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Saudi Fransi Bank customer service number

Bank Saudi Fransi is one of the important banks in the Kingdom, which provides its financial and banking services to individuals in the Kingdom, both citizens and residents, and provides a customer service number and communication with customers by phone or through the bank’s website.

Bank Saudi Fransi customer service number

The French Bank in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia allocates more than one contact number with the bank, whether from inside or outside Saudi Arabia, where all inquiries and complaints submitted by all citizens are answered by calling one of the following numbers of the bank:

You can contact Banque Française customer service from inside Saudi Arabia by calling the following number:

  • 8001242121.

And from any international number on the following number:

  • +966920000576.

And by fax on the following number:

  • 0114084631.

Electronic communication through the bank’s website

Electronic communication is done through Banque Saudi Fransi website through the Contact Us service and filling out the form on the bank’s website through the following:

  1. Access to Banque Saudi Fransi website.
  2. Click on Contact Us service.
  3. Fill out the form, enter the data and submit the application.

Banque Fransi Saudi Branches

Banque Fransi Saudi has many of its own branches in many places within the cities and governorates of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the main locations of the bank’s branches are located in the following cities in Saudi Arabia:

  • Riyadh _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Dhahran – Saudi Arabia.
  • Dammam _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Jeddah _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Khobar _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Hail _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Al-Jouf _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Abha _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Unaizah _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Buraidah _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Sayhat _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Al-Kharj _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Tabuk _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Jizan _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Najran _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Mubarraz _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Taif _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Medina _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Makkah _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Hafr Al-Batin _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Qatif _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Yanbu _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Hofuf _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Baha _ Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Khamis Mushait _ Saudi Arabia.
  • Jubail _ Saudi Arabia.
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Fransi Saudi Bank Branches Working Hours

  • Work begins inside all branches of the French Bank inside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from Sunday to Thursday from 9 and a half in the morning, until 4 and a half in the evening, and the bank’s official holiday is on Friday and Saturday.

Saudi Fransi Bank customer service number
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