw
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