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Rome to Pompeii 

How to get from Rome to Pompeii?

The distance to the archaeological site of Pompei from Rome is 239 kilometers. You can get there on your own in 2.5 hours by car or by public transport – trains and buses, but it will be a whole adventure. 

By train

To get to Pompeii by train, you first have to come to Naples. I advise you to choose high-speed trains Italotreno. Travel time to Naples and Roma Termini Station in Rome will be 1 hour 10 minutes.

By Car

The most interesting way to get to Pompeii is by traveling in a rented car. You can lay a route parallel to the sea along the SS7 highway and stop, for example, in Anzio, Sabaudia, Terracina or Sperlonga, swim in the sea or even spend the night in one of these resort towns. I personally would love to return to Sperlonga – the old part of the city there is simply fabulous.

The road from Rome to Pompeii without stops on the high-speed toll road E45 will take you about 2.5 hours. It will take about 40-50 euros one way for gasoline and paying for the route. It is cheapest to rent a car immediately upon arrival at Fiumicino Airport. You can also order a car pickup at the office at the central station. 

Rome to Pompeii 
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