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Rawabi Land Park

Rawabi Land Park is a new park in Qatar that has something for everyone. With its different areas, the park has a lot to offer visitors. The activities available allow visitors to enjoy the beauty of the park, while the provides an additional element of interest. The importance of the park cannot be overstated, as it provides a place for people to relax and enjoy.

Rawabi Land Park: An Introduction

The amusement park has a lot of sales services such as fast-food restaurants that have sandwiches of various kinds in addition to the various drinks it offers.
The entrances to the amusement park are characterized by an attractive view that attracts people to visit the amusement park and are surrounded by a wall in the form of stepped pyramids.
It has plenty of space so that children can play freely.

The Different Areas of the Park

Excellent, frankly, entry is free, the games are a little expensive, 11 riyals, each mosque game is available for men and women, but I wish that a place is allocated for bicycles for children and allows entry to it, the space is excellent for playing bicycles Games for adults and children in the train of death of the ship’s grill and the eye of Rawabi land.

A comfortable and spacious place and there is no traffic special games but there is a note that the groceries do not have drinking water of quality they take the worst and cheapest companies and sell half for a riyal.

Contents Rawabi Land Amusement Park in Taif

These wonderful amusement parks contain distinctive games, the most important of which is the fast moving train, which wraps on attractive spiral shapes,

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And the high swings with amazing lighting on both sides sparkle in an atmosphere full of joy and pleasure,

The amusement park has distinctive theatrical shows held on a wide stage amid wonderful stands to enjoy the amazing shows,

There is a rotating toy that wraps a circular motion that will make you secrete as many hormones as you have, but don’t worry, it’s sealed.

Really your children will enjoy spending the most beautiful time possible in these spacious and distinctive amusement parks Yes, it is Rawabi Land amusement park in Taif

Rawabi Land Park Facilities

  • The amusement park has plenty of shops and restaurants serving food and drinks.
  • Outside the amusement park there is a car park.
  • The amusement park has a mosque for prayer.
  • It also has toilets

Top Activities in Rawabi Land

Swivel wheel

Rawabi Land Amusement Park contains a lot of various electric rides and the swivel wheel is the most played, as it transports riders from the bottom to a high distance where it is the most interesting.

American Cinema

It is one of the most important activities that young people are attracted to and that they are especially looking for, as American cinema is present in amusement parks and offers various films of different ages.

Family Sessions

The grassy greenery extends to the palm trees of Rawabi Land theme park, where multiple chairs are scattered throughout the amusement park.

4- A lot of events, celebrations, and festivals are held on the land of Rawabi Land that you can attend, as it includes a special theater that combines concerts accompanied by beloved cartoon characters in addition to holiday parties.

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Rawabi Land Park Amusement Park Taif

  • Address: 15, Masarra 2, Taif
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.
Rawabi Land Park
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