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Salam Park Riyadh

Salam Park Riyadh is one of the most important places of family entertainment and one of the most beautiful tourist places in Riyadh and in Saudi Arabia as a whole. It considered a favorite destination for families and children due to the many wonderful features and activities it offers.

In fact, Salam Riyadh Park has an area of more than 3 square kilometers and consists of various green spaces and a beautiful artificial lake that provides a refreshing atmosphere inside the park as palm trees are spread in large numbers and provide shade to visitors.

On the other hand, visitors to Al Salam Park can sit in the greenery near the palm trees so that they feel comfortable and relaxed without the presence of public chairs.

Sections of Al Salam Park Riyadh

Al Salam Park or Al Salam Park divided into 5 sections, which are as follows:

1. Hills area: It consists of many small hills covered with green grass, which is a great place to sit and see the garden and the skyline of Riyadh from a high place.

2. Walking trails: These trails provide the possibility of traversing the lake and taking pictures in the center of it as sports lovers can practice hiking or cycling where the longest path is 1 km long and 10 meters wide.

3. Ecological zone: This area includes many types of plants and animals that taken care of to preserve them from extinction, including desert animals and various types of birds.

4. Farm area: This place preserved after the transformation of the ownership of the park from private to public, which includes large numbers of palm trees that exceed 1000 palms and that provide a humid and beautiful environment to sit and relax for families.

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5. Lake Area: This artificial lake established with international standards where a tight system established to ensure the movement of water and avoid the appearance of mosquitoes and insects. The depth of the lake 5 meters and centered by a beautiful fountain illuminated in bright colors.

The Best Activities in Al Salam Park in Riyadh

This is a list of recreational activities inside Al Salam Park in Riyadh:

1. Roaming the park: Enjoy a rich tour of all that is beautiful inside Al Salam Park in Riyadh, you can walk over that bridge wrapped around the lake to see the sights of this park in stunning natural views that dazzle the eyes.

2. Lakes Area: Head to the Lake District in the heart of Al Salam Park in Riyadh, which divided into two parts, where part of it includes many fun water games, including water pedals, and the boat, and you can also enter by turning the ball and let the wind mess with you right and left in an interesting experience and fun adventure.

3. Green Areas: Inside Salam Park in Riyadh Recuperate within the Thousand Palms area in a wonderful landscape, you will sit directly on the green spaces scattered within this area and breathe fresh air to get the most tranquility and relaxation.

3. Reserve: And to another area of Mintara Al-Salam in Riyadh, we head to the reserve, where it includes an impressive collection of birds, animals and plants, as well as aquatic plants and fish that live in the surrounding environment, under the supervision of guides who dedicated to serving visitors and introducing them to the animals and birds that exist.

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More Sections

4. Pedestrian Walk: Al Salam Park in Riyadh surrounded by a pedestrian walkway, so that lovers of walking and running can practice their sports, in one of the most wonderful parks of the capital and enjoy the cheerful greenery.

5. Take pictures: In Al Salam Park in Riyadh you can take distinctive photos in the other section of the lake while enjoying a special view of the illuminated fountains, stretching in the heart of the lake, and they paint a wonderful painting in cheerful colors and harmonious shapes of water rushing from its heart.

6. Dining: Snack from one of the shops located within Salam Park in Riyadh, where many of them included to allow visitors the freedom to choose the best among them, all of which characterized by distinctive service and high quality.

7. Games: Children’s play area in Al Salam Park Riyadh, where it includes a distinctive collection of fun games that are safe at the same time for children, to receive the greatest share of enjoyment and protection.

Salam Park Riyadh
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