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Samana is a small Dominican town located on the peninsula of the same name in the northeastern part of the country. The city inhabited by only fifteen thousand people, however, in the high season there are more people here due to tourists arriving here to rest. They say about Samana that although this city is small, it has everything for a full and comprehensive rest: beautiful and comfortable beaches, interesting modern architecture, masterfully inscribed in natural locations that have preserved their virgin beauty, interesting places for excursions, restaurants with delicious food. nightlife entertainment clubs, shops with all sorts of things, and hotels to choose from.

Every traveler seeks and finds something for himself here: someone comes to snorkel, someone comes to ride the sea wave, someone just wants to relax in a calm atmosphere amidst unusual nature, and someone is going to spend time for exciting excursions.

Samana landmarks

Despite the modest size of Samana, it is, nevertheless, not a village, but a very pretty city, which is full of beautiful places for walking and there is something to see and where it is beautiful, rich and fun to spend your leisure time.


The Malecon pedestrian zone is part of the city’s promenade and, perhaps, the most memorable and most romantic place in Samana, conducive to leisurely walks, especially in the evenings, when the heat subsides, and it is easier to breathe. Comfortable paths, benches under palm trees, originally trimmed exotic shrubs and lanterns are close by, and if you look into the distance, you will see a seascape framed by sky and white clouds. All this evokes touchingly pleasant feelings and charges with positive energy. But time can be spent on Malecon even more constructively. For this there are numerous cafes and restaurants, as well as shops, where there are always many interesting souvenirs for tourists.

Address: Avenida La Marina, Samana.

The bridges

Los Puentes is another well-known place for evening walks, called by the locals “the bridge to nowhere”. This is really an ordinary bridge connecting the coast with a couple of islands in the Saman Bay. By and large, it is unremarkable, and repairs would clearly not interfere with it. But this bridge offers a stupefyingly beautiful view of the bay, as well as of the city itself, which is why it attracts again and again lines of tourists and Aboriginal people, couples in love and the elderly for whom walking is more than idle strolling.

Address: Avenida Malecon, Samana.

Pueblo Principe Square

Pueblo Principe is a popular destination in the city for walking, entertainment and shopping. There is a large shopping and entertainment center of the same name, and restaurants, bars and nightclubs are located nearby. Tourists come here for souvenirs that can be bought both in the shopping center and in small private shops. Handmade jewelry is in great demand. The restaurants attract visitors with mouth-watering smells of delicious dishes and spectacular views from the terraces. In the evening hours, cheerful events, shows, festivities accompanied by rhythmic music and dancing are often held on the square.

Address: Avenida de la Marina, Samana.

The Catholic Church

The largest and most important Catholic church in Samana, located in the city center, may have no historical value, as it was built relatively recently. However, you will not deny him the originality of architecture. Interesting forms, in which it is not immediately possible to guess the religious building, and the snow-white color make it stand out against the background of lush vegetation and make it the brightest building in the surrounding cityscape. The aesthetic pleasure of observing this object and beautiful souvenir photos guaranteed.

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Address: Calle Rosa Duarte, Samana.

Excursions, interesting places near Samana

The proximity of the sea and mysterious islands, dense jungle and beautiful waterfalls make people in Samana thirst for adventure and great discoveries. Companies operating in the field of tourist entertainment happy to provide them with such an opportunity. By arranging interesting excursions that can be taken on foot, on horseback, mules or donkeys, as well as on boats and boats.

El Limon Waterfall

El Limon waterfall recognized as the highest in the Dominican Republic. Its swift waters break down from a fifty-meter height. It is impossible to calmly look at this sight, however, and it is also difficult to take your eyes off it – El Limon bewitches. For these rare sensations, tourists are ready to ride on horseback for several kilometers, overcoming the thickets of the tropical forest. Having reached the place and having experienced the happy moments of contemplating the majestic miracle of nature, tourists can cool off in the natural pool at the foot of the waterfall. By the way, in these places there are rumors that a person who dares to swim in a waterfall may fall on his head with a suitcase full of money. The source of this information is unknown, but the people called the waterfall “The Fall of Millionaires”.

Cayo Levantado Island

Cayo Levantado Island a popular excursion destination. Firstly, it is very beautiful: the white sand of the endless beach, untouched jungle vegetation and the blue expanse of the Caribbean Sea are too similar to a dream or a scene from a romantic movie not to want to go there. Secondly, the island is located next to the city, so, again, it is simply a sin not to visit it. And thirdly, this islet is the best place in the Saman Bay, from which you can watch mating dances and knightly tournaments of humpback whales during their mating season from January 15 to March 25, which coincides with the high holiday season in the Dominican Republic. Many private travel agencies organize boat tours to the island to observe the majestic giants of the local depths.

The estimated cost of the excursion is RD $ 2,200 ($ 50) – RD $ 2,600 ($ 60).

National Park Los Haitises

Los Haitises National Park, located on the shores of the bay of the same name in the western part of the Samana Peninsula, is an amazing natural complex, which includes unique rain forests, bamboo groves filled with life of endemic animals and plants, coral islands in the bay covered with green mangroves, and a complex of caves that have, among other things, historical and archaeological value: some of them contain rock paintings from the era of the Taino Indians – the first inhabitants of this territory. Many caves inaccessible to the public, but those that allowed for tourists are invariably admired for their pristine beauty, enhanced by underground lakes and fantastic stalactites.

The Pirate Adventure Park

Pirate Adventure Park a new trend in Samana entertainment. The park is located not far from the city, and excursions here arouse genuine interest among tourists. Here you can swim in the sea of ​​adrenaline, set off from the deck of a pirate ship on a crazy journey through the endless jungle on a device resembling a bungee. Certainly, such adventures are able to completely free from negative emotions and literally renew a person who has gone through all this and wants more! The adventure preceded by a thrilling jeep journey through the jungle hosted by local tour companies. One of the most popular among them is the Samana Zipline Tour.

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Address: El Valle Road, Samana.

Phone: 18295423005.

Official website:

Taino Park

An excursion to Taino Park, located 30 minutes from the city of Samana, in Los Robalos, undoubtedly promises to be very exciting for both adults and children. This amusement park at the same time an original open-air museum, where in an accessible way you can get acquainted with the life of the ancient inhabitants of the island. The Taino Indians, as well as with the history of the colonization of the island. Real historical scenes installed in the natural scenery of the park. And their main characters, Indians, depicted as full-length mannequins. It interesting that the tour of the park conducted by an audio guide. (You can choose the playback language). The park also houses a craft museum with a collection of two hundred archaeological exhibits.

Entrance fee:

Adults —RD $ 500 ($ 15);

Teens – RD $ 250 ($ 7.5);

Children under 12 years old – free.

Opening hours:

Daily from 9:00 am to 5:30 pm.

Address: Carreterra Sanchez, Samana, Los Robalos.

Phone: 18296934267.

Official website:

City nightlife

For those who are not in a hurry to go to bed at night, but are still full of energy and eager to dance to fiery music, who do not mind the thought of a couple of exotic cocktails, there are several suitable places in Samana. There bars, clubs and discos here, so you won’t be bored. Finding nightlife is easy: they can be found on the beaches, in the port, in Pueblo Principe and on the waterfront.

Cielito Disco

Cielito Disco a popular nightclub among the townspeople, which is often visited by tourists. Foreign guests welcomed here warmly and cordially. Local patrons willingly help beginners learn a few dance moves – and the evening ceases to be languid. Dancing, fun, lively music and pleasant local drinks will help you to relax and remember for a long time an unusual party at the Cielito Disco.

Address: Calle Rosa Duarte No.2, Samana.

Phone: 18099670103.

Colego Beach Bar

Colego Beach Bar is one of the most popular beach bars, where not only tourists, but also the Dominicans themselves are not averse to having fun until the morning with good music and traditional Caribbean Pina Colada.

Address: Avenida Malecon, Samana.

Phone: 18297075846.

How to get to the city

If you are in the capital of the country, Santo Domingo, there are different ways to get to Samana. A taxi, of course, will be a little expensive. You can rent a car, however, on the Samana Peninsula, rental will be cheaper than at the capital’s airport. A perfectly acceptable option is a trip by intercity bus. But if you want to take a closer look at the Dominican Republic from above, you can choose a flight to the Samana Peninsula, and then get to the city by land transport.

There are two airports on the Samana Peninsula: Samana Arroyo Bavril. From which the city of Samana can be reached in no more than 30 minutes. And Samaná El Catey International Airport, located in the north of the peninsula, about 40 minutes from the city. You can get to the city itself by bus or taxi. It would be quite logical to decide to rent a car or scooter.

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From Punta Cana (Bavaro) you can take the Expreso Bavaro bus to Santo Domingo to the Parada Samana bus station. There you need to change to a local bus to Samana. The journey will take approximately 3 hours and cost approximately RD $ 350 ($ 8).

Samana Restaurants

Restaurants and restaurants, coffee shops and grill bars, nightclubs and beach clubs. All this can be found in Samana at almost every step. The food system in the city established, frankly, in a wonderful way: the desire to eat tasty and inexpensive food. To try many different new dishes of local cuisine and to penetrate into its very essence is easily achievable. The only problem is choosing one place for yourself. However, you don’t have to worry about this issue and every time you have lunch or dinner in different places – it’s even more interesting.

The Royal

The Le Royal Snack Bar & Restaurant treats its customers to French and international cuisine. Here you can have a great breakfast, ordering fragrant pastries with a cup of homemade coffee, a hearty lunch or arrange a small barbecue party for yourself. Visitors can choose a table indoors or on a covered patio with a good view of the blue expanse of the Saman Bay.

Average check: RD $ 176 ($ 4) to RD $ 350 ($ 8).

Opening hours:


from 7:30 to 21:00.

Address: Avenida Malecon, Samana.

Phone: 18099942951.

Cafe del Mar Puerto Bahia

Decent cafe with good food serving Mediterranean and Spanish dishes, tapas and seafood. The main thing in this cafe is a relaxing atmosphere created by pleasant music and a romantic seascape, which takes on a special charm in the dark. The cafe is open until late. The table can be booked in advance.

Address: Puerto Bahia, Samana.

Phone: 18095036363.

Official website:

La Mata Rosada

La Mata Rosada is a small cozy cafe in the city center, on the waterfront. Here you can taste a variety of Caribbean cuisine. A luxurious selection of good wines offered to the attention of visitors.

Address: Malecon No.5, Samana.

Phone: 18095382388.

Samana Accommodation

It is difficult to blame Samana for the lack of accommodation for all those wishing to spend their holidays here. The city’s hotels are suitable for a relaxing holiday with the family, but there will always be a place for cheerful youth companies in this hospitable city.

The Hidden Whales

Las Ballenas Escondidas is a hotel with a great location, convenient private beach, swimming pool, restaurant, spa, free parking. Eleven rooms cozy bungalows surrounded by a beautiful garden. The rooms have refrigerators. Free internet is provided. Pets not prohibited in the hotel.

Address: Km.14 on Highway 5, Samana.

Phone: 18094950888.

Cotubanama Samana

Cotubanama Samana has 14 air-conditioned family rooms. There are non-smoking rooms, laundry, kitchenette, small cafe. Internet and Wi-Fi are free.

Room rates: from RD $ 530 ($ 12) to RD $ 2,000 ($ 45) per night.

Address: Francisco Del Rosario Sanchez Street, Samana.

Grand Hotel Las Galeras Suites&Spa

The Grand Hotel Las Galeras Suites & Spa is a fairly large hotel, which includes 46 suites and family rooms, equipped with air conditioning, refrigerators and minibars. The hotel has a beautiful pool, good food restaurant, cocktail bar and spa.

Address: Av. Principal, 9, Samana.

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