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Rhode Island Lighthouses

Rhode Island is sometimes referred to as the state of the ocean.
Nestled between Connecticut and Massachusetts, the state is small but attractive, with Rhode Island Sound, Narragansett Bay, the Atlantic Ocean, and, of course, one of America’s leading lighthouses on the spectacular southern coastline. Is full of.

Plum Beach Lighthouse

If you go out on tour around the lighthouse, Massachusetts of Boston Let’s starting point. Drive approximately 130 kilometers on the West Bay side of mainland Rhode Island through Providence to Conanicut Island and Jamestown. Along the way, cross the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge, which connects the mainland to Conanicut Island, and you’ll see the 1897 Plum Beach Lighthouse (for a closer look, a private boat). You need to charter or board a sightseeing cruise ship from Jamestown or Newport).

Cross the Jamestown Verrazzano Bridge, which connects Jamestown to the west coast of Narragansett Bay, and you’ll see the Plum Beach Lighthouse.

Plum Beach Lighthouse

Beaver Trail Lighthouse

Once in Jamestown, an archaic town in the middle of Narragansett Bay, head straight to the southern tip of the island. At the Beavertail Lighthouse, you can enjoy the dramatic scenery of the waves hitting the rocks facing the bay. Built in 1856, this historic landmark with a lighthouse keeper dwelling the third oldest lighthouse in the United States. Please also visit the museum. Regular tours to climb the top of the tower also held. At low tide, you may be able to see the base of the Whale Rock Lighthouse, which almost completely destroyed by the 1938 hurricane, from the Beaver Trail Lighthouse.

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Before you leave Jamestown, enjoy fresh seafood at popular stores such as Jamestown Fish and Chopmist Charlie’s. From the take out the lobster roll at East Ferry Deli (East Ferry Deli), Newport Bridge (Newport Bridge) 8 kilometers away of across Newport also recommended to aim for. Known as the “Sailing City of the World,” Newport a quaint seaside town.

The Beaver Trail Lighthouse, located at the southern tip of Conanicut Island, offers beautiful views of Narragansett Bay.

Beaver Trail Lighthouse

Dutch Island Lighthouse and Rose Island Lighthouse

Cross the bridge and you’ll see the Dutch Island Lighthouse, a rectangular brick tower about 13 meters high. You’ll also see the still-active Rose Island Lighthouse, built in 1869. This lighthouse on a 7-hectare island can be reached by ferry from Newport in the summer. If you really want to enjoy the lighthouse, we recommend staying in the museum on the first floor or staying in the lighthouse keeper’s dormitory on the second floor for a week on a lighthouse keeper mission. To hang up, listen to maritime weather information, and welcome day-trippers and guests).

Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse

In Newport, visit the Ida Lewis Rock Lighthouse. Formerly known as the Lime Rock Lighthouse, the lighthouse built in the mid-19th century on top of Lime Rock, south of Newport Harbor. Within walking distance of downtown, it now used as the clubhouse of the Ida Lewis Yacht Club.

The Rose Island Lighthouse has been guiding ships since the late 1800s. If you stay overnight, you can see the lighthouse actually in operation.

Castle Hill Lighthouse

To conclude your Rhode Island lighthouse tour, take in the beautiful scenery of Narragansett Bay from the Castle Hill Lighthouse on the grounds of the luxurious Castle Hill Inn. Built on a cliff in 1890, this lighthouse exceptionally beautiful at sunrise and sunset. After visiting the lighthouse, sit down in Adirondack’s chair at Castle Hill Inn and toast your rich days in Rhode Island with a homemade cocktail.

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Newport’s Castle Hill Lighthouse boasts beautiful views and easy access to the historic Castle Hill Inn.

Rhode Island Lighthouses
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