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Rome from Fiumicino Airport

How to get to Rome from Fiumicino airport?

from Fiumicino Airport (FCO) to the center of Rome by train, Mercedes, bus, taxi and rental car. After passing through passport control, you will find yourself in Terminal number 3, since this is where your luggage is issued. From here we begin our adventure.

By train for 8-14 euros per person

  • For those who don’t like buses. The total travel time to the hotel is 1-2 hours.

Getting to Rome, but not to the center, is very easy by train, you just need to follow the signs (train on a yellow background with the inscription “Train”) and don’t improvise too much. Your first task is to find the train station at the airport. To do this, it is enough to raise your head from time to time and not turn anywhere. To make it more comfortable for you to navigate upon arrival, I have prepared the following photo instruction.

So, you successfully waited for the baggage claim and went to the arrivals hall.

Immediately you will see a crowd of people meeting. And a bunch of fashionable and not so fashionable Italians in jackets, even in August +35 with signs.

These are all individual transfers. You can pre-order the same from a friend of our site Italian Sergio and remove the problem of delivering you to the hotel or turn right and follow the signs for the train for 100 meters. Soon you will see an escalator, a ticket office and ticket machines on your left. There is often a queue, I advise you not to waste time. We’ll buy a ticket later.

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We cheerfully follow the system of escalators for about 5 minutes, without turning anywhere. The right direction is constantly duplicated on the signs. It’s very difficult to get lost.

After 5-10 minutes of confident walking you are at the station. There is nothing complicated here either – you need to buy a ticket at the box office or in the machine yourself.

If you are going to Termini station, then you buy a ticket for the Leonardo Express train for 14 euros, and if you are at Trastevere, Ostiense (metro line B), Tuscolana (metro line A), Tiburtina (metro line A) , then take a ticket on a regional train (Treno Regionale) for 8 euros. Or just tell the ticket office which station you want to go to.

On a Mercedes for 50 euros for 1-4 people

  • For those who value their comfort, time and nerves. The road to the hotel will take 25-30 minutes.

7 years ago, fate brought me to Sergio, and the transfer problem in Rome was resolved forever. Over the years, Yana and I have used his services about 50 times, and he has never been late, has not failed, has not deceived. Super reliable for an Italian. Therefore, I sincerely recommend it for free to all friends and readers of our site. If all Italians were like Sergio, Italy would be the most prosperous nation. Maybe somewhere in the north of the country there are more such people, but in the south there are only a few like him. And I admire them!

You can book your transfer yourself without intermediaries and commissions on Sergio’s Russian website  For a fixed amount of 50 euros, you will be met at the airport and taken to the hotel with a breeze. No surcharges and surprises, as with taxi drivers, which you can read about below.

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By bus for 6 euros per person

  • For those who have a limited budget and a lot of time. The road to the hotel will take 1.5-2 hours.

The bus carrier TerraVision offers to take you from the airport to Termini station for only 6 euros one way. Buses depart every 30 minutes. Travel time is about 60 minutes (scheduled 55 minutes) depending on traffic. So if you are not in a hurry and have a limited budget, the bus is your option. And from Termini station, jump on the metro or bus and go to the hotel.

  • Bus timetables can be checked at
  • Terravision official website

Tickets I advise you to buy tickets in advance online (it’s cheaper). If your flight is delayed, you will be put on the next bus without any problems.  Allow 40 to 60 minutes for passport control and baggage claim. For example, if you arrive at 12:00, then take a bus ticket at 13:30. All buses stand on the right side of the exit from the arrivals area in Terminal 3.

By rented car

For whom: for independent travelers who want to visit other cities.

Driving around Rome by car is not rational and you are unlikely to succeed, since entry into the historical center is allowed only with special passes. But no one bothers you to choose a hotel on the border of the historical center and park your car there. And in a day or two, go on an independent trip to Italy.

In fact, renting a car in Italy is very simple. You can do it right at the airport. If you booked a car in advance, it will take you about 30 minutes to complete all the documents and receive the car – the 21st century is still in the yard, friends, it is very convenient. For only 35-50 euros per day, you can use your own car and be free to move around.

Rome from Fiumicino Airport
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