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Resorts near Hanoi

Hanoi is the cultural-economic-political center of the country, with a long-standing culture. This is a place where many different cultures meet. Hanoi has countless beautiful landscapes and tourist attractions. Each place has its own unique features that attract visitors to visit. What if you suddenly have the thought that you want to come to Hanoi to enjoy moments of relaxation, rest with family, friends or lover after hours of studying and working hard? Here are the TOP 18 resorts near Hanoi that are ideal for your vacation. 

Hanoi is famous for many places, associated with thousands of resorts and hotels in Hanoi that  make tourists happy.

1. Vinpearl Ha Long Resort 

Located on Reu island – one of the most beautiful islands in Ha Long Bay. Only 150km from Hanoi, the famous Vinpearl Ha Long Resort in Quang Ninh province has a luxurious architecture that combines modern and classic European features with sweeping views over the beautiful Ha Long Bay area. With 384 guest rooms, the resort provides modern facilities and services.

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Here, visitors will be able to enjoy swimming with 3 artificial beaches with white sand, quiet and completely private. Other facilities including spa, gym, and nursery are fully equipped and modern. In particular, visitors can easily move to the mainland with free high-speed trains with unlimited turns.

With a favorable sea location, this is a bright “candidate” for those who want to explore Ha Long Bay – a world natural wonder recognized by UNESCO.

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2. Family Resort 

Family Resort is about 40km from Hanoi capital. This is definitely a place that does not disappoint you by its lovely beauty as its name suggests.

Coming to Family Resort, visitors will experience the feeling of being immersed in the green space by the cool and clear blue water. In front of the resort are terraced fields at the foot of poetic Ba Vi.

Family Resort 

Like other high-end resorts, Family Resort provides a full range of utility systems and services such as free wifi, spa, sauna service or tennis court. Along with that is the delicious mountain food. So this is exactly Resort near Hanoi family is extremely ideal.

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3. Emeralda Ninh Binh Resort 

Emeralda Ninh Binh Resort is a 5-star resort on the list of the largest resorts in the North. With pure Vietnamese architectural design. Emeralda Ninh Binh Resort recalls the nostalgic space of the old Northern countryside scene.

Emeralda Ninh Binh Resort 

In the morning, you can swim or walk around the area looking at the green bamboo rows, the lakes of water lilies, hibiscus flowers, and the tender tops of the mangosteen and then enjoy a cup of coffee to admire the rustic and idyllic nature. In the evening here you see the yellow lights on the bright, dim houses like in a miniature palace.

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The dishes here are also very diverse and rich with traditional Vietnamese dishes or Ninh Binh specialty goat hot pot dishes in a quiet space. In addition, you can also use therapeutic care services at La Cochinchine Luxury Spa to have moments of comfort and relaxation. You can visit the famous tourist areas of Ninh Binh nearby such as Trang An, Bai Dinh Pagoda, …

In particular, this is the place where the crew of Kong – Skull Island from the Hollywood movie capital stayed during filming.

4. Asean Resort & Spa

Asean Resort has an extremely large scale including a combination of rooms, golf course, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, spa, entertainment area on grass, conference and event area. At the same time, this resort is located in a cultural area with many famous historical sites such as Duong Lam Ancient Village, Tay Phuong Pagoda, Son Tay Ancient Citadel, Thay Pagoda, etc.


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5. Tan Da Resort

Immersed in the atmosphere of the countryside Tan Da Resort appears in front of visitors a peaceful, gentle beauty. Make visitors dispel fatigue and discomfort in their hearts. Tan Da Resort has an open space design, including the Old house and Lac Viet house. On one side is the ancient architecture of the northern village. One side is the radiant beauty of the East combined with the West. Not stopping there, the rooms have a very nice view overlooking the beautiful and pure Suoi Bon lake. Tan Da Resort is considered as one of the resorts near Hanoi for young people.

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6. Mai Chau Ecolodge Resort

In the midst of immense mountains and forests, Mai Chau Ecolodge Resort appears as a beautiful green oasis. Designed in the style of a traditional Thai stilt house, the bungalows here use mainly wood, bamboo and thatched roof materials, giving visitors a feeling of peace. Inside each room is equipped with full amenities, airy and delicate space. Other facilities such as a specialty restaurant, bar, outdoor swimming pool and free bicycle tours are also available.

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Not only that, they can also bring back interesting experiences when learning about the way of life of the ethnic groups in the northern mountainous region.

7. Belvedere Tam Dao Resort

About 71km from Hanoi city center, Tam Dao is considered a “mist town” and is likened to the second Da Lat of our country. A 2-day vacation around Hanoi to Tam Dao is always one of the trips that many young people love. The interesting thing about Tam Dao is that there are new features that each experience brings different emotions.

Belvedere Tam Dao Resort is one of the famous resorts where it is always the first choice of people when they have the opportunity to go to Tam Dao and stay. Belvedere Tam Dao Resort is like an ancient castle in the middle of the mountain, with a beautiful overflowing swimming pool with clear water, full of swimming accessories and a place for young people to take great virtual check-in photos. pretty.

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In the resort’s premises, there is also a rattan bridge that we often see in the northern mountains, a tennis court and a spacious and airy space for you to rest and relax. The room here is very nice and has a view of the mountain, the location is too convenient to admire the scenery with a quiet space. The cafes as well as the swimming pool are designed to make you feel like you are enjoying it in the vast and spacious sky.

8. Tam Coc Garden Resort

Ninh Binh is an ideal destination that has always been loved by many people recently. Many people come to Ninh Binh not only for sightseeing, sightseeing but also to have moments of relaxation after stressful working days.

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Tam Coc Garden Resort gives you an experience like being back in a very idyllic homeland. This entire resort is surrounded by ripe, green rice fields. Especially if you visit this place on the occasion of the ripe rice season. You will surely have an unforgettable memory.

9. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Located 50km from the center of Hanoi, in Vinh Phuc province, Dai Lai has long been considered an ideal choice for those looking for a place to stay for a 2-day vacation around Hanoi. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is famous for its quality, giving visitors the feeling of enjoying fresh nature with immense green pine forests and surrounding untapped natural ecosystems. The villas have swimming pools for everyone to enjoy and take beautiful pictures. This place has diverse entertainment services, many restaurants and bars are suitable places for people to organize picnics, outdoor camping, cycling.

For those who are active, you can paddle and play golf, then you can enjoy relaxing moments in the sauna, Jacuzzi sauna to restore your body.

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10. FLC Luxury Vinh Phuc Resort

It takes less than 1 hour by car from the center of Hanoi, FLC Vinh Phuc Resort appears in front of visitors in a peaceful and quiet way.

FLC Luxury Vinh Phuc Resort

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The resort is a harmonious combination of modern architectural values ​​with natural beauty, a resort space near Hanoi that  brings endless inspiration after stressful working hours. The bungalows have a traditional three-room house style, but the decoration details are European-style with the main white and yellow colors and delicate pattern lines. The connection between the bungalows is an open corridor area, filled with flowers and leaves, bringing a feeling of not being too far away, but still ensuring privacy for each individual block.

11. Hon Dau Resort

Hon Dau Resort is a resort with charming natural scenery, combining unique architecture with wide sea and romantic pine forest will surely give visitors a complete vacation.

Hon Dau Resort

The villas and bungalows here are designed in a very rustic style, combining typical architectural features of both East and West, which is a favorite check-in point of many young people.

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Coming here, guests can comfortably take a dip in the resort’s spacious outdoor swimming pool or enjoy the waves right on the resort’s premises. A variety of exciting games such as tramcars, water slides, mini golf courses, canoes, etc. will make your holiday extremely busy.

12. Melia Ba Vì Mountain Retreat

Speaking of resorts near Hanoi , it is impossible not to mention Melia Ba Vi Mountain Retreat. This is a 4-star standard resort with 55 rooms designed with a variety of options from hotels, bungalows or villas with private swimming pools. With a design that brings a rustic but equally impressive feeling, the rooms are mainly decorated with luxurious dark wood.

In addition to room facilities, this resort also has a heated swimming pool of nearly a hundred square meters to meet the relaxation needs of guests. Weaving in the resort are small clean tiled walkways, adorned with a variety of flowers and trees, bringing a sense of relaxation and openness to visitors.

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13. Puluong Retreat

About 160km from Hanoi, at Puluong Retreat, visitors will experience a miniature model of the North of Vietnam. 9 comfortable bungalows and a traditional stilt house with 16 comfortable beds lying in the green hills will leave a deep impression on visitors. Each house has a balcony overlooking the hills and beautiful terraced fields below.

Coming to Puluong Retreat, visitors will really be resting, away from electronic devices and enjoying the peaceful space of Thanh Hoa mountains. Exciting activities such as boating on streams, bamboo rafting, exploring traditional villages and natural waterfalls, majestic caves will make your day go by quickly.


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14. Green Neck Duck Resort Spa Hoa Binh

If you are looking for  a 2-person resort near Hanoi, then Duck Co Xanh Resort is the answer for you. This is a very suitable place for couples, groups of friends can freely check-in to “fire” because there are so many beautiful virtual living corners like movies.

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Duck Co Xanh Resort Spa is designed in a rustic Vietnamese – French style, sophisticated but no less comfortable. The rows of wooden houses with typical green doors bring a sense of peace, making visitors feel like they are back in the countryside a long time ago.

Coming here, visitors can not only participate in discovering the traditional Muong culture but also have the opportunity to participate in picnics, sports activities, picnics and health care facilities of the Muong.

15. Garden King Resort & Villa

King Garden Resort & Villa is a beautiful eco-resort, located on an area of ​​up to 86 hectares, right next to the Bach Thuy lotus pond. Not only is it a great resort, but it also gives visitors the opportunity to explore the land with many historical sites from the Hung Kings period.

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Only about 90km northwest of Hanoi, this is a 4-star standard resort with rooms designed according to each separate theme, very diverse. The villas here will have a typical space according to the name, for example, the French Villas area will have French style, the Lilly Villas area will have European village inspiration or the Old Quarter will have typical Hanoi architecture features. Ancient interior.

16. Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa

Coming to Cat Ba Island Resort & Spa, guests can enjoy fresh seafood caught right on Cat Ba Island.

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Besides, the resort is designed with the interference of Eastern and Western styles, suitable for the tastes of each type of visitor. The interior is also highly appreciated with a simple but equally elegant layout, helping you to enjoy an elegant and cozy space.

17. Topas Ecolodge Resort

This is the ideal place for tourists who want to enjoy the majestic beauty of Vietnam’s nature. Located on a hill in the Sapa valley, Topas Ecolodge Resort, which is a valley, a hill, is an immense green forest. After a tiring day, sitting with a cup of tea and enjoying the full view of this landscape will surely make you feel more relaxed than ever.

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18. Thao Vien Resort

With a location located right in the center of Trung Son Tram, Son Tay, Hanoi. Thao Vien Resort is always rated as one of the high-class resorts suitable for families to take a 1-day break near Hanoi on weekends or holidays. Visitors to Thao Vien Resort only take about 40km if departing from Hanoi.

Coming to Thao Vien Resort, you will be immersed in a peaceful and airy atmosphere. Mix in a bit of peace with a landscape filled with flowers and leaves. Besides, visitors can also enjoy the delicious dishes of the North. In addition, if the family has young children, visitors can also let them experience the international standard amusement park for relaxation and entertainment when coming to Thao Vien Resort.

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Resorts near Hanoi
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