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Safety in Egypt

Fraud and harassment

Overall, Egypt is a safe and travel-friendly country. The Egyptians are generally very friendly. And will try to help out as much as possible if you need help.

Tourists often complain about harassment and fraud in Egypt. In most cases, however, these are pretty harmless. Such as trying to lure into a local papyrus or perfume store.
As a rule a fluent English speaker will come to you. And start a friendly conversation. Then, he will invite you to have a cup of coffee. Tea or something at his favorite gift shop. This could happen near the museum or elsewhere. And scammers will try to convince you that the museum closed and the like.

Harassment, although not dangerous. It is annoying, in crowded touristy areas. There is no way to avoid this, though polite «la shukran» helps a lot. Also, try to be humorous about harassment. Letting people try to sell you spoils your mood.

More annoying is that taxi drivers and others receive a commission. For transport to the hotel or for each guest they bring. Don’t confuse. If they’re insistent. Just ask them to drop you off the street or somewhere not far from where you’re going. Such scammers are mostly found among airport taxi drivers.


In practice. The likelihood of a terrorist happening is little. And in most cases, only the Egyptians killed. This reflected in the fact that the vast majority of Egyptians. Became adherents of extreme measures. The government takes the matter seriously. So tourist sites protected well.

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For example. If you are taking a taxi from Cairo to Alexandria. They will definitely stop you at the checkpoint when you leave Cairo. Ask where you will go, contact the checkpoint in Alexandria. And inform you of the time to your expected arrival. Similar measures are taken when traveling to the desert. Especially to Upper Egypt. On some roads, you will accompany by the local police. They will accompany you to your destination. Waiting for you until you finish your business.


Pick-pocketing is the scourge of major Egyptian cities. Especially Cairo. Locals prefer not to have a wallet at all. But to carry cash, putting it in their pockets with a clip. And tourists better do the same.
In the upper part of town. Serious crime is rare, and attacks and thefts are unlikely.

Safety in Egypt
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