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Sabb Branches in Riyadh

Addresses of SABB Bank branches, SABB Bank is considered one of the most important banks in the Kingdom and the Middle East region, due to the various services it provides, not to mention its great role in financing projects and investments and supporting the Saudi economy. Today we will present to you the nearest SABB branch and addresses And the numbers of all SABB Bank branches in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.

Services provided by SABB Bank

SABB Bank provides a wide and integrated range of banking services, as it provides personal banking services, corporate banking services, Islamic banking services, private banking services, commercial banking services, e-commerce banking services, in addition to treasury services, investment services, Internet banking service, and telephone service Banking, SABB credit cards can be used in more than 18 million institutions in the world.

SABB Bank branches in Riyadh

The number of SABB Bank branches in Riyadh is 17 banks distributed to cover all parts of the Saudi capital, and to provide banking services to its residents. The following is a list of the locations of SABB Bank branches in Riyadh:

  • SABB Al-Ahsa Bank Branch: Al-Ahsa Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114769028
    SABB Tahlia Bank Branch: Olaya Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114657171
  • SABB Al Taawun Bank Branch: Al Taawun District, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114562142
  • SABB Rabwa Bank Branch: Omar Bin Abdulaziz Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114932448
  • SABB Al Rawabi Bank Branch: Prince Saad Abdul Rahman Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114964157
  • SABB Bank Al-Rawdah Branch: Khaled Bin Al-Waleed Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0112402568
  • SABB Bank Riyadh main branch: Sixtieth Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114794400
  • SABB Al-Suwaidi Bank Branch: Allam Al-Suwaidi Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114252629
  • SABB Al Shifa Bank Branch: Hijaz Road, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114213178
    SABB Al Nakheel Bank Branch: Prince Turki Al Awwal Road, Riyadh
  • SABB Al-Nuzha Bank Branch: Abu Bakr Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114564441
  • SABB Al-Worood Bank Branch: King Abdulaziz Road, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114196982
  • SABB Bank Branch, Al Faisaliah Tower: King Fahd Road, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0112734459
  • SABB Bank Branch, Al-Nakhil District: Al-Nakhil District, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114567170
  • SABB Bank Al Dabab Street Branch: Prince Musaed Bin Jalawi Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114050677
  • SABB North Olaya Bank Branch: Olaya Road, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114706515
  • SABB Bank Dhahrat Al Badiaa Branch: Anas Bin Malik Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114311250
  • SABB Bank Dhahrat Al Badiaa Ladies Branch: Anas Bin Malik Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0114316033
  • SABB Bank Branch, Habib Hospital: Al-Takhasosi Street, Riyadh
    Phone number: 0112991593
Sabb Branches in Riyadh
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