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Sawa Star Plus package

One of the prominent advantages of the Sawa Star Plus package is that it allows individuals to communicate unlimited inside and outside the network and social networks, and STC allows individuals to activate this service and subscribe to the Sawa Star Plus package in an easy way.

How to subscribe to Sawa Star Plus package

The method of subscribing to this package is like any other package you want to subscribe to, and this is in terms of being done in more than one way, where:

  • Use the My Stc application to access the options provided to you by the company, including systems and packages, and choose from them the desired package.
  • You can also send the number 7240 to 900, thus subscribing, which is the shortest and easiest way, because this number is relied upon as an activation code for Sawa Star Plus.
  • You can call 900 customer service so they can help you subscribe if your line you want to subscribe from to Sawa Star Plus is postpaid.
  • You can also go to any branch of the company and the employee will register you on the package.
  • In any case wait for receipt of the confirmation by subscription before taking any further action.

What is Sava STK System

The Sawa system in STC provides many special offers and packages for individuals, and the system explains to individuals the methods and mechanisms that allow them to identify these services, which can be easily subscribed to through numbers and packages. Codes. Provided by the company and the following are the most important features and characteristics of the system together

  • VAT is charged in advance when local call credit is increased.
  • Individuals wishing to subscribe or cancel the auto-renewal of services can use mystc app or my services.
  • It provides several of the following social networks for subscribers, namely WhatsApp, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn.
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The most important features of Sawa Star Plus package

Here are the many features of the Sawa Star Plus package

  • Providing comprehensive services at reasonable prices. The cost of the service is 240 SAR.
  • While the price with tax is 276.0 SAR when purchasing with a credit card or voucher.
  • The calls that Sawa Star Plus provides to individuals within the network are unlimited.
  • Calls provided by Sawa Star Plus to individuals outside the network are unlimited.
  • The social networks that the service provides to its subscribers are unlimited.
  • It provides 100 GB of internet for subscribers while the balance of applications is 20 riyals.

What is the value of the increase of the Sawa Star Plus package

The company approved an increase on the package, after it used to give you a certain amount of data to use for the Internet, it gives you more, which enhanced the features of Star Plus, where:

  • You used to benefit from 100 GB of internet, but now you enjoy 120 GB for the same purpose, which means an addition to the size of the package.
  • The value increased by the package is 20 GB, which is generally suitable for use on the Internet, meaning that you can use it for browsing, downloading, or even sharing.
  • The price has not changed with the new addition, although Sawa Star Plus has increased in size.
  • The package is still valid for 4 weeks as before.

How to apply for Sawa Star Plus online package

The following steps show how to activate Sawa Star Plus

  • Send 7240 by text message to the following number 900.
  • With this you can subscribe to the service.
  • It can also be renewed in the same way for people who are already subscribed to the service and wish to renew it.
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How to subscribe to Sawa Post Plus package

We can subscribe to Sawa Post Plus package in one of the following ways

  • SMS 7170 to 900.
  • Subscription through mystc application is as follows
    • Download the app directly.
    • Launch the application and then log in
    • Click Manage, then go to the Subscriptions tab.
    • Click Show All on the Sawa Packs tab.
    • Click on Sawa Post Plus package.
    • Read the details and then click Subscribe.

Steps to cancel Sawa Star Plus

  • If you want at any time to cancel your Sawa package, you will be able to do so in more than one way, we separate it for you as follows:
  • Through the My Stc application, you can cancel the package, and this is by entering the My Account tab, then proceeding as the instructions guide you until you receive a cancellation message.
  • If you go to the company’s branch with your ID and inform them that you want to cancel the package, the agent will easily process your request.
  • Type 7009 in a message, then send it to 900, and the cancellation will be confirmed in the reply.
  • Use the My Services app to complete the cancellation and suspension of the bundle renewal.
  • Call 900 customer service and inform them that you want to cancel and your subscription will be terminated.
Sawa Star Plus package
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