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Rafting Kepruchay River

Rafting on the Kapruchay River will be a pleasant addition to your beach holiday and will bring great pleasure to lovers of active pastime. It is no secret that rafting on mountain rivers is one of the most popular extreme entertainment in Turkey and one of the most visited family excursions. Rafting on this river is simple, suitable even for families with school-age children and those who cannot swim. 

So, how does your day of rafting go and what’s in store for you? Tourists are taken by bus to the Kapruchay gorge. It is here that the mountain river flows along which the rafting is carried out. It should be remembered that unnecessary things can be safely left on the bus, as they can get wet during the rafting. Before the start of the route, tourists are given helmets and life jackets, and detailed instructions are also provided. Rafting takes place on inflatable boats or rubber rafts, where along with everyone there will be an instructor who will direct the process itself.

Those who have experience in rafting and want an even greater dose of adrenaline can use a single or two-seater kayak (for an additional fee). The main rule for these daredevils is not to sail in front of the main boat or raft. During rafting, everyone will actively work with oars, struggling with a fast-flowing mountain river, overcoming rapids. At the same time, the team spirit of everyone in the boat will be strengthened as never before, because everyone will become part of a team that fights against the river element and is responsible not only for themselves, but also for their comrades. 

In the process of rafting, a kind of competition will be held: being close, two teams on boats can compete in the dexterity of sprinkling each other with water. During the extreme trip, several stops are planned, during which you can take a picture near a small waterfall, go to the other side, forming a kind of train, or simply “accidentally” swim (at your request with the help of an instructor). The water in the river is cool enough, but this coolness even more energizes for further travel. One of the stops during the rafting will be the so-called Roman Bridge, where the most ardent fans of extreme sports will be able to jump into the river from a 4-meter-high cliff. During the trip, photo and video filming is carried out. 

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After physical activity during rafting, everyone is waiting for a long-awaited and delicious lunch in the fresh air, during which you will be shown footage, as well as photographs with your participation. We recommend taking with you sunblock, a towel, a camera, and bathing slippers during your trip. The cost of the excursion includes the following services: transfer of the tourist from the hotel and back to the hotel, one place on the raft with an instructor, rafting equipment, lunch at the end of the rafting. 

Rafting Kepruchay River
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