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Redang Island

white and blue boat on blue waterThe most beautiful island of Redang, which is located 45 km from the Malacca Peninsula, is recognized as one of the best resorts in Malaysia. It is believed that the first settlers of the island were the Bugis people from Indonesia, now many of their descendants still live here and work in the tourism industry. It is noteworthy that, despite the fact that in a rather short period of time Redang has become one of the most popular island resorts, it has retained its virgin nature and the richest underwater world. Of course, resort hotels have been built here, but Redang still seems to be an unexplored and lost island where you can feel like a real Robinson. The white beaches and clear waters of the island can be called an ideal place to relax in the bosom of nature, and the amazing coral reefs and their colorful inhabitants are so magnificent. that the underwater world of Redang was declared a marine park. Thus, Redang is perfect for quiet rest and relaxation, as well as for diving and other types of water activities.

state of Terengganu
Square 42 km²
Currency Malaysian ringgit (MYR)
Timezone UTS+8
International dialing code +60–9

Climate and weather

Redang lies in the subequatorial climate zone, so the weather here is always sunny, humid and hot. Average Redang on the temperature is kept at at +33 ° C , and the water is always warmed up to +26 … + 30 C ° . The best time to relax on this island is the dry season from April to September . From November to April, the wet season dominates here, which is characterized by abundant rainfall, and sometimes very strong gusts of wind. The diving season in Redang runs from May to mid September.


Redang is the largest island of the archipelago of the same name, which consists of nine very small islands. Redang is located 45 km from the Malacca Peninsula and is washed by the warm waters of the South China Sea . The island is rather diminutive in size – 6 km wide and 7 km long.

The nature of Redang is truly luxurious: tropical greenery, fine white sand, clear waters and a unique underwater world. Since the entire archipelago has the richest underwater flora and fauna, a marine reserve was created here. Over 500 species of luxurious coral create an amazing seascape, home to numerous fish and other marine animals. And sponges, plankton and algae provide an excellent breeding ground for this underwater kingdom. In addition, shellless and green turtles come to the beaches of the island and lay their eggs here. Flying foxes, monkeys, birds, pythons, mouse deer and iguanas hide under the canopy of dense tropical vegetation of Redang.


In 1991, Redang and eight nearby islands were granted nature reserve status. This is not surprising, because all the islands consist of luxurious virgin forests and white beaches surrounded by slender palm trees. Well, the underwater world here has a truly unique ecosystem. On the territory of the marine reserve there are more than 500 species of corals and a huge number of fish and invertebrates (rays, lobsters, sponges, barracudas, gorgonians and many others). Thanks to this, Redang is rightfully recognized as a real paradise for all scuba diving fans.

Of all the many coral formations in Redang, the world’s largest single coral called Mushroom Coral is best known , which has the unusual shape of a huge mushroom. Its height is about 20 meters, its diameter is as much as 300 meters. Also, one of the main underwater attractions of Redang are the warships Repals and Prince of Wells , which were sunk by the Japanese during World War II.

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In the period from August to September in the waters of Redang, you can observe the migration of unique shellless turtles. In addition to them, the local waters are home to numerous green turtles and Bissa turtles. Green turtles can be seen at the SEATRU Conservation Center . And here you can even take part in the collection of turtle eggs and watch how the turtles hatch, which are then released into the sea.


The best restaurants of Redang Island are located directly on the territory of the hotels. Moreover, the menu of each restaurant traditionally presents dishes of Malay, Indian, Chinese and European cuisines. It must be said that the mixture of different cultures has given rise to an amazing variety of dishes in this country. Indian and Malay cuisines are full of spicy and aromatic spices, while Chinese dishes, on the contrary, are neutral. The European menu is adapted to local products and preferences; as a rule, Italian and French cuisines are presented in hotels. All restaurants offer a huge selection of seafood treats: crabs, oysters, seashells, squid, shells, lobster, seashells, sea cucumbers and much more. Also, the local menu is simply replete with rice-based dishes. First of all, you should try the rice vermicelli ” laksa johor“With vegetables and fish curry sauce, boiled rice” naxi padang “with meat dish” rendang “, rice noodles with various fillings and” nasi lemak “- rice boiled in coconut milk with meat gravy, fried fish, eggs and vegetables. Other popular dishes include fried pieces of marinated meat “ satay ”, soup from buffalo tails “ ekor ”, spicy noodles “ mi java ” with shrimps and tomatoes, and chicken kebabs “ sati ayam ”.

A highlight of the local cuisine is the variety of outlandish exotic fruits such as rambutan and durian. They are used to prepare original salads, desserts and refreshing juices. Coconuts and coconut milk are also very common here. Alcoholic drinks are sold only on the territory of hotels, almost all of them are imported from other countries.


Guests of Redang have several great options for a comfortable stay, from first-class hotels to romantic bungalows by the water’s edge. All of them are located in coastal areas and boast the best traditions of Malaysian hospitality. Perhaps the most luxurious and popular hotel on the island is Berjaya (from $ 206), which is located in a beautiful lagoon with its own beach. Tourists will find wooden chalets with blooming gardens, a dive club, a luxurious restaurant and much more. Laguna Redang Island Resort (from $ 171) is more suitable for a family vacation, as it has everything for children’s entertainment. The Sari Pacifica Hotel Spa Resort also offers excellent facilities More economical tourists are advised to pay attention toRedang Bay rersort или Redang Mutiara Beach Resort .

Entertainment and recreation

People go to Redang for rest on the pristine white beaches and swimming in the azure sea. The resort is suitable for lovers of a quiet and relaxing holiday in the bosom of beautiful nature, far from the noise of civilization. Redang is also very popular among fans of active beach recreation and, first of all, diving. The coastal waters of the island are a famous marine reserve with a unique ecosystem. There is even a special marine center here that coordinates the protection and study of the unique underwater flora and fauna. And at the end of summer, here you can watch the migration of unique shellless turtles. In addition, green turtles, barracudas, whale sharks, rays, lobsters and many types of sponges and corals are found in the local waters. Well, the purest sea water allows you to perfectly see all the coral reefs and its inhabitants. The most popular dive site is the huge mushroom-shaped coral Mushroom Coral. Also, the attention of divers is attracted by the wrecks of the ships Repals and Prince of Wells and dive sitesMini Mountain, Big Mountain and Lima Island .

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Numerous harbors and coastal areas of the island are home to comfortable and cozy hotels offering a wide range of services and entertainment. In addition to diving, Redang offers snorkelling, windsurfing, jet skiing and canoeing. Fishing is also common, but is only permitted within 3.2 km around the island.

Night entertainment is not popular on the island, although small beach restaurants with an abundance of Malaysian dishes and live music are active here. Also, lovers of nightlife can visit the bars and restaurants of the hotels, where themed parties are held from time to time.


Redang is far from ideal for shopping. Of course, small shops are located in almost every hotel on the island, but their range is not very wide. Most of the souvenirs are bright magnets, mugs and plates depicting twin towers, traditional batik, handicrafts and black tea, which was grown in the highlands of Malaysia. At the same time, do not forget that in Kuala Lumpur the selection of souvenirs is much more and more interesting, and their prices are much lower than in Redang.

The largest shops are located on the territory of the Redang Bay Resort , they offer their guests not only souvenirs, but also clothes, toiletries, food and drinks. Moreover, despite the fact that there is a ban on the sale of alcohol on the island, this ban does not apply on the territory of hotels. I must say that some shops are closed during the non-tourist season.


You can get to Redang by ferry from the pier near the city of Kuala Terengganu, however, this method of travel is expensive and not very comfortable, since all ferries belong to the hotels of the island. Therefore, in the high season it can be very difficult to take a ticket directly to the boat – hotels often require you to purchase the entire package (i.e. immediately along with the number). For this reason, it is much easier to get to Redang by air: a small private jet flies here from the airport in Kuala Lumpur every day. Moreover, the flight takes only one hour.

Redang itself is very small in size, so there is only one road that runs from the pier for boats to one of the hotels on the island. There is practically no car transport here, there are only a few buses and taxis that belong to the hotel, as well as about a dozen cars. Several boats and boats are always moored at the pier, which can take you to different ends of Redang or nearby islands.

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Mobile communication on the Redang island operates in the GSM standard, it is provided by several national operators. I must say that roaming rates are quite high, so for calls within the country it is advised to buy a SIM card from one of the local mobile operators in advance. Internet is available on the territory of all hotels (about $ 3 per hour), including Wi-Fi.

International calls can be made from any hotel.


Before traveling to Redang, it is recommended to vaccinate against tetanus, polio, hepatitis A and B, typhoid and malaria. It also does not hurt to purchase insurance and take a set of essential medicines with you. Outside resort areas, it is advised to always use mosquito nets and repellents. Also, do not forget about sunglasses, hats and sunscreens, since the solar radiation on the island is quite high, which is unusual for inhabitants of mid-latitudes. Before diving, be sure to check with the instructor which of the inhabitants of the underwater depths can be dangerous.

There is almost no crime on the island, and the locals are cordial and friendly. Outside resort areas, all basic rules of conduct in an Islamic country must be observed. The distribution and use of drugs is punishable by death, although this harsh punishment may be mitigated for foreign citizens (up to 20 years in prison).

Business climate

Today the economy of Redang Island is based on international tourism and hotel business. Almost the entire population of the island is directly involved in these areas, as well as in agriculture. I must say that there are no cities or villages as such, and to start your own business, it is recommended to look for a more urbanized island or give preference to a city in the continental part of the country.

The property

Today, all resorts in Malaysia are experiencing an investment boom, so their property prices are gradually increasing. Of course, real estate in Redang is not as diverse and plentiful as on the large resort islands, it is mainly represented by pitchforks and chalets on the coast, where you can come for a vacation or rent it out.

Any foreigner has the right to purchase local real estate. However, for this there is one important condition – its cost must be at least 500 thousand ringgit (about $ 161 thousand). Also, foreigners are not allowed to own more than two objects of any type of real estate.

Travel tips

Guests of Redang should remember that fishing is prohibited around the entire island within a 3.2 km radius, the same goes for motorboating and water skiing. Of course, this also has its advantages, since extraneous sounds do not scare away the numerous inhabitants of the underwater depths and do not violate the pristine silence of the island. All violators of these prohibitions will face rather serious fines.

Redang Island
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