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Serafi Mega Mall

Al Serafi Mall Jeddah is one of the famous centers in the Saudi city of Jeddah, as the mall is witnessing a high demand from residents or visitors to the city of Jeddah.

Currently, Al Serafi Mall Jeddah is one of the best shopping and tourist places in Jeddah, and one of the most important elements of tourism revitalization in Jeddah.

This mall has been able to gain a great position among the malls in Jeddah because of its large areas that reached 100,000 meters, which in turn helped in the diversity of recreational activities in the mall.

In addition to the many shops, which reached 200 shops of various international and local brands, which sell all the supplies needed by visitors.

Serafi Mall Jeddah Shops

  • H&M stores.
  • Max for high-end clothing.
  • Bunia luxury shoe store.
  • Swatch luxury watch store, which offers great discounts, up to 70%.
  • Nazih Beauty & Skin Care Stores.
  • Serafi Abayas Mall Shops.
  • Shops for electrical and electronic devices.
  • Shops for modern household items.
  • Shops for luxury accessories and perfumes.

Best Serafi Mega Mall Stores

  • Swatch Serafi Mega Mall: It is a specialized shop for the purchase of valuable gifts, where it provides a range of the best valuable and unique watches from the international brand Swatch, in addition to its special prices and discounts of up to 70% on watches and provides a variety of all forms of watches.
  • Nazih Beauty Stores: which contain the most favorite cosmetics of women, from the most famous international brands, at unbeatable prices, in addition to skin care products, and many special offers and discounts.
  • Bunia Shoe Shop: which provides the best international shoes and bags brands for women, with a variety of assortments, very competitive prices, in addition to a collection of women’s accessories and dazzling leather goods.
  • Danube Supermarket: It is one of the largest stores located in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia to sell all food products, and also provides many offers on most products throughout the week and offers a variety of choices and prices to satisfy all consumers.
  • Abaya Stores Serafi Mall: Abayas are the best-selling commodity within the mall, due to the availability of many shops that offer these abayas, the most important of which are:
    • New without a name for abayas: which offers a variety of abayas, at prices to suit all categories and tastes.
    • First Lady Abayas: This shop provides hand-detailed abayas by requesting that the abayas be tailored according to the style and cuts you prefer.
    • Emirates Abaya Showroom: It is the largest and most famous inside the mall, and offers abayas that are in line with fashion, in a distinctive and diverse assortment.
  • Other Shops: There are many other shops available in Serafi Mall, including: Cliser Showroom, Red Tag Jeddah Showroom, Natural Soap Shop, Sweet Oven, Victoria Secret, The Body Shop, Extra Ordnery, Baylis Shoe Showroom, Arena Women’s Clothing Showroom, Mikyaji Showroom, Orange Bed Bath Shop.
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Serafi Mall Restaurants

In the Serafi Mall complex in Jeddah there are many restaurants that serve fast food and many delicious foods, the best of which are:

China Courses Restaurant

It is one of the best restaurants in Serafi Mall Jeddah Serafi Mall, which is special for serving the most delicious Chinese cuisine. It has two sections, one for individuals and another for families, and it has a distinctive and exquisite menu, in addition to the quality of the dishes served, all next to its distinctive prices and suitable for everyone.

Al Baik Al Serafi Mega Mall Jeddah

Of course, the chain of Al Baik Restaurant is rich in definition, and therefore when visiting Al Serafi Mall in Jeddah, you must pass by Al Baytak Restaurant to taste the best varieties of fast food and main foods.There visitors find what they like to eat in more than one way to meet all desires and tastes, especially children.

Subway Restaurant

It is one of the most famous restaurants of Serafi Mall Serafi Mall Jeddah and Subway Restaurant offers a distinctive menu containing everything that loves and desires the soul from the wonderful Subrolls menu, along with a different and large selection of wonderful sandwiches, and a selection of different salads, all that and more visitors get for low prices, commensurate with all categories of visitors.

Rome Wei Banking Mall

This restaurant is one of the most famous Italian restaurants in Jeddah, and the restaurant offers delicious Italian food, including Italian shrimp pasta, in addition to delicious garlic bread, and other types of Italian pasta such as inter pasta and other varieties.

Best Serbine Mall Cafes in Jeddah

The Serafi Mall Jeddah has several wonderful cafes offering a varied menu of drinks, ice cream and other items, and this is a look at the best cafes in Serafi Mall Jeddah:
Crispy Cream Café offers a wonderful selection of donuts that children love very much, in addition to a selection of hot and cold drinks and natural juices.

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It is also unique in serving Crispy coffee in a wonderful and distinctive way that makes visitors go to it specifically to taste it. In addition, it is unique in its special menu of oriental and western sweets and snacks that can be a great option in the middle of visiting Serafi Mall, and then wandering around again.

Bon Café Serafi Mega Mall

There is a close link for visitors between their visits to Serafi Mall and between their visit to Bon Café, because it is characterized in the preparation of some varieties with confidence and challenge, such as Turkish coffee with milk, next to the wonderful sweets that come on top of them cheesecake beloved by millions, in addition to a wonderful selection of cold and hot drinks that Bonne Café is characterized by serving in its own way.

Starbucks Cafe

Serafi Mall Jeddah Serafi Mega Mall Jeddah includes one of the branches of the famous Starbucks café that goes without definition and is one of the best cafes in Serafi Mall in Jeddah. Its prices are suitable besides that the handling and quality is very wonderful, besides that visitors get everything they need within a few minutes from the beginning of receiving their order.
Service Centers in Serafi Mall Tahlia Street Jeddah.

Service Centers in Serafi Mall Jeddah

There are some government service centers, some banks, and some other services available in Serafi Mall, the most important of which are:

  • Passport Office at Mega Mall: which is located on the second floor, and provides many services to citizens such as:
    • An exit visa whether it is a final exit, or an exit with a return.
    • Print the ID card of the resident.
    • Fingerprint registration for Saudis.
    • Add a Absher fingerprint for residents.
    • Add an extension, or a child chapter.
    • Increase the validity of the Saudi passport.
    • In addition to many other services
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Entertainment Places in Serafi Mall Jeddah:

Serafi Mega Mall is one of the most popular places that contain recreational activities within Jeddah, and the most important places that provide entertainment services are:

  • Moon Town Jeddah Amusement Park: It is one of the best entertainment places for children, as it includes many distinctive and unique games, which give your child a distinctive entertainment experience, and ensure his safety at the same time.
  • In Ten Su Center: If you are a fan of motor racing, you are on a date with a unique and dazzling experience in Jeddah; with the best karting circuit in Jeddah and Saudi Arabia, which enables you to experience fast car racing, in addition to other games such as: laser tag, bowling, shooting games, as well as video games, billiards and other fun games.
  • Serafi Mall Ski Hall: If you are a fan of snowboarding, you do not need to travel to Europe to experience skiing, ice has come to you in Saudi Arabia! You can experience the gym at Serafi Mall.
  • Mega Pentpolo: It is intended for lovers of combat games, adventure games, thrills and breathtaking, with a unique and memorable experience for you and your friends.

In addition to many other games such as: wall climbing games, amusement parks and other games that I cannot fully mention, and you can explore them yourself, until the pleasure of the experience is complete.

Serafi Mega Mall Jeddah Location

  • Address: Prince Mohammed Bin Abdulaziz Street, Al Faisaliah, Jeddah
  • You can access it via Google Maps via this link from here.
  • Phone Number: +966122844885

Serafi Mega Mall Jeddah Working Hours

  • Saturday, 10:00am–12:00am
  • Sunday, 10:00am–12:00am
  • Monday, 10:00am–12:00am
  • Tuesday, 10:00am–12:00am
  • Wednesday, 10:00am–12:00am
  • Thursday, 10:00am–12:30am
  • Friday, 4:00pm–1:00am

Serafi Mega Mall
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