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Romantic Restaurants in Jeddah

The Bride of the Red Sea Jeddah includes many romantic places that provide an atmosphere suitable for both partners, in addition to romantic restaurants that provide them with a diverse menu of delicious dishes in an idyllic romantic atmosphere, some of which we learn about in the following:

Lucine Armenian Taste Restaurant

Lucine Restaurant considered the best restaurant in Jeddah specialized in providing a distinctive group of delicious Armenian dishes from poppy kebabs and grills, and the restaurant characterized by its charming romantic atmosphere, and for this it the first refuge for those looking for tranquility and enjoying fun times with a life partner, and for this it won the highest ratings by its patrons and became one of the best romantic restaurants in Jeddah.

  • Address: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street, Al Andalus, Jeddah, Teatro Mall.
  • Phone Number: +966920002690
  • Working hours: Daily from half past eight in the morning until one after midnight.

Fogo Di Chao Restaurant

Fugo de Chao one of the best romantic restaurants in Jeddah, which famous for its delicious dishes served in the Brazilian way, in addition to the restaurant’s charming view due to its proximity to the seashore, which one of the biggest reasons that made it one of the best romantic restaurants in Jeddah, and the restaurant characterized by sophistication and luxury, in addition to the restaurant’s elements that made it the ideal refuge for those looking for calm and luxury, as it characterized by good guest hospitality and extreme cleanliness and continuous sterilization.

  • Address: Prince Sultan Road, Al-Zahra District, Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: +966920006815
  • Working hours: Daily from one pm to one after midnight.

Le Ciel restaurant in Jeddah

This restaurant not only adds a romantic atmosphere, but also makes you live the royal life of being designed with the character of British palaces. It offers a menu of Western dishes, from Italian, French and other cuisines.

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Address: Prince Sultan Road, Al Muhammadiyah, Jeddah 23624, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 55 924 9292

Aromi Restaurant

Aromi Restaurant characterized by aromatic European atmosphere of high luxury, and a charming view of the Red Sea, and you can eat many delicious dishes at the hands of the most famous professional chefs at the Orient Palace Hotel Waldorf Astoria Jeddah, and around you lighting and decorations that give the place romance. The Aromi joins the Aromi restaurant chain, which headquartered in Venice, Italy.

Address: Corniche Branch Road, North, Jeddah 21462, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Le Traiteur restaurant in Jeddah

Lotterator Restaurant classified as one of the most wonderful romantic restaurants in Jeddah, as it the first resort for newlyweds and those wishing to spend time of romance with their life partner, and it worth noting that every corner of the restaurant designed in the charming French style, as the restaurant fully adopts candle lighting and dim lights with soft music and sessions close to each other, in addition to many advantages that characterize the restaurant, whether good reception, quality of food provided, or extreme cleanliness enjoyed by the place This turned out to be based on the opinions of visitors.

  • Address: Abu al-Abbas ibn Abd al-Muttalib, al-Shati, Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: +966550697202
  • Working hours: Operates seven days a week from one pm until one after midnight, except for Sundays as a weekly holiday.

Romantic Restaurant

Among the restaurants that serve food and Gulf cuisine that has a very distinctive taste, as it serves chicken on charcoal, the distinctive maqlouba and the favorite madhbi of many people.

  • Restaurant Address: Located at King Abdullah Road 22234 Jeddah Saudi Arabia.
  • Restaurant contact number: +966 9200 00144

Fountain Restaurant

It is one of the most luxurious and finest restaurants in Jeddah in the Hamra area, and it is famous for serving meals from Lebanese and Italian cuisine, and what distinguishes this restaurant is its view of the Red Sea, quiet sessions, and also its suitability for family sessions.

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Al Nafoura Restaurant offers a range of competitive food and drinks at reasonable prices, and the service is very distinctive and competitive, so you should consider visiting this place this week if you are thinking of enjoying a view of the beaches of the bride of the Red Sea.

Address: The Equestrian Club, Al Hamra, Jeddah 23212, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Phone: +966 12 263 9666

Brasserie Louis Restaurant

Brasserie Lewis the best romantic restaurant in Jeddah that specializes in serving a range of delicious dishes prepared by a selection of chefs, and the restaurant characterized by charming tranquility, luxurious décor and cheerful lighting, which makes its diners passionate about making it their favorite place to spend the most enjoyable times and consider it the best romantic restaurants in Jeddah.

  • Address: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street, Al Andalus District, Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: +966126680303
  • Working hours: from one pm to eleven pm.

Rosewood Restaurant in Jeddah

Visit Rosewood Restaurant in Jeddah and enjoy romantic moments with your partner, by watching the sunset in Saudi Arabia, from the terrace overlooking the sea. This restaurant serves cuisine from a variety of cuisines, all under the supervision of the most important chefs.

 The restaurant is located at the Rosewood Hotel in the Beach district near Jeddah Corniche.

Lusin Restaurant Jeddah

Lucine Restaurant serves hearty and delicious Armenian dishes. In addition, it is ideal for a wonderful romantic evening with your partner, surrounded by candles, light lights and elegant modern décor wrapped in harmonious and attractive colors that add more poetry. The restaurant located in Teatro Mall on Prince Mohammed bin Abdulaziz Street in the Andalus district of Jeddah.

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Address: Teatro Mall, Prince Muhammad bin Abdulaziz Street, Al Andalus, Jeddah 23322, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Phone: +966 9200 02690

Soy Restaurant

The restaurant serves various Chinese cuisines that many customers looking for, and it also offers different Asian cuisines, but on the other hand, the prices very high and moreover the place very quiet and no music played.

  • Restaurant Address: It is located in Al-Faisal on Prince Saud Al-Faisal Street, Jeddah.
  • Restaurant contact number: +966 56 643 4919

Romeo Restaurant

Indeed, everything has a share of its name. When talking about romantic stories, we find that the story of Romeo is the lover of immortal novels. If you want to enjoy a romantic session with your partner, then you should go to Romeo Restaurant, which is famous for being one of the best restaurants in Jeddah for a romantic dinner, and enjoy what It offers delicious meals and distinguished services, whether it is a good reception or a quick response and immediate reaction to visitors’ requests. The restaurant characterized by extreme cleanliness and its keenness on continuous sterilization of toilets, sessions, etc., and because of its wonderful design and special attention to customers, the restaurant was able to win the title of the best romantic restaurants in Jeddah.

  • Address: Abdul Maqsoud Khoja, Al-Rawdah, Jeddah.
  • Phone Number: +966534892210
  • Working hours: The restaurant starts working from Sunday to Thursday from five in the evening until twelve in the morning, while on Saturday from three in the evening until twelve in the morning, and on Friday from two in the evening until one in the middle of the night.
Romantic Restaurants in Jeddah
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