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Shanghai Airlines Inflight Entertainment

Shanghai Airlines is a Chinese airline that offers both domestic and international flights. Since its inception in 1985, the airline has been committed to providing high-quality air travel services to its passengers. One of the ways it does so is through its inflight entertainment system. In this article, we’ll provide a comprehensive guide to the inflight entertainment options available on Shanghai Airlines flights.

Shanghai Airlines Inflight Entertainment System

Shanghai Airlines’ inflight entertainment system is available on all its flights and offers a wide range of entertainment options to passengers. The system is accessible through individual seatback screens, and passengers can also use their personal electronic devices to access the system.

Movies and TV Shows

Shanghai Airlines’ inflight entertainment system offers a vast selection of movies and TV shows in different languages. The selection includes a mix of classic and newly released films and popular TV series, as well as Chinese-language movies and TV shows. The airline updates its catalog regularly to keep the selection fresh and diverse.


Shanghai Airlines’ inflight entertainment system features a wide selection of music genres, including classical, pop, rock, jazz, and traditional Chinese music. Passengers can create their playlists or choose from pre-made playlists curated by the airline.


Shanghai Airlines’ inflight entertainment system offers a collection of games that cater to different passengers’ interests and ages. The games include classic arcade games, puzzles, and strategy games, among others.

Interactive Map and Destination Guides

Shanghai Airlines’ inflight entertainment system features an interactive map that shows the flight’s progress and provides information on the flight’s altitude, speed, and estimated arrival time. In addition, the map also offers destination guides for the cities that the airline serves, providing passengers with information on local attractions and practical travel tips.

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Inflight WiFi

Shanghai Airlines also offers inflight WiFi on select flights. Passengers can purchase WiFi access for a fee and use their personal devices to browse the web, check email, and stay connected with family and friends during the flight.

Inflight Live TV

On select international flights, Shanghai Airlines also offers live TV streaming through its inflight entertainment system. Passengers can enjoy a variety of live programming, including news, sports, and entertainment channels.

Virtual Reality

Shanghai Airlines is one of the airlines that offer virtual reality (VR) entertainment on its flights. Passengers can use the airline’s VR headsets to experience immersive content, such as 360-degree videos and virtual tours of destinations around the world.

Inflight Retail

Shanghai Airlines also offers inflight retail sales. Passengers can browse a selection of duty-free items, including cosmetics, fragrances, and electronics, and make purchases during the flight.

Inflight Entertainment for Children

Shanghai Airlines recognizes that traveling with children can be challenging, so it offers a selection of inflight entertainment options specifically for kids. The airline provides a variety of movies, TV shows, and games suitable for children of all ages.

Chinese Tea Ceremony

As a unique cultural experience, Shanghai Airlines offers a traditional Chinese tea ceremony on select flights. Passengers can enjoy a cup of tea and learn about the origins and significance of Chinese tea culture.

Inflight Yoga

For passengers who want to stay active during their flight, Shanghai Airlines offers inflight yoga classes on select flights. The classes are led by certified yoga instructors and are designed to help passengers relax and stretch their muscles.

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Inflight Cuisine

Shanghai Airlines also offers a diverse selection of inflight cuisine to cater to different dietary requirements and preferences. Passengers can choose from a variety of Chinese and Western dishes, as well as special meals for passengers with specific dietary needs.


In conclusion, Shanghai Airlines’ inflight entertainment system offers a wide range of entertainment options to passengers, from movies and TV shows to games and music. The airline also provides an interactive map and destination guides, inflight WiFi, live TV streaming, virtual reality entertainment, inflight retail sales, kid-friendly entertainment options, unique cultural experiences, inflight yoga, and diverse inflight cuisine. Passengers can enjoy a comfortable and enjoyable flight experience with Shanghai Airlines.

Shanghai Airlines Inflight Entertainment
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