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Rome to Naples

How to get from Rome to Naples?

The distance from Rome to Naples is 225 kilometers, and the journey, depending on the means of transportation, will take you from 1 to 3 hours. The fastest and most comfortable way to get to Naples from Rome is by high-speed train, a car is suitable for independent travelers planning a trip to the south of Italy, and the cheapest option is a bus for students and people on a limited budget. 

By train

  • Travel time:  1-3 hours
  • Cost: from 12 to 40 euros

The fastest and most comfortable way to get from Rome to Naples is the Trenitalia or ItaloTreno high-speed trains. If you buy a ticket 1-2 days in advance or immediately at the box office, then the cost will be close to 40 euros. During the season, only business class tickets, which are 2-3 times more expensive, can remain at the box office.

By bus

  • Ticket price: from 5 to 20 euros
  • Travel time: about 2.5-3 hours

The cheapest way to get from Rome to Naples is with buses.

By car

  • Travel time: about 2.5-3 hours

The option to get to Naples by your own car is suitable if you plan to visit the capital of Campania by road.

The traffic in Naples will make even the most experienced driver’s hair stand on end, but if you like thrills and have nerves of steel, then welcome.

From Rome to Naples there is a toll road A1 / E45, and its cost is about 20 euros. You can also make your way along the regional roads along the sea, but in the summer months you can get stuck there for many hours, especially in the afternoon when the Italians return home from the beaches.

Rome to Naples
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