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Rawdah Park

Rawda Park one of the largest recreational cities for women and children in Riyadh, located east of Riyadh city in al-Rawda neighborhood, and its area (70) thousand square meters, opened after processing on 3/11/1428, and a distinct and diverse park where it contains many exciting and entertaining recreational games suitable for different ages, as well as green areas that help in recreation and recreation and sessions Around the park and games varied in size suitable for all age groups and has public facilities such as toilets where there are 2 toilets toilets for men and a toilet for women and there are spacious corridors and mosque for prayer and emergency exits, also surrounded by parking spaces for more than 100 cars and there are disabled parking for about 10 cars and there are four areas for children’s games.

Rawdah Park entry rates

Admission is free for all categories and ages.

Rawdah Park entrance dates

The park is open 24 hours a day, but we recommend visiting it during daylight hours because there is a little light in the heart of the park.

Where is the Rawdah Park located?

Located in the eastern corner of Riyadh in al-Rawda neighborhood in particular. On Hafsa Bint Omar Street near Exit 11, you can see the location on the following map.

Best activities in Rawda Park Riyadh

Walking and jogging

If you’re a hiker, you’ll find what’s easy here on the 1,000-metre-long Rawdah Park promenade, with a green garden and children’s play areas in the center.

Take a long tour with the family among the diverse trees and palms by following the green grass-covered corridors. In short, it will be a great opportunity to restore vigour and vitality.

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Bike rental

There is a large area of park space that has allocated for bicycle rental. Then take a fun sports tour to explore the venue’s lounges and enjoy the outdoors. Your young children can enjoy colorful bikes for cheap prices. There are bikes on offer for rent for all age groups.

Sitting in tents

There is no doubt that the sunshine will be annoying during daylight hours so you should try sitting in shaded tents to chat with parents or snack.

Electric games

Women in most parks look for privacy while playing. This is what they will find while visiting the Rawdah Park, where they can enjoy electric games with their children in a fun and private atmosphere.

Hotels near Rawda Riyadh Park

The kindergarten garden is ideally located and adjacent to many high-end hotels. So we will now propose the nearest hotels to that park while explaining their advantages and prices.

Tulip Al Rawda Hotel

This elegant hotel is just 1 mile from Al Rawda Park and is adjacent to al-Faisaliah Centre. Rooms start at SAR 199 per night. In any case, the hotel offers in each room air conditioning, modern décor, an integrated kitchen, a flat-screen TV and a private bathroom.

Tulane Al Rawda Hotel

A 3-star self-catering venue with interest in other facilities and services, it is 1 mile from Rawda Park and is close to the Saqr Al Jazeera Aviation Museum and King Abdullah Park.

Rawdah Park
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