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Rome to Genoa

How to get from Rome to Genoa?

The distance from Rome (Roma) to Genoa (Genova) is 500 kilometers, the most convenient way to get there is by train, but you can consider alternative travel options – by bus, rented car, and even by plane.

By train

Trenitalia’s Frecciabianca train runs several times a day from Rome to Genoa. Travel time is about 5 hours, a ticket in the second class costs from 35 euros if purchased in advance.

It is convenient to purchase tickets at the official box office. In first class, the trip will cost 5 euros more, the price includes more comfortable seats, snacks and a drink, free Wi-Fi.

By bus

The bus trip from Rome to Genoa will last from 6.5 to 9 hours. The ticket price is from 16 euros, for budget travelers there are night buses from

Buses depart from Rome from Roma Tiburtina station, arrive in Genoa at the Piazza della Vittoria stop (next to Genova Brignole train station) or Fanti d’Italia (next to Genova Piazza Principe train station).

By car

The fastest way to drive from Rome to Genoa is to take the A1/E35, A11/E76 and A12/E80 through Florence. The journey will take at least 6 hours.

When planning a trip by car from Rome to Genoa, I advise you to read about the ZTL zone, and make a route through the regions of Umbria (Umbria) and Tuscany (Toscana). Read an article about my favorite places in Italy where I want to return.

By plane

To Genoa from Rome, daily direct flights are made by the national carrier Departures in Rome from Fiumicino Airport (FCO), arrival in Genoa at Christopher Columbus Airport (GOA).

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Flight time is 1 hour 5 minutes, the cost of tickets in economy class is from 70 euros, if purchased in advance.

Rome to Genoa
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