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Saudi Police Phone Number

All Saudi Police Numbers:

The government has set numbers for the rescue of citizens within the territory of the Kingdom, not only the police, and important numbers that you can resort to at any emergency moment, each of the following:

  • To call the unified police number for traffic violations and accidents, call 993.
  • The unified emergency number in Saudi Arabia is 999.
  • Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice 920022222.
  • Insured vehicle accidents Call the police number to report accidents 920000560.
  • While the number assigned to the ambulance is 997.
  • Complaints of banks affiliated with SAMA 8001256666.
  • Violations of the labor and residence system You can contact 989.
  • The drug control number is 995 and the road safety number is 996.
  • While the emergency number of the electricity company is 933.
  • Saudi Arabia Emergency without Slide 112.
  • Anti-narcotics call 995.
  • Criminal Investigation Bureau Emergency 992.
  • Commercial violations through the number 1900.
  • Office of Mortality 990 Emergency.
  • Criminal investigations through the number 992.
  • General Intelligence 985.
  • General Investigation 990.
  • Flying Ambulance 123.
  • Ministry of Health 937.

Emergency numbers

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has set some emergency numbers that can be contacted, the most prominent of which are:

  • Unified number for traffic violations and accidents: 993.
  • The emergency number for critical cases is: 997.
  • The number of drug control in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is: 995.
  • The number assigned to road security is: 996.
  • The number of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice, which is: 920022222.
  • Number of waterproofing and thermal insulation companies in Riyadh: 2022 – 1443
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Saudi Police Official Website

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has developed a website to communicate through it with emergency numbers, especially the police, to help people who may be exposed to some problems, and this site is from here.

Saudi Police Phone Number
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