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Riga Public Transport

Riga public transport tickets Prices

There are only a few types of tickets in Riga. A regular paper ticket for one trip. And special electronic cards e-tickets. It can replenish for a different number of trips. Or used as a travel card.

The number of loaded coupons can check in special machines. Travel must used within 12 months.

How to use the e-ticket? The first thing you need to do is buy an e-ticket and add trips to it. When boarding any type of public transport. It is necessary to register an e-ticket. (via an electronic punch)

An e-ticket must register for all passengers. Including those who use a monthly ticket. Or travel by public transport at a free fare. A green signal from the reader will inform you that the trip has been registered. And a red light indicates that the registration has failed. And the passenger needs to purchase a ticket for one trip from the driver.

Paper ticket for 1 trip

A paper ticket for 1 trip purchased from the driver costs 2 Euros. Sold in public transport and on night routes. Valid for the duration of a trip on the same route. On the same vehicle where it purchased.

Yellow e-ticket

Yellow e-ticket – a card with a chip made of cardboard. You can buy a temporary group ticket. Or a ticket for a certain number of trips. This type of pass can purchase at the following points of sale. Ticket offices. Kiosks Narvesen. Preses apvienība. Riga branches of Latvijas Pasts. At ticket sales points Rīgas satiksme.

The pass is suitable for all those who rare travel by public transport. As well as tourists. This type of ticket must used within 12 months from the date of purchase.

E-ticket intended for registration of a trip of one passenger. If a multi-person ticket required. Then a group ticket must purchase for two or three passengers.

Blue e-ticket

There are two types of this type of plastic coupon. The only difference with this type of card. That only 1 person can use a personalized coupon. This card produced with a photo and the owner’s address indicated on it. In case of loss, this card can block and restore.

Personalized e-ticket – issued free of charge. In case of loss or replacement, a fee of 2.85 EUR will charge.

E-tickets can be topped up with the following types of tickets:

  • 24-hour pass on all routes: €5.00
  • 3-day pass on all routes: €10.00
  • Pass for 5 days per route: 9,00 Euro
  • Travel pass for 5 days on all routes: 15,00 Euro
  • 5 tickets for 24 hours on all routes used within 15 days: 25,00 Euro. They can load only for blue e-tickets. And activated only if no other types of tickets. Loaded on the e-ticket.
  • Ticket for 1 hour: 2.30 Euro. The ticket loaded only for yellow e-tickets.
  • 1-Ticket for 1 trip: 1.15 Euro
  • 2-Ticket for 2 trips: 2.30 Euro
  • 3-Ticket for 4 trips: 4.60 Euro
  • 4-Ticket for 5 trips €5.75
  • 5-Ticket for 10 journeys: €10.90
  • 6-Ticket for 20 journeys: 20.70 Euro
  • 7-Ticket for 50 rides: €50.60. The ticket can only load onto the blue e-ticket. And Riga resident’s card.

All the above tickets are valid for all types of transport. On the routes operated by Rīgas satiksme, as well as for minibusses.

  • 1-1-month pass for 1 route: 35,00 Euro
  • 2-Pass for 1 month on working days (Monday-Friday) for 1 route: 30,00 Euro
  • Pass for 1 month: 50,00 Euro
  • 3-1-month pass for working days (Monday-Friday): 10,00 Euro
  • 4-1-month pass for 1 route for students: 35,00 Euro
  • 5-1-month student pass on all routes: €16.00
  • 6-Group ticket for 2 trips, for 2 people: 4.6 Euro.
  • 7-Group ticket for 2 trips, for 3 people: 6.9 Euro.

The ticket can only load onto the yellow e-ticket. With the help of one registration. The travel of the number of passengers established by the ticket paid.

Tickets are valid only on routes operated by Rīgas satiksmes. (buses, trolleybuses, trams).

  • A ticket for 1 trip for an animal costs 1.5 Euro. The dog should transport on a leash and muzzled. This ticket can carry two dogs at the same time. When transporting an animal in a cage, the trip is free.
  • A child under 7 years old transported free of charge.
  • In public transport in Riga, free transport of a bicycle. Animal in a cage or in belongings, luggage. If the sum of 3 dimensions does not exceed 300 cm. And the length is maximum 180 cm, will allow.

Public transport can only be paid in cash.

Where to buy tickets for travel in Riga

  • Ticket machines. Don’t count on them, there are few of them in the city. About 30, and they located in non-trivial places.
  • Riga public transport customer service centers.
  • Ticket sales points: ELVI, supermarkets Narvesen, Rimi, Latvijas Balzams. There are a few ticket sales points. Most of them are in non-obvious places. And the opening hours not indicated.
  • Renew of electronic travel cards is possible via the Internet.
  • Tickets for 1 trip can purchase from the driver. As mentioned earlier, but the price will be higher.

Penalty for travel without a ticket

Tickets checked in public transport by controllers. The penalty for travel without a ticket is 20 Euros if paid on the spot. And up to 50 Euros if paid after some time. Therefore, always buy and validate the correct type of ticket.

Riga Buses

Buses in Riga are the main passenger carrier in the city. There are 476 buses running on 53 bus routes, the length of routes is 883 km. Bus routes cross the entire city. And connect Riga with the suburbs. By the way, the bus is the only way. To get from Riga airport to the center.

Each stop of public transport in Riga. Including bus stops, equipped with a route schedule map. And signpost with route numbers.

Buses run seven days a week. Depending on the route number and time of day. You can guide by the following schedule: from 5 am to 11 pm. Bus service intervals. From 10 minutes during peak hours. To 1 hour on weekends on unpopular routes.


In Riga one of the types of public transport fixed-route taxis. Or minibuses. There are 21 minibus routes in the city. Minibuses run according to the schedule along the established route. The intervals of movement. And the operating time of minibuses is the same as those of buses. There are two fixed-route taxis that go from the center to Riga airport. The fare is the same as for other types of public transport.

Night routes

Nightlife lovers, as well as city guests who arrived in Riga at night. And settled outside the center. Will be glad to know that there are night bus routes in Riga. Night routes are few, only 9, and they do not cover the whole city. The schedule of the night buses is the following. 1 time per hour from 24:00 to 5:00. A ticket purchased in advance is €1.15 if purchased from a driver €2.00.

Tram in Riga

Tram is a popular type of public transport in Riga. Because There is no metro in the city. And trams are very comfortable to move around. The history of Riga trams began in 1882 with horse trams. Then the network electrified. And the number of routes grew every decade. In Soviet times, the main tram was the Tatra T3.

Currently, these trams are not efficient to use. And they replaced by modern, low-floor and quieter Czech-made Škoda 15T trams.

Now the route tram network of Riga consists of 9 routes. And 1 retro route, on which 267 rolling stock operate.

Tram timetable: all year round, seven days a week, from about 5 am to 11 pm. Tram service intervals. From 10 minutes on weekdays. To 30 minutes on weekends in the evening.

Trolleybuses of Riga

Riga has a well-developed trolleybus service. A total of 354 trolleybuses run on 19 routes. Most of the routes pass through the key stop. The Railway Station and trolleybuses connect the city center. With remote areas of Riga.

At each trolleybus stop, you will find the timetable. And route for the trolleybuses passing through this stop. Some routes, it seemed to me, go illogically. And tourists should be careful and follow where this. Or that trolleybus headed.

Trolleybuses run seven days a week. And, depending on the route number and time of day. You can focus on the following schedule: from 5 am to 11 pm. Driving intervals: from 5 minutes during rush hours. To 30 minutes on weekends. And in the evening.

Taxi in Riga

  • Taxi in Riga refers to public transport. It means that certain tariffs apply to the journey. Taxis have the right to travel in dedicated bus lanes. And park in designated areas.
  • The fare for a taxi approved by the state. And cannot exceed the following amounts: landing 2.13 Euro. 1 km of travel 0.71 Euro. 1 minute of waiting or idle time in a traffic jam 0.14 Euro.
  • Thus, the fare does not depend on whether. You called a taxi by phone. Took a taxi from the parking lot. Or caught a taxi on the street. The fare should not be higher than the established norms.
  • Baltic Taxi: polite staff work in taxi Baltika, cars are clean. The maximum boarding rate is 2.13 euros. the cost of 1 km 0.64-0.71 Euro; idle rate 0.13-0.14 Euro per minute. Taxi call phone: (+371) 20008500
  • Panda Taxi: The cheapest taxi I’ve come across in Riga. Service is normal, drivers are adequate, cars served quickly. The maximum boarding rate is 0.71 Euro. The cost of 1 km 0.36 Euro; downtime rate €0.13 per minute. Panda taxi call phone: (+371) 67 000 000

Lovers of comfort, for example, when traveling to the airport or to another city, can order a taxi transfer in advance with an online company. And you will arrive at the hotel, airport, Jurmala. Or other destination exactly at the appointed time.

Public transport website

Riga city public transport has its own modern website Because Latvia keeps up with the times. On the site you can get all the information. About the city’s passenger traffic. The time of movement of all types of transport, the cost of travel. The main convenient feature of the site is laying a route. From anywhere in the city to the place you need. The mobile version of the site is not convenient. It is better to use the desktop version.

Riga Public Transport
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