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Red Sea Mall

Red Sea Mall Jeddah features a variety of popular shops and many fun entertainment centers for children and adults. It is one of Jeddah best shopping and luxury malls for families.

Red Sea Mall is designed with state-of-the-art technologies, which have made it a luxurious marketing and entertainment centre with a glass ceiling and a magnificent indoor fountain.

You can access red sea mall, with 18 entrances, and it has a very large waiting yard, which can accommodate more than 4,000 cars. It is one of jeddah’s most important luxury shopping malls and one of jeddah’s most important tourist destinations. Within Red Sea Mall there are all international ATMs and Saudi Arabia to serve visitors to the mall.

Red Sea Mall Jeddah Location

  • Address: King Abdulaziz Road, Beach, Jeddah
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.

Red sea Mall Jeddah Working Hours

  • Saturday, 10:00am-1:00am
  • Sunday, 10:00am-1:00am
  • Monday, 10:00am-1:00am
  • Tuesday, 10:00am-1:00am
  • Wednesday, 10:00am-1:00am
  • Thursday, 10:00am-1:00am
  • Friday, 1:00pm-1:00am

Best shops in Red Sea Mall Jeddah

The Red Sea mall jeddah has many international shops and brands, most notably:

1_ Ralph Lauren Polo

It is one of the best stores of Redsey Mall Jeddah and is one of the most famous brands with many branches all over the world, and it contains a collection of women’s bags that have won the admiration of many women.

This is in addition to a great selection of modern women’s fashion. It is special that the shop is offering amazing discounts, making visitors keep visiting it, and of course the Red Sea Mall discounts are not limited to this store.

2_ Stadium Sports Stores

One of the most famous stores of Redsi Mall Jeddah, this shop provides all the necessary sports clothes and shoes on the latest fashion is located at the Red Sea Mall Jeddah Stadium.

The shops have a great selection that makes visitors flock to it, it offers international brands with great discounts:

  • Like Quick Silver.
  • Speedo
  • Black Diamond
  • Nike
  • Adidas

3_ Abercrombie & Fitch

Of course the brand is rich in definition, and since the opening time of this famous mall shop, it has a great place for visitors, because it displays a wonderful collection of women’s and men’s clothing with the latest fashion.

This is in addition to a great selection of accessories and perfumes, none of which can be chosen as an elegant gift.

4. Brachlini

Located on the ground floor of the Red Sea Mall in Jeddah, the shop showcases a wide range of high-quality women’s shoes and bags.

It presents facts with different features depending on seasons such as spring, as well as very charming pieces that make modern women elegant and distinctive.

5- Sultana Branch Red Sea Mall in Jeddah

The shop is special for selling Arabic clothes from Gulf cloaks and shawls, but what is already displayed in the shop is a distinct and different collection in great designs, suitable for Arab women but with modern touches, and in great colors suitable for all occasions, and at prices that are not competitive.

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Res Sea Mall Jeddah Stores

  • Danube Supermarket
  • Evelyn Burr Sandro Andy
  • Evelyn Sandro
  • The Sants
  • Jacadi Paris
  • Bazrodriks
  • Bella Baby
  • Mama & Papas
  • Mayoral
  • Mothercare
  • Black Design
  • Punt Roma
  • Twin Set
  • Vimi 9
  • Almost
  • Monkey
  • Mango
  • The Body Shop
  • Astor Lauder
  • Arabic For Oud
  • Bath and Body
  • Paris Gallery

Activities in Red Sea Mall Jeddah

Children’s Game Area: Red Sea Mall offers a dedicated children’s games entertainment area, called Sparks. It includes a variety of fun games, from electric and electronic games, slides, racing games, swings and many more games to give children more fun and joy.

Tech Zone in Jeddah: Located in Al Radsi Mall, 2nd floor, in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

TechZone offers a lot of entertainment options such as virtual reality games for children and adults, special play areas for children, and games that are not available anywhere else in Saudi Arabia

Tokyo Games: All days of the week from 3pm to 12pm

Adult Gym: The mall has a special entertainment gym for adults, called “N10 Su”. It has many exciting games such as bowling, karting circuit, billiards and many other games, which create an atmosphere of enthusiasm and adventure for the happiest times.

Red Sea Mall Jeddah Café

Café Cinema Fox

This place is very beautiful and organized and very comfortable, as many describe it as excellent and high-end service, as it provides many items within the menu and the order is delivered to the customer’s table inside the cinema, and can look forward to a lot of information about the Café Cinema Fox in Red Sea Mall through the website of the mall and be communicated with them by phone or social networking sites.

LaRica Cafe

Many describe LaRica Café as a great café within red sea mall and has plenty of drinks or cuisine, making it a place for all tastes.

Bateel Cafe

Café Bateel place in The Mall of Radsi, which is located in Jeddah, which is located on King Abdulaziz Road, a very beautiful place characterized by sophistication and tranquility, and there are a lot of varieties of sweets and coffee, as well as is famous for its waffles and delicious dates cake, as well as offers Arabic coffee of all kinds, and decorations of places simple and quiet, prices may be somewhat high, and the place is characterized by the presence of empty and indoor seating places, in winter places Kharija is suitable and warm.

Cafe Hef and How

Kavia Hef knows how it is a quiet and sophisticated place and this is because it is on a quiet side of the mall, it is away from the shopping square and is located next to the eighth gate of the mall, and for the café a lot of special items and the best dishes they have are the studs, the dish of basbousa with cream, dates with tahini.

Cafe Godiva

Café Godiva in Jeddah is one of the finest cafés in Jeddah, where it is enjoyed with the best and most delicious dishes, as well as fresh drinks and enjoy the sweetest sessions with family and friends if you want to know more about the place can be visited by social media or by phone.

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Café Red Mango

Recently the branch of Red Mango Cold Sea Mall was opened and its place next to five-side restaurant, the place is characterized by a simple but somewhat narrow décor, but the service is fast and the waiters are respected and fast and prepare orders quickly, the menu is very diverse and the prices are convenient and has a lot of new items and visitors come to try them and the elephants in different forms and foods.

Finki Café

That Finki Enough has two branches, the first branch within the Redsea Mall and the second branch of Tahlia Street, and the place is characterized by delicious Western desserts because there are many types of chocolate they have and also have ice cream and fresh drinks.

Modo Cafe

Modo Café at The Radsi Mall is renowned for its beautiful cafés and the best in the mall, the place is great, calm and refined and the place offers a very special service and always advises you to try it.

Saad Eddin Sweets Café

Inside this café are plenty and lots of sweets and chocolates that are suitable for all occasions and for all celebrations, if you want to know more about the place can visit social media or by phone.

Kfy Crillo

There is a crillo inside the Reply C Mall in Jeddah, and this place offers a lot of sweets and the finest coffees that are prepared in distinctive and high ways and many advise to try it, and enough not only has drinks but also a lot of types of cookies as well as crepes and delicious cakes and offers Arabic coffee and cappuccino coffee as it is suitable for everyone.

Red Sea Mall Restaurant Guide

Yemeni Delights

This restaurant specializes in traditional Yemeni popular dishes, and the food is served with modern recipes, the restaurant has great food especially for those who prefer Yemeni dishes, it offers Yemeni recipes that have a delicious and beautiful taste and smell of hunger, dishes served hot, and one of the best dishes served in the restaurant Arika, Blindfolded and Fahsa, visitors always express the beauty of their food so that some say that it is the best Yemeni restaurant in Jeddah, and very recommends a unique Yemeni experience.

 Piatto Restaurant

It is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Jeddah. The restaurant also features offers on food which encourages visitors to go to it, gives the restaurant a unique Italian experience and serves hot dishes with fresh ingredients. Ideal for outings with family or friends, also offers Italian appetizers cooked by Italian roads, served italian pizza prepared with a custom oven cooked with wood, as well as many dishes of Italian pasta, as the restaurant serves A range of dishes with grilled chicken or steaks brought from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, and there are also fresh seafood, piatto restaurant, starting with a dish of free salad called Fresh Garden and with a handmade basket of bread, and the coolest dessert is Italian ice cream.

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Shake Shack Restaurant

The international restaurant chain Fshik Shack for fine fast food has a delicious taste and the most important product is the meat plum but prices are fairly high, as it is known for its excellent location and its service is amazing and the reception is sophisticated and orderly, but the food tastes good as well sit in it simple and comfortable.

Steak house Restaurant

This steakhouse branch is located inside The Red Sea Mall and is famous for its famous American dishes. The restaurant has great decorations, has distinctive and luxurious services. Restaurant characterized by total quality in all branches and attention families can raise customer satisfaction and achieve more popularity.

SushiArt Restaurant

Known for its simple atmosphere and bright lights, the restaurant is famous for its delicious cuisine, known for appetizers such as green salad seaweed, salmon dishes with fried rice with a distinctive taste, and the restaurant menu includes a wide range of delicious dishes, the quantities may not be large compared to its price but in general is considered a beautiful and distinctive restaurant.

Wagamama Restaurant

Jamama Restaurant is a restaurant for great Japanese recipes, the restaurant has comfortable and spacious sessions, the service is fast and the food is hot, fresh and delicious but prices are a bit high, and the most famous appetizers are the dish giosa prawn gyoza and also the meal of vegetarian pad thi chicken, the place of this restaurant on King Abdulaziz Road inside the Mall of Reply C, as well as famous dishes, salads and fresh juices.

Paul’s Restaurant

Paul is a French restaurant, where everything is considered perfect. The food is delicious, the team of professional waiters, Paul from one of the places that is recommended to try the quality and splendor of his cuisine. Prices are a bit high but compared to the quality of the food they are considered appropriate and suitable.

Hotels near Red sea Mall Jeddah

1- Radisson Blu Hotel from hotels near Redsey Mall Jeddah

2. Elaf Red Sea Mall

3- Knight’s Tower for Hotel Suites

4- Sheraton Jeddah Hotel from hotels near Red sea Mall Jeddah

5- Velvet Hotel Apartment

6- Auris Al Fanar Hotel Beach

Red Sea Mall
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