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Saudi Post Unified And Free Customer Service Number

Saudi Post branches customer service number, Saudi Post is one of the government institutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and Saudi Post is constantly working to develop its services, which ensures the provision of convenience for all customers, and Saudi Post has provided a customer contact number with Saudi Post representatives, in order to inquire and follow up on the services that customers need from the post or to submit a complaint.

Saudi Post Customer Service

The Saudi Post Company SPL provided more than one way to communicate with customer service and Saudi Post Corporation was keen to provide a unified and free number to provide the best service to its customers

  • You can contact one of our customer service representatives on the toll-free number by calling the following number 19992
  • In addition to the possibility of contacting Saudi Post customer service from outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by calling the following number +966112898888.
  • Saudi Post customer service representatives can be contacted via WhatsApp from here.
  • You can also contact Saudi Post customer service by e-mail
  • You can also contact Saudi Post customer service via the official account messages of Saudi Post SPL on Twitter, and you can go to it from here.

How customers communicate with SPL

Saudi Post provides some ways to communicate with its customers, in order to submit complaints and inquiries through it, where they are contacted:

  • The unified number of Saudi Post “SPL” is: 19992.

What is Saudi Post

  • Saudi Post is one of the most important institutions within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and the postal service provides many distinguished services for citizens, whether inside or outside the Kingdom, and Saudi Post was established by King Abdulaziz bin Abdulrahman Al Saud.
  • The postal corporation has witnessed some developments that make it one of the best institutions that serve customers.
  • The postal institution relies on the construction of integrated infrastructure.
  • Many post branches have been opened within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to meet all services to customers
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Saudi Post Prices

  • The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia contains more than 478 branches within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and these branches contain 180 offices throughout the Kingdom,
  • You can call the unified number set by the postal corporation to know the postal prices after daily updates, in addition to inquiring about the postal services you need.

Saudi Post delivery time

  • Saudi Post users wonder about the duration of mail delivery from inside Saudi Arabia to abroad or from inside Saudi cities to each other.
  • Economy parcels are chosen, because of their lower price than other shipments, where 30 kilograms can be shipped at a simple price.
  • Parcels are shipped and received quickly by PO Box or the nearest post office.
  • Economic parcels sent from within the Kingdom arrive in one of the Kingdom’s cities, and this is within only 5 days of sending.
  • There is an IMs service, which is used to ship the parcel quickly, but despite its speed in delivery, it is expensive.

Contact Saudi Post customer service

  • Where you can contact one of the Saudi Post customer service staff through the following link: Saudi Post
  • Once you enter the site, you must specify the type of order, as well as the type of customer.

Then type in your full name, phone number, email, and city of the customer, and then find a space to type in the rest of the details.

  • There is a choice called Attachments, in order to attach any papers belonging to you, as well as you can attach a lot of files through the file browser screen
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You can attach files in the following formats: pdf, jpg, png, and click the Send option.

  • You can call the following number to speak with one of our customer service agents for business customers: 920005700

However, calls will be gradually stopped from being received through the previous number.

Is Saudi Post number free?

Saudi Post number 19992 is a toll-free and unified number within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and was announced by Saudi Post SPL a while ago and announced the cessation of receiving calls on the previous number

Saudi Post Unified And Free Customer Service Number
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