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Saudi Red Crescent Number

How do I contact Red Crescent?

To contact the Red Crescent on the following number 920022776

audi Red Crescent Number, The Saudi Red Crescent Authority is the first responsible for the First Aid Charitable Society since it was established in 1353 AH, and the Saudi Red Crescent Society is working to provide all emergency medical services within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in this article we will address everything related to the Saudi Red Crescent number.

Contact Saudi Red Crescent Authority

  • The Red Crescent Authority in the Kingdom has allocated Saudi Arabia is a unified number to facilitate the process of communicating with the Crescent for citizens Red, this figure is characterized by it easy to memorize, which is as follows: 19971.
  • Call the phone number through: 0112805555
  • Via Unified Fax: 0112806666
  • Via e-mail:
  • P.O.Box: 11129 – Riyadh.
  • Via suggestions email:
  • Technical support mail through:
  • Universal access number Ali: 19971.
  • Directorate General of Training via e-mail:
  • Participation in Prince Nayef’s first aid program:

What is the Red Crescent?

The Saudi Red Crescent Authority was established in 1933 AD – 1353 AH by King Abdulaziz Al Saud, in the city of Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which is the headquarters of the Authority, and works to provide all medical services to citizens and treat them from all diseases, whether physical or psychological diseases, and one of the most prominent advantages that it enjoys is that it does not differentiate between rich or poor, the treatment is the same, and this is what our Islamic religion commands us to do, and this indicates its eminence.

All Saudi Red Crescent numbers:

  • In case of emergency, call the Red Crescent on 19971.
  • Red Crescent hotline call 997.
  • The toll-free unified number is 920022776.
  • You can also communicate through the instant messaging program WhatsApp via the 0533889977 number.
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How to inquire to the Saudi Red Crescent Authority

You can submit an inquiry or inquiry about something through the website of the Saudi Red Crescent Authority, through the following explanation:

  • First, enter the link to submit inquiries and suggestions Saudi Red Crescent Authority directly from here
  • Then write the triple name in the site prepared for it.
  • After that type your email.
  • Then type your contact number.
  • After that, determine the purpose of communication, whether suggestion, complaint, inquiry, technical support, electronic services, Prince Nayef program or training.
  • Then click on the box marked with the word Continue and upload the file in which the suggestion or inquiry is written.
  • Then type the inquiry in the box designated for it and write down the visible code and click Send.

What are the tasks of the Saudi Red Crescent?

  • The Saudi Red Crescent offers many tasks in all regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which are summarized in the following points:
  • He is responsible for acting in peacetime and in case of war, in accordance with the Guinness Convention for the Transfer of the Sick and the Wounded.
  • It establishes Red Crescent hospitals at war sites determined by the military command.
  • It treats civilian casualties and military casualties in all cases and assists in the transfer of war victims.
  • It exchanges correspondence between families inside or outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
  • Responsible for storing medicines and all wound and treatment supplies and taking care of them, providing emergency supplies.
  • Storing first aid kits to treat the afflicted and victims transport victims and injured and help them with combat or environmental treatment.
  • All medical services are provided and participate in the establishment of dispensaries, hospitals, clinics, ambulance centers and blood transfusion.
  • Training nurses and preparing them to work in hospitals prepares first aid means and helps to transport patients to specialized centers.
  • It provides humanitarian and social services, documents and exchanges aid between Red Crescent Societies and International Red Cross Societies.
Saudi Red Crescent Number
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