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Sawa Share Plus 115 packages

The Sawa Share Plus 115 package is one of the most excellent and wonderful packages, as the telecommunications company in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia STC provides a way to activate the Sawa Share Plus 115 package for all its valued customers, through which the customer can obtain many different services, whether by making local calls within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and international calls outside the country, in addition to benefiting from the unlimited Internet. Through this article, we will learn all the details.

Activate Sawa Share Plus 115

stc Saudi Telecom is offering several offers to its customers, including how to activate the Sawa Share Plus 115 package. It is one of the most popular packages that attracts the interest of thousands of users in the Kingdom. Enables them to make unlimited internal and external calls, all for as much as 500 minutes. It also gives them twenty gigabytes to browse social media, and ten gigabytes of internet for public use.

Moreover, the Sawa Share Plus package we are talking about costs 115 SAR without VAT. This service provides a subscription that lasts for a full month from the day the customer subscribes. It also worth noting that the subscription done by sending the code 7115 to the following number 900 for this service, which one of the best services ever and the best choice for all users.

How to activate the new Sheer Plus 115 package: Send a message with 7115 to 900, wait for a while until you receive the activation confirmation message and subscribe to the package, you can use the mystc program and activate it without the need for messages or numbers, you can follow your consumption and know the remaining by sending 8888 to 900 for free to receive a text message with usage details and the remaining from the package until the renewal date.

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How to cancel Sawa Share Plus service

All customers who wish to cancel the renewal of the Sawa Share Plus service can do so in several ways:The first of these is to log in to the My stc application and then go to cancel any package related to the Share Plus Sawa service. Second method: The customer must send a message to the number 900 with the following code 7009. The third method: is by downloading the My Services application and accessing it directly, then canceling the Sawa Share Plus activation package.

This concludes the article in which we talked about a topic of interest to many customers of stc Telecom, which the activation of the Sawa Share Plus 115 package.

Advantages of activating Sawa Share package 110 riyals

To explain the difference between the Sawa Share Plus 115 package and the old package that costs only 110 without tax, the following list shows you the offers of the 110 package:

  • Unlimited calls within the network for all local numbers.
  • Data: 15 GB for all sites + 30 GB for social media + 5 GB Wi-Fi.
  • The validity of the package 4 weeks calculated with the date of subscription.
  • Sawa Share 110 package price with VAT: 126.5 SAR.

The Sawa Share package activated for 110 riyals by sending a message with 7110 to the number 900, then wait for a while to receive the confirmation message to subscribe to the package, or you can use the mystc program on your mobile, which allows you to subscribe to the packages and control the chip, to follow the consumption and know the remainder, please send 8888 to 900 and you will receive a text message with the details of the usage so far and the remaining capacity until the renewal date.

Sawa Share Plus 115 packages
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