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Sabb Branches in Jeddah

SABB Bank or as it is called the Saudi British Bank is a Saudi joint stock company, which manages the activities and services of the British Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and is the first merger to be carried out within Saudi Arabia.

SABB Services

SABB Bank is keen to provide a variety of banking services to customers, ranging from commercial banking, corporate banking, Islamic banking, as well as investment services and many other services.

Sabb Branches in Jeddah

  • SABB Al-Andalus Bank Branch: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street (Tahlia), Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126035999
  • SABB Al-Andalus Ladies Bank Branch: Prince Muhammad Bin Abdulaziz Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126035999
  • SABB Al-Basateen Bank Branch: Prince Sultan Road, Al-Aya Mall, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0122366600
  • SABB Al-Balad Bank Branch: King Abdulaziz Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126427008
  • SABB Al-Bawadi Bank Branch: King Fahd Road, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126550862
  • SABB Al-Hamra Bank Branch: Palestine Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126602728
  • SABB Al-Rehab Bank Branch: Prince Miteb Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126729029
  • SABB Al-Zahraa Bank Branch: King Abdulaziz Road, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126035558
  • SABB Al-Samer Bank Branch: Ring Road, Highway, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0122060585
    SABB Al-Salama Bank Branch: Sari Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126830555
  • SABB Sharafiya Bank Branch: King Abdullah Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126525111
  • SABB Al-Fayhaa Bank Branch: Abdullah Al-Sulaiman Street, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0122608440
  • SABB Bank Al-Nazla Al-Sharqia Branch: Old Makkah Road, Jeddah
    Phone number: 0126883741

SABB Types of Cards

  • SABB Premier Card.
  • SABB UAE Card.
  • SABB Advance Card.
  • SABB Platinum Card.
  • SAP Titanium Card.
  • Classic SAP Card.
Sabb Branches in Jeddah
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