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Saudi Periodicals Number Free Unified Hotline

Saudi security patrols have been provided to serve citizens in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to increase security The Ministry of Interior constantly provides patrols to help citizens and secure pilgrims and Umrah performers so that the Hajj rituals are performed without problems and the Kingdom is trying to permanently help the people of the Kingdom and its residents, and in the article we will explain to you the numbers of the Saudi patrols customer service.

Tasks of security patrols

The Saudi Ministry of Interior provides security teams, which are periodically present on roads and vital places, and in residential and tourist communities, and the most important tasks of security patrols are the following:

  • Security patrols protect citizens, maintain safety on the roads and inside homes, and protect against property theft.
  • It protects holy places and gatherings such as protecting pilgrims as they practice Hajj and Umrah.
  • Patrols assist security agencies in controlling security at times of gatherings and when crises occur.
  • The patrols help assist law enforcement officers and assist in apprehending criminals on the streets.
  • Contributes to supporting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia during violating crises such as declaring states of emergency in the country.

New Security Patrol Number

  • The Ministry of Interior has developed a unified number for security patrols in Saudi Arabia, and this number can be contacted to contribute to maintaining security inside the Kingdom, and this number is: 999.

Saudi Security and Emergency Phone Numbers

The Saudi government has provided unified numbers for some government agencies, in an attempt to save time for citizens to reach these agencies, and these numbers are used in cases of danger that citizens can be exposed to, and these numbers are:

  • Security patrols: 999.
  • Civil Defense: 988.
  • Road Security: 996.
  • Drug control: 995.
  • Border Guards: 994.
  • Traffic Department: 993.
  • Passports: 992.
  • General Investigation: 990.
  • General Security: 989
  • Administrative Investigations: Administrative Corruption: 980.
  • Financial Investigations: 8001222224
  • Traffic violation inquiry: 0112928888.
  • Ministry of Interior: 0114011111.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: 0114055000
  • Ministry of Hajj: 0114043008.
  • Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs: 0114778888.
  • Ministry of Health: 0114012555
  • Red Crescent: 997.
  • Meteorology: 988.
  • Riyadh Municipality Emergency: 940.
  • Water Emergency: 939.
  • Electricity emergency: 933.
Saudi Periodicals Number Free Unified Hotline
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