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Saffori Land

Saffori Land Riyadh one of the largest and most important theme parks in Saudi Arabia. It is a children’s paradise and one of the best tourist places for adults and children in Riyadh.

It offers many entertaining, fun and modern games. In addition to various shows and events and held on a large area of Othaim Mall.

Saffori Land Riyadh Amusement Park established by Othaim with great care according to the highest levels of global safety. Ensuring its visitors, a day free of fear and boredom while taking into account their privacy.

Saffori Land Riyadh dozens of tempting and safe games suitable for young and old. So, it considered one of the best entertainment places in Riyadh.

Saffori Land Ticket Price

The prices of tickets for playing in the city of Saffori Land range from 20 to 150 riyals.
Price of the entrance ticket on Monday is 55 riyals.

Saffori Land Riyadh Mall’s packages and offers vary to suit all visitors. The entertainment city keen to offer offers on the prices of Sfoury Land tickets in Riyadh are varied. Including offers to recharge the balance and get free credit from:

  • You can recharge for SAR 135 and get SAR 190 credit. This package offers you the possibility to play all the Saffori Land Riyadh games in Riyadh.
  • You can recharge for SAR 225. And get an additional credit of SAR 375 on your Saffori Land Riyadh entrance ticket at Othaim Mall.
  • You can recharge for SAR 350 and get SAR 600 free credit.
  • When you charge for SAR 550, you can get a balance of SAR 1200.
  • As for the prices of Saffori Land Riyadh. They are the minimum amount to recharge the card balance is 20 Saudi riyals.
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National Day Offer from Saffori Land Riyadh Recharge for SAR 91. And Get SAR 91 Extra Credit Starting from September 21st to September 25th

Location of Saffori Land Riyadh

  • Address: MQPF+9V, Eastern Ring Rd, Al Othaim Mall, Riyadh
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.
  • Saffori Land Riyadh in Othaim Mall in Riyadh: +966 9200 08331.

Saffori Land Riyadh Opening Hours

You can go to Saffori Land Riyadh on the following dates:

  • Saturday, 3:30pm–12:00am.
  • Sunday, 3:30pm–12:00am.
  • Monday, 3:30pm–12:00am.
  • Tuesday, 3:30pm–12:00am.
  • Wednesday, 3:30pm–12:00am.
  • Thursday, 3:30pm–12:00am.
  • Friday, 2:00pm–12:00am.

Things to do in Saffori Land in Riyadh

Saffori Land Riyadh visitors can enjoy many activities including the following:

  • Visitors can enjoy plenty of fun activities and Saffori Land games in Riyadh. Including a rocket game, vehicle collisions, swings, slides and many more.
  • You can also enjoy watching Saffori Land Othaim Mall shows. Including Ninja Turtle shows, and many other shows that will amaze children.
  • Monday is a very special day inside Saffori Land Riyadh in Othaim Mall. Where the entrance ticket includes a free children’s meal, as well as free group games.
  • After you finish playing, you can enjoy eating. Drinking or eating dessert from any of the restaurants and cafes located next to Saffori Land Riyadh. And the food dishes offered by these restaurants vary, including French, Chinese, Japanese and local food dishes.

History of the founding of Saffori Land Riyadh

Founded by Othaim Leading Entertainment and Tourism Company. Saffori Land Amusement Park has carefully designed with the highest standards in mind to protect children. Becoming today one of the most attractive places for lovers of leisure activities from foreign visitors and locals alike.

Saffori Land
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