Shanghai Tower

Dimensions: height – spire 634 m, roof 569 m

Construction start 2009 / opening date: 2014

Engineers: Thornton Tomasetti, Cosentini Associates

Original name: Shanghai Center Tower, Shànghǎi Zhōngxīn Dàshà, Shanghai Center Tower

The Shanghai Tower is the tallest building in the Chinese city of Shanghai and the third tallest building in the world (the first place is occupied by the Burj Khalifa in the United Arab Emirates, the second is the Heavenly Tree of Tokyo). It left the Shanghai World Financial Center and Jin Mao Tower far behind. The height of the Shanghai Tower is 634 meters, and the area is 380 thousand square meters.

Construction of the Shanghai Tower

The tallest tower in Asia took only a few years to build. In June 2009, a foundation pit was dug and the construction of the first floors began. In August 2013, a ceremony was held in Shanghai to erect the last beam at a height of 632 meters, that is, the skyscraper was brought to the level of the roof. The cladding was completed in September 2014 and all interior work in 2015.

The construction of the Shanghai Tower from the outset caused a lot of controversy over whether the city needed another skyscraper. Since 1993, it has been planned that an architectural group of three skyscrapers will be located in the financial district of Shanghai Lujiazui.

That is why the tower was erected, and today it symbolizes the power of the city together with the Shanghai World Financial Center and the Jin Mao Tower that are part of the ensemble.

The structure is divided into nine vertical zones and is clad in a transparent glass shell that protects it from the elements and provides natural ventilation.


The tower is located in the center of the business district. Since its opening, it has attracted the attention of everyone – and not only for its dimensions, but also for its architectural design, which is no longer repeated on the planet. The exterior of the skyscraper organically combines traditional Chinese concepts and modern technologies.

At the base of the tower there are reinforced concrete cylinders, on top of which there are nine cylinders mounted on top of each other. The inner volume is the building itself, and the outer facade forms a shell that rises upward, while rotating 120 degrees.

Thanks to this, the Shanghai Tower received a curved appearance and protection from wind loads, and it also managed to save up to 25% in steel on structures.

The use of modern technology has made the Shanghai Tower the most environmentally friendly skyscraper. Alternative energy sources are used for heating and cooling.

What’s inside

The lowest floor of the Shanghai Tower is dedicated to the city’s history museum. Its unusual interior and wax figures reflect the life of the local people. Genre scenes are recreated using emeralds, jade, agates, jasper and pearls on a huge screen, for which natural stone was chosen.

Each area of ​​the tower contains shops and galleries. At the bottom of them is the “Space City” – an entertainment center where you can immerse yourself in the world of science fiction and appreciate the technological achievements of China. There is a hotel in the middle of the building. There is also a restaurant inside, the peculiarity of which is that it rotates on its axis, a concert hall and a club.

In the Shanghai Tower, gardens can be seen that collect rainwater and convert it into energy to heat the building and operate the air conditioners.

Observation Decks

Immediately after its construction, the Shanghai Tower in China became the main symbol of the city and an interesting tourist attraction. The skyscraper attracts about 2.8 million travelers annually. Optimal conditions have been created for visitors inside: shops, souvenir shops and other establishments that allow them to have fun.

In addition, the tower has several viewing platforms. An unforgettable experience can be obtained already in the process of taking the elevator. From the highest point, a breathtaking view of the city opens. Shanghai looks especially beautiful in the evening. And in clear and cloudless weather, you can see the Yangtze River.


The Shanghai Tower has high-speed elevators that rise upward at a speed of eighteen meters per second. The building is equipped with 106 Mitsubishi Electric elevators, three of which are high-speed and rise to a record height of 578 meters, breaking the record for the Burj Khalifa elevators reaching a height of 504 meters.

The Four Seasons Hotel is located between the 84th and 110th floors – the tallest on the planet. There are 260 rooms in total. The Shanghai Tower provides a unique opportunity to see the city from a height of 557 meters.

The tower cost investors $ 2.4 billion to build.

Interesting Facts

  • The entrance ticket for visiting the observation decks of the tower is 200 yuan.
  • It is forbidden to bring piercing and cutting objects, water and lighters into the building.
  • The Shanghai Tower was originally intended to be pale green, but the designers abandoned the idea so that the building would not be lost against the backdrop of a vibrant and vibrant city.
  • The color of the tower, depending on the time of day, can change from pink to mother-of-pearl; the backlight turns on at night.
  • In the elevator, you can look at the ceiling. There is a monitor broadcasting a video about climbing to a height.