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Sawa Post Plus 170

Sawa Post Plus 170 is one of the most popular STC packages. This package offers a range of features such as unlimited use of internet, calls and other services that suit different customer categories.

What is Sawa Post Plus 170

Sawa Post Plus is one of the special packages from stc Saudi Arabia, which offers packages of different systems, including Sawa Star Plus, Sawa Share Plus, Flex Plus, Sawa Flex and Sawa Like, and there are many packages that follow Sawa Hybrid, QuickNet, and premium external roaming packages, all of which have many advantages that meet the needs of all customers subscribed to Saudi Telecom Company (SAWA).

One of the distinctive systems that have been admired by customers, especially Saudi youth, is the Sawa Post Plus system, to which many distinctive packages belong, including the Sawa Post Plus 160 package and the Sawa Post Plus 170 package, where there are many special advantages granted by the company to the last package, which made the search for it one of the things that increased among young people who use monthly local and international calls and use the Internet significantly.

Features of Sawa Post Plus 170

Joining Sawa Post Plus 170 beneficiaries guarantee a lot of benefits, which you start enjoying as soon as you activate the bundle. These include:

  • Unlimited use of social media.
  • Use YouTube without consuming any units of the package.
  • The package is unlimited until renewal.
  • Automatically renewed, and benefit from it for the whole month.

How to activate Sawa Post 170

Your ability to activate this bundle for your line system is linked to your commitment to follow one of the following methods:

  • Send an SMS to 900 with 1170 to subscribe, and you will receive a confirmation message.
  • Go to the My Stc app and go to the My Services tab, then request to subscribe, and a message will appear informing you of the completion of joining the package.
  • Contact stc customer service to help you sign up.
  • You can visit any branch of the company to help the responsible representative activate the package.
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Advantages of Whether Post Plus 170

STC one of the companies operating in the Kingdom in the field of telecommunications and the Internet, and this company has been distinguished by many packages that it grants to customers so that it distinguishes them from the rest of the customers of telecommunications companies, and one of the distinctive packages that customers can subscribe to is the Boost Plus 170 package, which the company confirmed to grant special advantages to customers, and these advantages are, for example:

  1. The ability to call and call internally in the Kingdom and international foreign with comprehensive coverage without interruption.
  2. The price of special calls in stc Boost Plus 170 is cheap and is lower than regular calls in other packages from the company that it offers to customers.
  3. Additional data and internet for all social media sites in Saudi Arabia, which can be operated for free via quick additional data.
  4. Dear customer, you can enjoy voice calls using the thirty-second calculation mechanism from stc, after subscribing to this package.
  5. The daily usage limit, whether data or voice calls, is one of the advantages of this package, as it guarantees a fair usage limit, while reducing the speed after the end of this limit to not pay more data costs.
  6. Uninterrupted internet speed that the customer enjoys after subscribing to the Sawa Post Plus 170 package.
  7. This package is available to all Sawa customers in Saudi Arabia.

Sawa Post Plus 170 Price

This package has a price that is deducted every month at a certain date, and this amount is determined for the package itself, but taxes are added to it, so it increases by a small percentage.

The price of the package is 170 riyals, which is its net price without taxes, while with its calculation, the price is 196 riyals.


Deactivate Sawa Post Plus 17

stc contributes to providing convenient services to you even when you attempt to cancel the services. Just as subscribing to the package is done in more than one way, you can also unsubscribe from it in more than one way, where:

  • You can cancel by sending 7009 to 900, and waiting for confirmation of cancellation.
  • You can also call customer service for cancellation at any time.
  • You can use the application to reach your goal, and cancel the package through it.
  • Go to my services website to stop the renewal and thus terminate the package.

How to activate Sawa Boost 170 package through the company’s application

stc application is one of the distinctive applications through which you can benefit from some services, including paying bills, recharging the balance, knowing the new offers for the packages, as well as activating the various packages after subscribing to them, including how to activate the Sawa Post 170 package through the following steps:

  • After downloading and installing the application on the mobile phone, the main interface of the application is accessed.
  • Electronic menu selection.
  • Access stc packages and choose Sawa Post Plus 170.
  • Enter all the required data from the application.
  • Wait for an SMS confirming your subscription to the plan.
  • After that, a message comes with an activation code that is entered, so the package is activated and you enjoy the benefits of the package.

Activate Sawa Post package through my services window

My services are one of the electronic lists available from the company that it provides to customers to obtain multiple services, including activating the different packages after purchase, where the Sawa Post Plus package can be activated after purchasing through the window and then following the following steps:

  • Access the My Services menu.
  • Access to retail services.
  • Enter the required Sawa Post 170 SIM data in the designated fields.
  • Click on the direct access box.
  • Enter the required data.
  • Waiting for the confirmation message to activate the plan on mobile.
  • Activate the package and enjoy all its benefits after activation and operation.
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The package can also be activated through one of the branches, where the nearest branch of STC is contacted, and activation will be free of charge at the same time of purchasing the package or after it when you go to the branch and enter its data.

How to contact stc

STC has provided many ways to contact it in order to purchase the Sawa Post Plus 170 package, in order to inquire about its advantages, purchase methods, or ways to activate the package after purchase, and these are the ways to communicate with the company:

  • Live chat via stc application by downloading it on the mobile phone, where you can benefit from this application to communicate and activate the package after purchase.
  • Direct contact on stc technical support number 900.
  • Send a help word to the customer service number 900.
  • SMS on 969.
  • Send a fax to Sawa Saudi number which is 8003030969
  • Call from outside Saudi Arabia on 966114555555
Sawa Post Plus 170
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