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Safari in Africa. The best safari parks and camps!

Sasakwa Lodge & Singita Grumeti Reserves

Greystoke, Mahale Mountains National Park, Mahale Mountains National Park, Tanzania

Located in a remote scenic location in a national park, Nomad Tanzania’s Greystoke safari camp considered one of the best on the continent. This safari camp will be a worthy rival to any similar place. It is located in an amazing place – on the beach where chimpanzees live, on the shores of Lake Tanganyika.

Camp Greystoke is one of the most legendary places in Africa, and invites its guests to experience a completely new, vibrant sensation. Although there are no luxury apartments here, guests will have an absolutely unique opportunity to plunge into fascinating African adventures. The most beautiful sunsets and the clearest skies will forever remain in your memory, and meeting with chimpanzees will make the most joyful impressions.

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Luangwa Valley Safari – Central Zambia

Luangwa Valley National Park is one of the favorite places for safari fans, located on a spacious area of ​​9050 sq. Km. The African landscapes, combined with a rich variety of flora and fauna, make the Luangwa Valley a true gem for African wildlife lovers.

A well-equipped camp, excellent routes, unique jeep photography and the best walking safaris in Africa are what sets this park apart from the rest. A team of experienced professional guides working in the most interesting and dangerous places in Africa – a crocodile farm, Chikoko and Mwaleshi camps – will help tourists choose a vacation program.

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Beho Beho, Selous Game Reserve – South Tanzania

The Selous Game Reserve the largest protected area in Tanzania and throughout Africa, and has the status of a reserve. The area of ​​the reserve is 54,600 km2, which is about 5% of the entire territory of the country. Camp Beho Beho, located on the territory of the Selous Game Reserve, is one of the most luxurious lodges in this area of ​​tourism.

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Beho Beho’s resilient stone cottages captivate with their powerful architecture, and their stunning valley views add to their distinctive charm. Made from local stone and straw, the rooms exquisitely furnished with antique furniture, guests have the opportunity to take an outdoor shower in the fresh air, and thoughtful details make the stay in the cabins comfortable and relaxing. This place has managed to preserve the charm and intactness of the most remote corners of the wilderness.

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Camp Old Mondoro, Lower Zambezi National Park – South Zambia

The Old Mondoro camp has only 4 houses and is the smallest camp. Located on the banks of the Zambezi River in the National Park, Old Mondoro looks like an islet in the center of the Zambezi.

There is a striking combination of coziness, comfort and respect for wild, unspoiled places here. Old Mondoro offers tourists boating and canoeing, photo-hunting day and night, and hiking in enchanting beauty and pristine places. In other words, this safari camp contains a huge number of different activities.

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Duba Plains Lodge, Okavango Delta – North Botswana

This small, cozy lodge is located on the northeastern border of Moremi National Park in the Okavango Delta, where tourists can see proud lions and powerful buffaloes in their natural habitat. Just imagine – more than 1,200 buffaloes live in one area with the largest population of lions in Africa. National Geographic’s captivating films showcase the daily lives of these most beautiful and powerful creatures on the planet.

Being real predators, lions hunt every day, and camp guests have a unique opportunity to observe with their own eyes the life of these two tribes of the most powerful animals

African savannah.

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Savuti Camp Hotel, Linyanti – North Botswana

The wild charm of a safari can feel at Savuti Camp, which located in Africa’s largest private reserve. The high cost of stay pays off with exclusive conditions – vast tracts of untouched wildlife are mesmerizing and literally speechless.

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Moreover, here throughout the year you can observe the migration of ungulates between the Linyanti and Savuti reserves, followed by predatory animals in search of food. In the evening you can take a canoe trip along the river. The camp prides itself on its picturesque location and colorful landscapes. This is without a doubt one of the best safari camps in Africa.

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Alex Walker’s Serian, Serengeti National Park – Northern Tanzania

Serengeti National Park considered to be the founders of all African safari parks. It located in the area of ​​the Great African Rift and included in the list of the most famous national parks on the planet. Endless plains, savannas, rivers and lakes inhabited by more than 35 species of animals; ornithologists count about 500 species of birds in the park.

This interesting reserve is the best place on Earth for observing the life of lions, cheetahs and giraffes and for exciting photo hunting. At Alex Walker’s Serengeti Serian camp, tourists have a unique opportunity to see countless herds grazing among lush meadows from December to March, and every day spent in this place brings new and unexpected experiences to its guests.

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Mombo Camp, Moremi Wildlife Sanctuary – North Botswana

Moremi Park famous for its picturesque landscapes and considered one of the best safari spots in Africa, despite the fact that there are no night activities in the camp – night trips or trips prohibited, because of the shallow water, boating also impossible.

And, nevertheless – no one dares to dispute the fact that there is nothing to compare with hunting animals from a car here – tourists will be able to meet and capture buffaloes, wildebeest, elephants, black and white rhinos, hyenas, giraffes, zebras, lions and leopards. And the beauty of nature around the camp is beyond praise.

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The Schoeman’s Skeleton Coast Safaris – Kunene Camp, Northern Namibia

Visitors to Kunene Camp will agree that this is one of the most beautiful places in Namibia. Despite the fact that the lodge does not offer its guests luxury and candles, its secluded location, comfort and simplicity touch to the core.

This is one of the most remote camps, surrounded by breathtaking scenery. A private jet safari will open up an unprecedented view of the mystical Skeleton Coast, and help you comprehend the mystery of the beauty and grandeur of the desert.

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Sasakwa Lodge and Singita Grumeti Reserves, Serengeti National Park – Northern Tanzania

The Sasakwa Lodge considered the most expensive of the Serengeti safari camps, with the style of a manor house from the eras of kings. Guests have a rare opportunity to see with their own eyes the abundance of wild primitive nature from the inside and get unique emotions from this.

Thanks to the philanthropic work of the American philanthropist owner, part of the proceeds from the lodge goes to the maintenance of the Grumeti Reserve – a protected area which is home to a huge number of predatory animals and twice a year there is a great migration of herbivores.

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Safari in Africa. The best safari parks and camps!
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