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Resorts in Riyadh

Riyadh resorts characterized by high taste, distinguished service. Refined treatment that attracts tourists from everywhere, as well as assured comfort upon your arrival.

Concorde Resort Dora Najd

One of Riyadh chalets luxurious. The most luxurious and popular resort in Riyadh. Where the units are very private and fully equipped with a swimming pool and garden, with live music shows, free internet access, and daily cleaning services. The resort is 35.8 km from King Khalid Airport, 17.1 km from Bujairi Square, 18.4 km from Ad Diriyah.

Durrat Riyadh Resort & Spa

The resort is located in Durrat Riyadh in a well-to-do residential area in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in the heart of Riyadh

, on an area of 15,400 square metres.

The resort includes two outdoor swimming pools and two indoor pools. In addition to a fitness hall and many more features that the visitor needs.

Rooms have all the amenities needed by the visitor. Including a flat-screen TV with cable channels for satellite channels, and free Wi-Fi in and throughout the accommodations.

The resort is very close to the tourist attractions in Riyadh. The resort provides the services that the tourist needs regarding knowing the dates of attractions and tourist places. Provides the visitor with a 24-hour front desk and a group of fluent staff in several languages.

Durrat Al Riyadh Resort & Spa costs approximately $310 for two adults per night.

The Ritz-Carlton Resort Riyadh

Located on Makkah Road from Riyadh. The 5-star resort offers a distinctive stay and attractive views of the city. Featuring a men-only spa and an indoor pool.

The resort is close to the tourist places in Riyadh. As it is 12 kilometers from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia and 9 kilometers from Al Faisaliah Tower.

The resort includes 3 restaurants, breakfast lounges and air-conditioned. Rooms equipped with all the needs that the visitor uses during his stay. The resort also provides free Wi-Fi in the rooms and throughout the accommodations, so it is one of the best luxury resorts in Riyadh.

Accommodation at The Ritz-Carlton is approximately USD 370 for two adults per night.

Al Faisaliah Durrat Riyadh Resort

Al Faisaliah Resort puts new lines in the world of luxury Riyadh resorts. It provides all means of comfort and luxury for guests, and it is one of the most beautiful resorts in Riyadh. It is famous for its green oases and large unit spaces.

  • Location: The resort is located on the “Qassim” highway in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 20 minutes from King Khalid Airport.
  • Accommodation: hotel rooms/suites, villas.
  • Services and facilities: Wi-Fi throughout the resort, adult pools, children’s pools, pool games, fitness rooms, indoor children’s play area, dinner nights in different styles, bicyclepath.
  • Amenities: Airport transfers, flat-screen televisions, spa and wellness centre, your diet menus, massage, mini golf, business meeting rooms, steam rooms, kids’ club.
  • Prices: Ranging from SAR 550 to SAR 1800 per night.

Nofa Resort Riyadh

Nofa Resort one of the most famous and finest resorts in Riyadh. It almost a unique model in terms of means of luxury, sophistication and services it provides to its visitors. Which receive a lot of demand, especially from lovers of adventures and African safari forests. As the resort takes you with its unique engineering designs and different contents of the place to a unique journey in the arms of nature. As the resort includes in its parts different types of birds and pets. The resort also contains many green spaces, branching trees and lakes. That distributed In vast spaces and gives visitors many fun and fun in the arms of nature.

Grand Canyon Resort

Grand Canyon Resort in Ammariyah one of the best resorts in Riyadh and one of the most beautiful destinations and places. Residents and visitors of Riyadh go to spend a fun time and calm in the light of the moderate atmosphere. As it considered a destination and a great choice For relaxation and contemplation of the sunset view and to enjoy the facilities of the resort. The experience of walking in the middle of nature and surrounded by the sounds of waterfalls from everywhere

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The Grand Canyon Resort, which carefully equipped to suit the aspirations of Saudi families. Combines civilization and originality with its buildings inspired by the mountainous nature of the site. Which surrounded by lights and lighting in an amazing and beautiful view.

The resort has a restaurant, a café, a mountain walkway, waterfalls, large greenspaces. Outdoor seating with charming mountain views,and cinema screens that display some of the attractionsto meet the needs of visitors. .

Seven Continents Resort in Riyadh

It considered the best family resort in Riyadh. As it provides the opportunity to enjoy with the family a wonderful experience. With wonderful designs inspired by all countries of the world.

  • Location: The resort is located inWadi Al Sahel, Al Rimal, near Al Hayat Event Break.
  • Accommodations: Hotel chalets in more than one style (Andalusian, Chinese, English) provide complete privacy for guests.
  • Services and facilities: Wi-Fi, private parking, swimming pool, children’s play area.
  • Amenities: 24-hour room service, all rooms are air-conditioned, flat-screen TV.
  • Prices: Ranging from SAR 1050 to SAR 1500 per night.

Durrat Najd Resort

Dora Najd Resort located in the Ammariyah area in the capital Riyadh. Considered one of the most wonderful things that seen at the level of luxury resorts in Riyadh because of its green areas. Surrounded by various trees and next to a number of water lakes scattered in a beautiful geometric way. Which gives the visitor a sense of happiness, comfort and recreation. The resort also provides various services throughout the day, through multiple facilities that suit all the family’s wants. The location of the resort is near some landmarks The famous and well-known commercial markets in the city of Riyadh, makes staying at the resort a unique experience worth repeating.

Al Ammariah Hills Resort in Riyadh

Al Ammariyah Hills Resort consists of modern villas overlooking Al Ammariyahina charming and different view The resort characterized by high views. Considered one of the best places that provide upper views It is also characterized by its outdoor sessions, its spacious garden and the head that pervades the place away from the hustle and bustle of the city, and the villas consist of two bedrooms, a hall, a kitchen, three toilets and an outdoor sitting area, and all villas overlook the outdoor garden.

The resort also includes the mountain restaurant and a café with overlooking sessions and visit orscan visit the mountain restaurant without booking in the villas by booking from the My Table application, and they can choose between a table with a view or a table without a view, and the price varies according to your choice.

For reservations in Al Ammariyah Resort by contacting the following numbers 050601551 – 0506551444

Restarose Resort Riyadh

The best resort in Riyadh in terms of quality of services, diversity of units, and hospitality of the reception staff, and the resort includes a group of rooms furnished with the most luxurious modern and classic furniture.

  • Location: The resort is located in Al Rimal District, close to Al Reem Resorts.
  • Accommodations:Hotel chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Wi-Fi internet services, indoor parking areas, playgrounds, green spaces, swimming pools.
  • Amenities: air-conditioned rooms, jacuzzi, barbecue area,electronic games, business meeting room, andcar rental service.
  • Prices: Ranging from SAR 650 to SAR 1000 per night.

The Valley Resort Riyadh

The resort is located in Wadi Laban in Riyadh, and it features an attractive view from its windows. One of the advantages of this resort is that it is very close to the archaeological and recreational places for tourism in Riyadh and shopping places.
The resort offers an indoor swimming pool and quiet corners for relaxation, and the rooms feature the best amenities and exquisite engineering designs.
The Valley Resort costs around $660 for two adults per night.

Lokazote Resort Riyadh

Lokazort Resort considered one of the best resorts in Riyadh, and it has all the elements of high-end and beautiful resorts with an attractive architecture design that takes you to a second world inspired by the Caribbean Sea and consists of several chalets of different sizes and names and each name. has to do with its décor and the chalet contains an electronic games area for children and includes a lake on an area of 1200 m and outdoor seating around the lake as well as a theater and a full-service restaurant.

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For bookings, contact WhatsApp Number 0530300100

Solis Villa Resort

Located 32 kilometers from King Khalid International Airport, King Abdullah Financial District (19 kilometers from King Abdulaziz Financial District) and 31 kilometers from King Abdulaziz Historical Center, this upscale resort is one of Riyadh’s best luxury resorts close to Riyadh’s tourist attractions.
Fitted with kitchens, dining areas, living rooms with a flat-screen TV and free Wi-Fi, each villa has 24-hour room service.
Featuring a restaurant, sauna, outdoor pool and parking, the resort costs approximately USD 420 for two adults per night.

Phone: +966 11 810 7730

Regis Riyadh Resort

Rated by guests as the best resort in Riyadh, it offers many features and facilities that will make your holiday special and unforgettable.

  • Location: The resort is located onMohammed Bin Aziz Al Ajaji Street, off King FahdRoad, Al Kairouan.
  • Accommodation: Hotel rooms/chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Swimming pools for adults and children, children’s play area, green spaces, internet.
  • Amenities: outdoor seating, flat-screen TVs, private parking, 24-hour room service.
  • Prices: Ranging from SAR 1500 to SAR 2000 per night.

Arfuri Resort Riyadh

It stands out from any resort in Riyadh by its unique location in the heart of the capital. Classified as a 4-star resort, it offers many excellent hotel services.

  • Location: The resort is located on King Fahd Road – Behind Al Yamamah University, Kairouan, Riyadh
  • Accommodations:Hotel chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Swimming pools, games area, private BBQ area, jacuzzi, gardens.
  • Amenities: All accommodation has a large dining table, oven, microwave, refrigerator, kettle, 2 bathrooms.
  • Prices: ranging from SAR 700 to SAR 1100 per night.

Braira Hettin Resort & Villas

One of the best resorts in Riyadh 5 stars offering standalone villas for private seman, modern decorations, equipped kitchen and bathroom, including a swimming pool and patio, with a high-end restaurant, wellness and spa center, barbecue facilities, internet coverage, parking, movie nights. The resort is 35.6 km from King Khalid Airport, 8.2 km from Riyadh Park, 17.3 km from Marina Mall Riyadh.

Asbar Hotel Resorts

It offers stylish modern units with a private pool, independent garden and fully equipped kitchen, free parking and daily cleaning service. The resort is 21.6 km from King Khalid Airport, 2.11 km from Camel Souk, 17.3 km from Granada Riyadh.

Address: Al-Rimal, Riyadh 13266, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 55 006 7444

Goot Resorts in Riyadh

A 5-star resort that meets all standards of luxury and luxury, and in some neighborhoods exceeds expectations, and also provides the most important feature that many are looking for within Riyadh resorts, which is a private swimming pool for each unit, which provides complete privacy and security.

  • Location: The resort is located at Al Sahaba Street, Al Munsiyah, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 15 minutes from Granada Mall.
  • Accommodation: Hotel villas.
  • Services and facilities: Airport shuttle, Spa, Outdoor pools, 24-hour room service, Facilities for disabled, Internet.
  • Amenities: All villas have a living room, flat-screen TV, private pool, outdoor dining area, and the bathroom has a spa bath and free toiletries.
  • Prices: ranging from SAR 2,400 to SAR 5,000 per night.

Radisson Blu Resort Riyadh

The 5-star resort is located on King Abdulaziz Road in Riyadh, 3.2 kilometers from the National Museum of Saudi Arabia, about 5 kilometers from Masmak Palace and 40 kilometers from King Khalid International Airport.

The resort offers elegant rooms with free Wi-Fi and all accommodation essentials, separate living spaces and 24/7 room service.

Offering free parking, a modern Japanese restaurant and an Italian restaurant, the resort also includes a men-only fitness centre with an indoor pool and a women-only gym.

The cost of staying at the Radisson Blu Resort Riyadh is approximately USD 122 for two adults per night.

Al Jawhara Resort in Riyadh

It classified as the most beautiful resort in Riyadh, as it characterized by a location away from the hustle and bustle, so its guests enjoy complete tranquility and recreation.

  • Location: The resort is located in the Rimal district of Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 11 km from King Khalid Airport.
  • Accommodations:Hotel chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Airport shuttle, swimming pools, garden, private BBQ area, wake-up service, internet throughout the hotel.
  • Amenities: Living area for family gathering, TV and satellite channels, private entrance for units providing privacy, private parking, 24-hour room service, airport shuttle, private parking, wake-up service.
  • Prices: SAR 1100 per night.
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Elite Resorts Riyadh

It accepted by many families because it is a separate residence that achieves privacy and luxury at the same time, and it also famous for being a cheap resort in Riyadh that suits all possibilities.

  • Location: The resort is located in the sand, near Fantasy Land.
  • Accommodation: Studio/Hotel Suite.
  • Services and facilities: outdoor swimming pools, air conditioning, lockers, prayer room, family rooms.
  • Amenities: Private parking, airport shuttle, 24-hour room service, cleaning service.
  • Prices: Range from SAR 300 to SAR 490 per night

Swiss Spirit Resort Riyadh

One of Riyadh’s high-end resorts is to provide spacious units with good indoor distribution and modern furnishings and have a private swimming pool, in addition to the availability of evening entertainment, aerobics, barbecue facilities, sauna, wellness center, and air internet. The resort is 30.7 km from King Khalid Airport, 17.9 km from Lausanne Ballroom, 36.4 km from Riyadh Park.

Address: Unit No. 37, Building No. 7142, Abi Zarah Street, Riyadh 13544, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 11 810 7730

Al Arab Resort Riyadh

The most luxurious resort in Riyadh found quite easily in Al Arab Resort, where the resort management committed to the smallest details to satisfy all tastes of guests.

  • Location: The resort is located in Al Malqa District – Prince Saud Bin Abdullah Bin Jalawi Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 14 km from Riyadh Park.
  • Accommodations: Hotel chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Swimming pools, water sports facilities, cleaning services, prayer room, car parking area, barbeque areas, gardens.
  • Amenities: All accommodation is air-conditioned and features a seating area, flat-screen TV and a fully equipped kitchen with a dining area.
  • Prices: ranging from SAR 1200 to SAR 1800 per night.

Davli Resort Riyadh

It one of the best resorts in Riyadh. Preferred by large families because of the breadth of accommodation and its ability to host about 30 people.

  • Location: The resort is located in Al Rimal District, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 26 km from Al Nakheel Mall.
  • Accommodations:Hotel chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Swimming pools, air-conditioned units, shared kitchen, grocery deliveries, daily cleaning services, picnic area, gardens, private BBQ area, shared lounges, car parking area, internet.
  • Amenities: All accommodation has a wardrobe, private bathroom, toaster.
  • Prices: Starting from SAR 1200 per night.

Rest Resort Riyadh

Most of Riyadh’s resorts and prices depend on the services provided in return, and Rest Resort applies this to the fullest, as its prices are highly commensurate with its services.

  • Location: The resort is located on Othman Bin Affan Street, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 25 km from Al Nakheel Mall.
  • Accommodations:Hotel chalets.
  • Services & Facilities: Swimming pools, Gardens, Jacuzzi, Parking, Internet, Room Service/Grocery Deliveries, Games Area, Pet Friendly.
  • Amenities: The accommodations feature flat-screen TV with satellite channels, a microwave and a seating area in the rooms.
  • Prices: Ranging from SAR 700 to SAR 1000 per night

Al Maqsad Chalets Riyadh

A unique luxury resort in Riyadh, it contains the best hospitality staff who welcome guests with a warm and happy hospitality and are keen to meet all their requests and provide them with comfort.

  • Location: The resort is located on King Fahd Road, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, 9 km from Riyadh Park
  • Accommodations: Chalets.
  • Services and facilities: Swimming pools, Jacuzzi, restaurants, Parking, BBQ areas, Gardens, Outdoor furniture, Grocery deliveries, Pet access, Internet.
  • Amenities: All accommodation is air-conditioned and has a seating area, flat-screen TV, kitchenware, wardrobe, coffee and tea maker, minibar.
  • Prices: Ranging from SAR 1200 to SAR 1500 per night.
Resorts in Riyadh
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