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Public Transportation in Amman

Public transport in Amman is represented by buses, minibuses and cheap taxis. Amman is connected by regular bus service to the cities of Aqaba, Irbid, Petra.

Buses and minibuses in Amman

Amman has an extensive network of bus routes. Bus fare in Amman is inexpensive – from 250 to 500 fils (1 piastre = 10 filsam). At the entrance to the bus, the necessary amount must be thrown into the box next to the driver. Change will not be given to you, so prepare the right amount.

As in many other Arab countries, public transport in Amman is chaotic. If you intend to get from point A to point B by local buses, look for the nearest stop and ask for a hint from the locals. Large buses are numbered and stop strictly at stops. Minibuses are not numbered: they only indicate the destination in Arabic. There are no night buses in Amman and the only transport available at night is taxis.

Minibuses in Amman are the most common form of public transport. Usually minibuses are sent only after a full load. Therefore, you often have to wait an hour or more until the minibus is full. Waiting times are increasing in rural areas. The fare is paid to the driver. There is no schedule for minibuses. On Fridays and national holidays, the number of minibuses on the roads of Amman and Jordan is decreasing.

Car rental in Amman

A car is a good alternative to unstable public transport in Jordan. Locals do not recommend going by rent a car to the center of big cities – Amman or Irbida. Instead, use the car to explore the natural beauties of the country – the Wadi Rum desert near Aqaba, ancient Petra, cities on the Dead and Red Sea.

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The average cost of car rental is $ 70 per day. The rental price usually includes basic insurance, unlimited mileage. The minimum rental period in most agencies is 48 hours. If you contact a street rental agency, ask for an English translation of the rental agreement and do not sign any papers drawn up exclusively in Arabic.

Bus stations in Amman

There are several major bus stations in Amman. The largest of them are Tabarbour (northern bus station), Raghadan Central Bus Station, Wihdat Station (southern bus station) and 7th Circle (Seventh Circle). A shuttle bus from Amman Airport stops at 7th Circle and Tabarbour stations.

From the bus stations of Amman you can go to the major cities of Jordan and resorts on the coast of the Red Sea and the Dead Sea. 

The most popular long-distance carrier in Amman is JETT. And buses of this company can be reached from the capital Amman to the resort of Aqaba. Tickets for long-distance routes are recommended to be bought in advance on the company’s website.

Amman Airport

Queen Alia Airport is Jordan’s largest international airport, located near Amman. From the airport there are flights to another major Jordanian city of Aqaba, a country in the Middle East and Europe.

The airport is connected to the city by regular route services and shuttles.

Taxi in Amman

Taxis in Jordan are inexpensive and quite convenient. City taxi ranks in Amman can be found at major attractions: at the Roman Theater, Jabal al-Qalaa, Al Hussein Mosque, etc. 

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Most taxi drivers in Amman use the meter. Outside the capital, it is better to negotiate the fare with the driver before boarding a taxi. Please note that on the meter in a taxi, the fare is shown not in dinars, but in fils.

Official taxis in Amman are yellow or white. The difference between taxis of different colors is that white taxis operate on the principle of a bus and do not depart until there are 4 passengers in them. White taxis run between jordan’s cities. If you don’t want to pick up additional passengers or you need extra space for luggage , pay the driver more, and he will not pick up anyone along the way.

Yellow taxis work like regular taxis. In Amman, there is an online application for calling a taxi Uber and Careem. Tipping in taxis is not accepted, however you can round up the amount.

Public Transportation in Amman
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