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Rhodes Public Transport

Public transport on the island of Rhodes represented only by buses. There are no trains or metro here. Bus and rental car are the most convenient modes of transport on this Greek island.

Rhodes Island Bus

There are two bus terminals in the city of Rhodes. Buses leave from all over the island. There are two bus companies operating on the island of Rhodes. (RODA and KTEL). RODA serves the north-west of Rhodes (including Rhodes airport). And KTEL the south-east. Buses leave from Averoff street behind the New Market building (Nea Agora). Taking into account the fact. That there is a mountain range in the middle of the island. Transport runs only along the east or west coast.

Transport runs throughout the week. And, buses run less on weekends. Opening hours can found at the green kiosks. Or at the Greek National Tourist Office. From the bus station in the city of Rhodes. You can reach, some resort beaches on the island. The fare varies from 2 to 7 euros depending on the destination.

Please note that during the season there are a lot of people on the buses. And you may not have enough space. Better to queue at the bus stop. And buy a ticket at the box office in advance. You can buy a ticket from the driver. But with a small mark-up compared to the ticket price. Intercity buses in Rhodes are stuffy and not conditional. When traveling to the beaches adjacent to the city of Rhodes. It is better to use a taxi service. Buses stop far from the beach. And walking for a long time in the heat is not the most pleasant experience.

Rent a car in Rhodes

The car is the most convenient transport for exploring the island of Rhodes. You will not depend on anyone. You will drive with your own company and at your own pace. If you are planning to travel around the island by car. It will be most convenient to stay at a hotel in Rhodes town. By renting a car, you can visit the Mediterranean. And Aegean beaches of Rhodes. Visit the beautiful beaches – Faliraki, Tsambika. See the legendary place. “Kiss of two seas”.

Taxi in Rhodes

The official taxi in Rhodes is dark blue with white roofs. There is a sign on the roof of the taxi that says “Taxi”. The main taxi rank in Rhodes Town located east of Plateia Rimini. At the northern end of the Old Town. The island has two tariff zones for taxis. Zone 1 is the city of Rhodes. Zone 2 is the rest of the island. The Zone 2 has an increased fare. The fare doubles between midnight and 5 am. Fixed prices for travel to certain destinations. Shown at stands at the taxi rank.

Taxi services in Greece used quite often. As it is a quick way to get comfort to your hotel or a nearby beach. Please note that taxis cannot take you to many destinations. In the Old Town where traffic limited. You will be driven to the nearest gate and dropped off. Some five star hotels offer golf cart transfers.

Rhodes Ferries

There are 5 ports on the island of Rhodes. Three of them located in the city of Rhodes. One on the west coast near the village of Kamir. And one on the east coast near Lardos.

Regular or high-speed ferries can reach the Greek port of Piraeus. Other islands of the Dodecanese archipelago. The Cyclades, Kos, Chios and Crete during summer. Rhodes Island connected by regular ferry service. With Turkish resort cities. Like Marmaris, Bodrum, Fethiye. The port of Rhodes used by cruise ships operating in the Mediterranean . And Aegean Seas.

Sightseeing boats moored at Mandraki Port. Offering sightseeing day trips to the towns and beaches of the east coast. Including Faliraki and Lindos. A boat trip from here can be taken to the island of Symi.

Tourist train in Rhodes town

During the high season. Tourists in Rhodes town can take a ride. On the tourist train leaving from Mandraki Port. Train departure time. Every hour from 08:00 to 19:00. Duration of the trip. 45 minutes. Fare for adults. 7 euros. For children. 4 euros.

By train, you will see the fortress of the Medieval City. The Temple of Apollo. The Ancient Stadium. And the center of the New City.

Rhodes Public Transport
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