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Salam Park

Riyadh Salam Park is located near King Fahd Road near the Governor’s Palace and Al-Deira district in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, and is close to the Fraser Suites Hotel and the Evening Quiet Hotel, one of Riyadh’s most famous parks and parks.

Riyadh Salam Park consists of large green spaces, an artificial lake where you can board children’s boats, as well as palm trees that dot the Riyadh Salam Park.

Located on an area of approximately 312,000 square meters with many recreational components and facilities that enhance the joy and pleasure of the times that have elapsed there, Salam Riyadh Park is not a particular category of visitors, but is a direct reflection of the diversity of vital activities that everyone can do there.

Salam Park Timings

Salam Park dates in Riyadh 7 days a week except Saturday.

The opening dates for The Salam Park in Riyadh start at 4 p.m. and close at 2:00 a.m.

You can contact Salam Park Management in Riyadh by calling:


Salam Park Riyadh Ticket Price

Access to Riyadh Salam Park is not free and you will need to buy a ticket in order to visit The Salam Park in Riyadh, but the prices of entering The Salam Park in Riyadh are closer to symbolism, and the ticket price is charged as follows:

  • Admission per person 5 SAR
  • The child is less than two years old for free.

Salam Park Riyadh Location

  • Address: 7808 Salam, 2369, Riyadh 12651,
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.

Riyadh Salam Park Area

Riyadh Salam Park is about 312,000 square meters and consists of different green areas and environments, including the farm area, which is full of palm trees, numbering more than 1,000 palm trees, and the Lake District, an artificial lake designed by international standards, so as not to cause mosquitoes to appear.

In the heart of Riyadh Salam Park there is a fountain illuminated by cheerful colours and is one of the park’s attractions, and you can see this by seeing pictures of Riyadh Salam Park.

In addition to the environment area, it has a range of animals, birds, plants and aquatic fish, and a hillside area consisting of small hills covered with green grass, which is one of the most attractive areas for visitors.

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The park was established to meet the needs of families in Riyadh for parks and gardens, and has all the facilities you may need during your visit, thus classifying Al Salam Park as one of riyadh’s best and most famous gardens.

The main idea of Riyadh Salam Park is to make the most of its facilities, where nearby areas suffered from a shortage of parks, parks and open areas, and after its opening the park was able to accommodate its promotional and recreational activities.

In addition to the suitability of the park for all visitors’ tastes in terms of large spaces and multiple environments, the freedom to choose the activities desired by the visitor, as well as the privacy and security it enjoys.

Each visitor prefers a certain nature and environment to enjoy comfort, tranquility and relaxation, as well as water games and adventures, which are an essential element of the park’s attractions and periodic maintenance of all facilities.

Riyadh Salam Park Lake

The industrial lake occupies a large part of the total area of the Salam Park, occupying approximately 33,000 square meters, which is approximately 13% of the park area, and is designed in particular in accordance with international standards in order to provide continuous movement of water and prevent it from becoming stagnant water that leads to the gathering of insects and mosquitoes and causes inconvenience to visitors and residents.

The artificial lake was drilled 5 meters deep into the ground with layers of water-coated clay so that water does not leak into the ground hollow and remains present as a large water surface that helps to smooth the atmosphere in Riyadh Salam Park.

When you go there you will notice a walkway and a private path that runs through the lake of Riyadh Salam Park and divides it into two sections, one dedicated to being a place for many fun water activities and events, while the second section, the larger part, includes a large and famous water fountain that entertains visitors with a range of beautiful performances that are colored with a range of special laser lights.

Water events within the lake vary to suit all the wishes of park goers of all ages, including:

  • Go on boat tours within the lake
  • Get into the heart of the plastic balls and let the wind manipulate you all over the lake.
  • Touring the lake in water suits
  • Enjoy a range of remote control boats
  • Canoe tours within the lake
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Hill Area in Riyadh Salam Park

As a result of excavations carried out to create the lake on such a large scale, large quantities of soil have been exploited to provide a special section of the hills far apart within the park in what is today called the hill environment. The hill environment in the park occupies the central area of the park and forms the main section of the walking trails within the park.

Due to the simple slope of the hills formed in this section, a set of dedicated walking trails has been created to suit visitors who love to walk of all ages, and the flat areas between these hills have been used to create a range of children’s playgrounds that allow families to keep their eyes on children while playing, making them feel more safe.

With these hills covered with green grass, you’ll have the option to wander the trails within a green area, sit on the grass and enjoy your time with family or friends. That’s why it’s natural to find a lot of visitors who prefer to go immediately to the hillside area as soon as you get into the park.

Farm environment in Riyadh Salam Park

Before the garden, known today as the Garden of Salam, was a private farm called the Peace Farm, the Peace Farm was a vast land characterized by high-quality palm trees, and even after the farm had an accident that burned some of it, there were still many palm trees that survived.

Today you can find the palm tree section in the northern part of the park has been exploited by planting more palm trees until the total number of palm trees in the farm environment reached approximately 1250 palm trees, the presence of palm trees and their high density helps to secure a shaded area most of the day so the farm environment has turned into a refuge for families wishing to escape the heat and sun.

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Best activities in Riyadh Salam Park

Walk around the park:

At the beginning of your arrival at Riyadh Salam Park, you can wander around the bridge around the artificial lake, giving you a distinctive and natural view of the garden.

Head to the Lake District:

Located in the heart of Riyadh Salam Park, the artificial lake offers you a range of fun water games such as water ways that offer you and your family the pleasure and experience, as well as access to a large ball moving into the lake thanks to the wind.

Touring the area of 1,000 palm trees:

Named after its many palm trees, you can sit directly on the green and enjoy the scenery and fresh air, especially for those who love to relax and relax.

Touring the nature reserve:

It is a distinctive reserve with a wide range of rare animals, birds and plants, as well as aquatic plants and fish, where there are specialized guides to serve visitors and provide them with the necessary information about the animals and birds present in the reserve, and it is classified as one of the best nature reserves in Riyadh.

Strolling around Riyadh Salam Park:

There are a range of trails and trails for walking and jogging, especially for hikers and exercisers, and the corridors are located amid the greenery.

Take commemorative photos:

Take souvenir photos amid the greenery of Riyadh Salam Park, as well as photograph by the artificial lake and watch the delightfully colored fountains.

Children’s toy area:

During your tour of Riyadh’s Salam Park, you can see the children’s toy area, one of the areas preferred by children in the park, with a range of toys to suit their age.

Eat foods and drinks:

The park has a range of restaurants and cafés serving fast food and snacks, as well as the drinks you like and the hearths of the distinctive taste, and you can buy them through the shops in Riyadh’s Salam Park.

Salam Park
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