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Rimini to Venice

How to get from Rimini to Venice?

Getting from Rimini to Venice on your own is very simple and relatively inexpensive, as high-speed trains run several times a day. The one way trip will take you about 3.5 hours. A one-way ticket costs from 20 to 53 euros. Let’s consider in practice all the options in detail:

By train

  • Round-trip cost: about 50 euros / person

To get by train from Rimini to Venice (Santa Maria Lucia station) you need to change in Bologna, since there is no direct connection between the cities. It is rational to leave in the morning to spend more time in the most beautiful city in Italy.

  • The cheapest way is by regional trains – 19.45 euros.
  • Slightly faster, but more expensive by high-speed trains – 29.80 to 53.40 euros. Please note that when buying tickets in advance, prices are significantly lower.

So, around 11 am you will reach Venice and have the whole day at your disposal. The last trains leave Venice for Rimini at 19:25 and 19:42 respectively.

8 hours for the first acquaintance with the city is enough. In Venice, we recommend finding a good guide to help you make the most of your day.

By rented car

  • Round-trip cost:  about 120 euros (petrol = 40 euros, parking = 26 euros, car rental 35 euros, toll road = 15 euros) for 2-5 people.

The road from Rimini to Venice will take you about 3 hours (256 km). We recommend renting a car in advance.

In Venice, your destination is Piazzale Roma, there is paid parking, a day costs 23.4 euros if you book in advance here and 26 euros in fact.

Also, by renting a car in Rimini, you can combine a seaside vacation and a ride through the nearby sea towns, as well as independently visit San Marino, Perugia, Assisi, Florence, Bologna.


If you come to Venice for just one day, we recommend starting with a sightseeing tour and visiting the fabulous islands of Murano and Burano.

Rimini to Venice
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