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Ras Tanura Beach

Ras al-Tanura beaches feature green roofs, attractive beauty. Various projects that provide comfort to visitors and tourists. A variety of programs that serve tourism, high quality and clean clear water.

Ras Al Tanura Corniche is one of the most prestigious beaches in the eastern region of Saudi Arabia. Not far from Dammam, Ras al-Tanura Beach occupies an area of about 650,000 square meters. One of the most prominent attractions in Ras governorate. The skirt, the beach is characterized by its picturesque nature. Clear water and extensive green flats, which contain many trees, high palms, plants, flowers. And shrubs where the beach contains more than 8,500 trees. 720 shrubs and 310 From the palm of the type of Achntonia, which has an aesthetic appearance. Those things that distinguish the beach from other beaches in the province but in the kingdom as a whole. All of these green areas, which occupy a total area of more than 280,000 square meters. Feel like you are on one of the beaches of Huai city, not in an Arab-Islamic country. But these stunning landscapes are not much for a country like Saudi Arabia. It has a lot of landscapes and archaeological, which operates Always develop them so that you can impress everyone.

Ras Tanura Beach Activities

The fame of Ras Tanura Beach and Corniche stems from its refreshing and beautiful atmosphere. Soft sand and beautiful green spaces, and it is an opportunity for its visitors to enjoy swimming. Walking and playing ball in the updated areas, to fish and sunbathe and contemplate the beautiful sea under large umbrellas.

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Other activities: Cycling and enjoy the view and the atmosphere of the sea during the sport.

Walking on the beach has been and continues to be a favorite sport for many. It a simple and quiet sport that does not need to make much effort.

Other than losing weight and improving cardiovascular health. Jogging on the beach will make you happier and more confident than others.

Kick or “beach tennis” is a very fun game in the resort. Allowing you to move and jump in all directions. It considered a great physical activity that positively affects your mental and physical health.

There’s nothing better than going to the resort and in time-out working to burn fat and reshape your body. Things you’ll get from playing volleyball on the beach.

Waterball is one of the most famous games of the summer time. Besides feeling the pleasure of playing the sport it has a lot of health benefits.

Corniche Ras Tanura

where it extends on a large patch on the beach of the Arabian Gulf decorated. With green flats and toys for children as there is on the corniche. A mosque built at the expense of a businessman in Ras Tanura city. Distributed a good number of stalls to sell refreshments and some of what the beachgoers need. Without courtesy of the best and cleanest beaches I have seen. You will remember my words to those who will visit this beach pure sands. Clean beach and one of the finest beaches for swimming for adults and children. Quiet faces and when I visit him I get to know people from different regions of the Kingdom. Due to the calm enjoyment of the beach and away from the hustle and chaos. There are in Ras Tanura province a lot of supermarkets. The most famous of which is the panda supermarket. The farm supermarket restaurants: McDonald’s Pizza Hut and Kentucky and in the future Kudo

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Ras Tanura Beach
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