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Reasons to Visit Dubai

The United Arab Emirates is located in the northeast of the Arabian Peninsula, on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The UAE on the list of the richest countries on the planet, where colorful luxury can be seen literally at every step. You will get unforgettable emotions from a holiday in the country of oriental fairy tales, luxurious palaces and unique culture.

Even tourists with extensive experience discover a lot of new things here, because the country pleasantly impresses with an abundance of innovative projects, the scale of festivals and, of course, a wide variety of recreation for every taste. For example, for connoisseurs of cultural and historical values, trips to ancient monuments of local architecture, museums and exhibition galleries organized. For those who prefer a relaxing holiday, there is always a great opportunity to enjoy the sun and the warm Indian Ocean, and for those who like to spend time actively, extreme jeep trips, fishing, scuba diving, parachuting, and helicopter rides are provided.

Speaking of the United Arab Emirates, it is impossible not to mention the city that Forbes Traveler magazine included in the top ten most prosperous tourist cities – this is Dubai. Tour operator Impala Travel confidently states that every tourist should visit Dubai and there are 10 main reasons for this. which Traveler magazine included in the top ten most prosperous tourist cities is Dubai. The Tour operator Impala Travel confidently states that every tourist should visit Dubai and there are 10 main reasons for this. which Forbes Traveler magazine included in the top ten most prosperous tourist cities is Dubai. Tour operator Impala Travel confidently states that every tourist should visit Dubai and there are 10 main reasons for this.

1. See Dubai from a bird’s eye view

If during a tour to Dubai, you want to see all the most interesting, then you can take a ride in a hot air balloon, helicopter or seaplane. A helicopter ride over the city will give you a lot of vivid emotions and unforgettable impressions, because during the flight, you will see all the main attractions, including the Burj Khalifa skyscraper, the Burj El Arab sail hotel.

The World artificial archipelago and the Atlantis The Palm resort, and, of course, you can take many wonderful pictures. During a seaplane flight, you will get to know the Old City of Dubai more closely, flying over the labyrinths of bazaars, hookahs and see the most interesting places. Flying in a hot air balloon is what every tourist should do while traveling to Dubai, because what could be more beautiful than to see the sand in the rays of the sun, which shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow, admire the wild camels and swift Arab gazelles. Based on the foregoing, having gone on an unforgettable journey through the air, you can enjoy all the beauties of the city that has grown up in the middle of the desert. Artificial islands, skyscrapers, piercing clouds and the blue sea – this city will fall in love with you from the first seconds of acquaintance.

2. Visit the most beautiful airport in the East

Dubai International Airport is the largest transport hub that connects the eastern and western world and is the most beautiful not only in the Middle East, but throughout the world. 60 million passengers pass here every year, and its design is so unusual that you can walk for hours, looking at every detail. The airport has several luxurious gardens with huge trees and fish ponds.

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3. Admire the tallest tower in the world – Burj Khalifa

Burj Khalifa the tallest building on Earth, after its construction, all height records were broken. Everyone who goes to Dubai tour should certainly get into the “wonder of wonders” – an ultra-high tower, the height of which is 828 meters, of which 180 meters falls on the spire. On the 124th floor of the tower, there is an observation deck that offers one of the most magnificent views. In addition, you have the opportunity to get real pleasure from the show of musical fountains, the height of which reaches 150 meters, watching everything that happens from above.

4. Visit the world famous Dubai Mall

The huge Dubai Mall, with its unimaginable 1.2 million m² of area, deservedly claims to be the world’s largest shopping and entertainment center. Under the roof of the mall there are 1200 shops and entertainment facilities, striking in their scope. This is a skating rink, and an ultra-modern multiplex with 22 cinema halls and, of course, a 30-meter waterfall.

Spectacularly falling through all 4 floors of the mall. In addition to a cinema and a skating rink, there is a giant aquarium, which has a height of a three-story building and accommodates more than 33,000 marine inhabitants.

Guests of the aquarium can observe the life of the underwater depths from a transparent tunnel located at the bottom of the aquarium. Also, excursions held on it in transparent boats, and those who like to tickle their nerves can even swim next to the sharks. It is worth paying attention to the local zoo: it is, of course, not the largest on the planet,

5. Relax on the best beaches

Dubai is the undisputed leader in beach holidays in the UAE. You can talk about the beach resorts of Dubai for a long time and admiringly. Whether it’s remote from the center of the uncrowded Ghantoot Beach or the mecca for kitesurfers Kite Beach, famous for the strongest wind in Dubai.

I would like to highlight the three most popular beach parks: Jumeira Beach Park, Al Mamzar Park and Jumeirah Open Beach. Jumeirah Beach Park a municipal beach park with a large variety of tropical plants and neat lawns, so the air here permeated with the scent of flowers and filled with the chirping of birds. The entrance to the sea is gentle, so the beach park is ideal for families with children. Al Mamzar Park is the second most popular beach park, featuring air-conditioned beach houses with barbecue terraces, as well as a large swimming pool.

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In addition to the well-maintained coastline, here you can see an unusual wooden fortress or attend a performance in the local amphitheater. Jumeirah Open Beach is especially popular with tourists, as one of the main advantages is that it offers views of the main attractions of Dubai: the Burj Khalifa building, the Palm Jumeirah archipelago, the Burj Al Arab hotel.

6. Go on a desert safari

The deserts of the UAE are considered almost one of the wonders of the world, therefore, going on a tour to Dubai, you should definitely enjoy their views. The view of the huge sand dunes, painted in the colors of the setting sun, the silence and spaciousness of the evening desert – an unforgettable sight that will forever remain in your memory. And driving a jeep safari through the sand dunes is something that you cannot refuse if you have been to Dubai. Such a walk is quite extreme, and many compare it to the emotions of the Paris-Dakar rally. At the end of your exciting journey, you will drop off in the desert to walk on virgin sand. Be sure to take advantage of this opportunity – not every day you can find yourself in a desert untouched by people.

7. Have fun at the water park

Among the many attractions in Dubai, water parks remain the most visited. And this is not surprising, because in Dubai, where it is sunny all year round, water is the best way to cool off.

Fans of extreme entertainment will find breathtaking slides in the water park, and if you prefer a relaxing holiday, then idyllic pools await you. There are many water parks in the city, but Wild Wadi and Aquaventure considered the largest. Wild Wadi Water Park located in the heart of the city: 28 water slides for adults and children, more than 20 pools, an artificial 18-meter waterfall and a 360-meter artificial river flowing through the entire water park.

Aquaventure the second most popular and largest water park in the city: dozens of slides, one of which runs through a glass tunnel through an aquarium with fish, 11 pools, a river flowing through the entire territory of the water park, on which you can raft in circles, stunning views and a luxurious sandy beach. The emotions that you will experience while visiting the water park will be truly vivid.

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8. Go skiing

The most fantastic thing you can do in a country where almost the entire territory is desert is skiing. The man-made indoor ski complex Ski Dubai will take you from under the scorching sun to a light frost in a couple of minutes. It is not necessary to bring uniforms with you, you can rent them on the spot. Four adult tracks, children’s tracks, sledding, snowboarding and skiing – all this can be added to the rest on the beach. After skiing, be sure to enjoy delicious Arabic coffee with cardamom in the cafe, the interior of which designed in the style of a real winter fairy tale.

9. Take a camel ride

Camel rides are without a doubt one of the most popular tourist attractions in Dubai. This is where you can take the most fabulous photos and videos. Especially exciting is the moment when the camel rises. Riding a camel is not at all dangerous, but the emotions that you will experience are certainly worth it. Just imagine: there is no traffic and skyscrapers, noise and city dust. Together with camels, you will plunge into reality, where there is only desert around, unique beauty and extraordinary silence.

10. Enjoy the beauty of Dubai Miracle Garden

Going on tours to Dubai. It seems that this city has nothing to surprise tourists with: skyscrapers, indoor ski slopes, fountains, unique architecture, artificial islands – all this is no longer new for inquisitive travelers. However, Dubai strikes our imagination with a park known throughout the world as the Miracle Garden of Dubai. Dubai Miracle Garden a unique flower park spread over an area of ​​6.7 hectares. About 45 different types of flowers planted here, most of which were specially brought to Dubai so that the creators could realize their project. This man-made “oasis” is one of the largest flower parks in the world. It is very difficult to believe in this, because there is a desert around it. All those who have been here, declare with confidence,

Tours to Dubai – a city that amazes the imagination

If you are thinking about where to go on vacation in the near future, then Dubai is the best place for the perfect vacation. You definitely won’t be bored here, the only problem how to make sure that there are more than 24 hours in a day, because this city ready to give you incredible emotions day and night.

Reasons to Visit Dubai
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