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Sangeh Monkey Forest

Monkeys become one of the animals with cute and adorable behavior, although sometimes quite dangerous. But in Bali, there is a park that specializes in monkeys playing. That’s the Sangeh Monkey Forest in Badung, Bali.

Based on the inventory carried out by the manager of this tourist attraction, there are about 600 monkeys here. The most numerous species are gray-tailed macaques. The existence of the apes here is so guarded by the people, and dare not disturb the apes.

Location of Sangeh Nature Park

One of the tourist attractions in Bali that is interesting to visit and while getting to know the surrounding natural environment is sangeh tourist attraction. Sangeh tourism object, is a protected forest area dominated by nutmeg trees. In addition, you can also see hundreds of monkeys in sangeh nature park.

Sangeh tourist attraction is located on Jalan Brahmin, Sangeh village, Abiansemal district, Badung Regency area. If you depart from Seminyak tourist attractions, to go to the location of Sangeh natural park will take about 1 hour 15 minutes. If you depart from Ubud, the distance is shorter which is about 18 kilometers with an estimated travel time of 40 minutes.

Sangeh Monkey Forest Entrance Ticket Fee

To enter the Sangeh Monkey Forest, visitors are charged an entrance ticket. Which are distinguished between domestic and foreign tourists. But don’t worry, the amount of the entrance ticket price will not be a drain on the pocket.

Entrance Ticket Price
Local Tourists
Children IDR 5,000
Adult IDR 10,000
Foreign Tourists
Children IDR 15,000
Adult IDR 30,000

Sangeh Monkey Forest Opening Hours

This attraction is open every day from morning to evening. Although it comes during the day, visitors will not overheat because the location is inside the forest. The forest is still cool and very beautiful.

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Sangeh Monkey Forest Operating Hours
Every day 08.00-17.00 WITA

History of Sangeh Monkey Forest Bali

Sangeh Monkey Forest Bali tourist area was initiated in 1969, and in 1971 sangeh tourist park was developed as a natural tourist attraction professionally. The construction cost of the development is derived from the park entrance ticket which is charged voluntarily.

Furthermore, on January 1, 1996, it began to be officially enforced regarding its Ticket Prices.

With the issuance of Perda TK II Badung no. 20 of 1995 which is well managed until now.

The forest area where the habitat of the long-tailed monkeys is quite tame is known as a homogeneous forest that covers an area of 10 hectares with a lot of nutmeg.

In addition, there are also 54 types of floral plants such as pule, sandpaper, buni, yellow cempaka, pohpoh, and others.

The Origin of the Name “Sangeh”

According to the myth, it is believed that the timber or nutmeg forest in Sangeh comes from the walking area of Mount Agung, and at one time it is told to walk these nutmeg trees from the direction of Mount Agung to one of the places in Bali.

But on the way, the nutmeg trees stopped and decided on Sangeh, which is the location of the tourist attraction today.

Play With Apes In Sangeh Monkey Forest

Sangeh Monkey Forest is located on an area of 10 hectares. Which is inhabited by approximately 600 monkeys. Where the dominant type of ape is the gray ape type.

This monkey forest tourist park is in the Nutmeg Forest, which is so lush and cool. The average temperature is around 18-28 degrees Celsius, and it is at an altitude of 100-150 meters above sea level. Of course it will be very pleasant and not hot to be here.

The apes here are so lively, running around here and there and seemingly not afraid of the arrival of visitors. The local people also did not dare to disturb the existence of monkeys in Sangeh. Because, the people consider the apes that are there sacred and bring blessings to the community.

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Temples In Sangeh Monkey Forest Bali

In addition to nutmeg, in Sangeh Monkey Forest there is also a heritage temple from the 17th century, namely Bukit Sari Temple.

This temple in Sangeh Village is evidence that has a very strong connection with the glorious history of the Mengwi kingdom at that time.

In the historical records of Bukit Sari Temple located in Sangeh Bali, it was built by the son of Agung Anglurah Made Karang Asem Sakti who was the adopted son of Cokorda Sakti Blambangan.

It is said that according to the story, the forerunner of Bukit Sari Temple when the son of Agung Anglurah Made Karang Asem Sakti performed asceticism or commonly called “Rare”.

Fauna Of Sangeh Monkey Forest

Being in a forest area makes Sangeh Monkey Forest also rich in various types of plants. In this area, there is a nutmeg with a high density. In addition, there are also sandpaper, pule, buni, yellow cempaka, pupate, and others. The large number of nutmeg trees surrounds the tourist area, which makes it so lush.

The trees are lined up very neatly, the strong trunks are towering. Coupled with the leaves collecting on some branches of the tree. The green color is so refreshing, graded from light to dark green.

Sacredness Of Attractions

This tourist attraction is so sacred and considered sacred by the people. The existence of apes is also considered sacred and as an animal that brings peace. The balance of nature is also so maintained its beauty and tranquility.

Moreover, inside this tourist attraction there is a temple that is still used for worship. Visitors who are in their menstrual period are not allowed to enter this attraction. Likewise, visitors who have families who are deceased, are not allowed to enter.

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In order to enjoy the beauty and not violate the existing prohibitions, visitors will be accompanied. There are many tour guides who are ready to accompany visitors to walk around the tourist area.

Things To Look Out For

Things that must be considered if you visit Sangeh Monkey Forest tourist attractions are:

  • Do not wear jewelry such as necklaces and earrings.
  • Do not wear glasses.
  • Does not interfere with monkeys.

This aims to avoid unwanted events, such as monkeys taking away your jewelry or the luggage you carry.

You should prepare some foods such as bananas or kettles that you can buy at stalls around the parking area of sangeh tourist attraction. Tour guides around the Sangeh area are widely available, dressed in balinese traditional clothes, who are ready to help you if you need to.

Traveling to Sangeh Monkey Forest, more suitable for family tours with your son and daughter. Because it can introduce protected forests to the child. In addition, your son and daughter can interact with monkeys.

The favorite activity of tourists when you end up at sangeh tourist attraction is taking pictures with monkeys and feeding monkeys.

Sangeh Monkey Forest
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