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Seminyak Beach Bali

Seminyak Beach is one of the many beaches with beautiful scenery in Bali.

This beach has become a favorite location for local and foreign tourists.

So, for visitor who are planning a vacation to Bali?

So it never hurts to try to visit Seminyak Beach.

Because this beach has a view that is not to be missed casually.

Attractions of Seminyak Beach Bali

As we know, that the island of Bali is famous for its rows of beaches that have beautiful and charming scenery.

Every tourist attraction in Bali has its own charm, as well as Seminyak Beach Bali.

Of course, it is not without reason why Seminyak Beach is a favorite tourist spot for local and foreign tourists.

There is definitely a special attraction to attract their attention. Here are some of the attractions that Seminyak Beach Bali has.

√ Beaches Near Kuta That Are Quieter and More Comfortable

Why is that? Because Kuta Beach has become the heart of tourism in Bali and is the main destination for tourists who come to visit Bali.

This of course makes the beach very crowded and even overcrowded when vacation time comes.

Thus, it is the reason some tourists are looking for tourist attractions near Kuta that are pleasant, one of which is Seminyak Beach.

Although tourists began to arrive a lot, the comfort and beauty were maintained.

√ There Are Many Places to Eat

Along the road to Seminyak Beach, you will find a variety of food and snacks on the side of the road or what is called the eating street beach tour on the island of Bali.

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Don’t miss it because this can make you more familiar with Bali with Balinese food and snacks.

√ Beaches With Enchanting White Sands

As we know that the island of Bali has a row of clean and smooth white sandy beaches. Likewise with Seminyak Beach Bali in.

What makes Seminyak Beach so well known is the white sand that is so smooth and soft.

Not only that, the contours of the coastline at Seminyak Beach are quite gentle, the sea is also suitable for those of you who want to swim.

With a fairly gentle contour, of course, it is very suitable to be used as a spot to see the sunset.

√ The Best Sunset Viewing Spots

As already mentioned above, at Seminyak Beach, visitor will see exotic skies when the sun starts to set.

With the reflection of light on the sea water which is orange and very charming.

That’s why Seminyak Beach is perfect for visitor who want to enjoy the beauty of sunset in Bali.

√ Surf Spots in Bali

It turns out, in addition to enjoying the beauty of the scenery, at Seminyak Beach, visitor can also surf with the waves which are quite large but still relatively safe.

This is also what makes Seminyak Beach quite attractive to tourists who like to surf.

In addition, for visitor who are still beginners, you can also learn to surf at Seminyak Beach.

Available Facilities

In order to provide comfort for visitors, Seminyak Beach also has supporting facilities for tourism that can be enjoyed.

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Some of these facilities include;

√ Where To Eat At Seminyak Beach

For visitor who are visiting and lazy to bring provisions, there is no need to worry.

Because at Seminyak Beach, visitor will easily find a variety of good places to eat, such as:

  • Shisha Cafe – This café is about 1.9 km from Seminyak Beach. The food offered is like middle east culinary or middle eastern culinary that is appetizing.
  • Delicious Stall – This stall is a halal and relatively cheap restaurant in Seminyak Beach. This restaurant is about 2 Km from Seminyak Beach.
  • Balu Invite Mas Engking – For visitor who love seafood, then this restaurant is perfect for you. Because this restaurant only serves seafood dishes from the Asian and Nusantara seas.
  • Ayam Betutu Khas Gilimanuk – This restaurant is also quite cheap, as well as with a typical betutu chicken.
  • Pawon Pasundan – This restaurant is quite unique, because as the name implies, this restaurant carries a thick Sundanese specialty.

√ Seminyak Bali Nightlife

If you take a walk while enjoying the beauty of Seminyak Beach Bali,

  • Jenja – The club, which is located at Town Square Jl. Nakula Barat No. 18, is a favorite place for locals and tourists.
  • Cocoan Beach Club – The club is located at No. 66 Double Six street, Ocean Boulevard.
  • Red Carpet Champagne – located at Jl. Kayu Ana No. 42, Seminyak Kuta Utara Bali.
  • La Favela – La Favela is a club located in Seminyak Bali and a must and most recommended place to visit.

√ Private Villas Around Seminyak Beach Bali

In addition, there are various Private Villas that visitors can use while enjoying the atmosphere of Seminyak Beach in Bali.

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Some of them are;

  • The Seminyak Suite Private Villa – This private villa is in the same class as a 4-star hotel in Bali.
  • Bhavana Villas Seminyak – This villa is quite cheap. With a budget that is not too much, visitors can enjoy the atmosphere of Seminyak Beach from the top of this villa.
  • The Akhsa Luxury Private Villas – This villa is perfect for visitors who are on vacation with their families, the price is not too expensive.

In addition, visitors will also find various shopping and spas around the Seminyak Beach tourist area.

Seminyak Beach Entrance Ticket Price

What’s fun when on vacation to Seminyak Beach Bali is that this beach does not apply entrance fees to visitors, aka free of charge.

So visitors don’t have to worry anymore when you want to visit Seminyak Beach Bali. You can play to your heart’s content with your family for free.

In addition, buddy visitor can come to this beach at any time. Because Seminyak Beach Bali is open every day for 24 hours for visitors who want to enjoy the night atmosphere and see the stars of Seminyak Beach.

Seminyak Beach Bali
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